Previously known as “MoreThanAWoman”, I’ve decided that it was time to evolve the blog from one journey to another.

This particular change came gradually to me, as I realised that a lot of what my blog was centred around was that which focused on hair. Along with my self-care and self-love journey,  my natural hair journey played just as much an important role. I feel as though my self-love journey and hair journey were almost like ‘ying and yang’; I couldn’t have one without the other…

I first contemplated over creating a blog as a teenager, and thereafter it came into fruition just as I left University and stepped into Adulthood. That in itself was a drastic transformation and a lot of my journey I documented along the way. It’s therefore time that I represent my current, and what I feel like is going to be my on-going, state of mind and overall my general focus.

I’ve found that as a Naturalist I have connected with other Naturalists through blogging but also found a much deeper passion for my on-going natural hair journey. Therefore, I’d like to advance that by ensuring that my platform incorporates both visions of self-love and care throughout my natural curl journey.

When contemplating over the name, “Not That Kinda Curl”, seemed so fitting for the kind of young woman that I am. I’m a little rough around the edges but still hold a little delicacy, which I would say is the perfect representation of not just my self, but my curls.

Anyways, I think the point has been made…I hope that the content that I create truly incorporates the above!