What I learnt in | October 2019

Am I the only one who thinks that October was the fastest moving month in 2019?!

What a month.

I’m often conflicted by pace. To me it suggests that I’ve been productive, proactive…busy, but somehow this in itself is a polarity because being busy often required me to forcefully stop and change direction, which is somewhat a blessing and a curse as I literally do not know where the month went and have found myself reflecting on it thinking, what have I actually achieved? The answer to that is a lot, but it’s proven that as some areas have been watered, other areas have wilted. So how do you find the balance?

October reminded me to be conscious of what it is I ask of myself, those around me and the wider world. It’s no secret that I’m a big believer in what you put out into the Universe is what you’ll consequently receive, and quite frankly when I said I wanted to be “booked and busy” for the foreseeable future I didn’t factor in what that entailed for a fairly anxious character.

October was a month of growth. We often talk about growth as a product of excellence, but actually the “L’s” that we experience are also growth. The latter kind of growth is definitely the most bruising, especially when you have an ego and that’s something I learnt and encountered throughout the month of October, too. My ego is not the kind that boasts “I am literally the best in all ways” but the more disguised kind that cannot believe things can happen to One who tries to be the best version of themselves; selfishly and selflessly. It wasn’t until someone close to me suggested I had an ego, and it wouldn’t be until I let it slide that I’d create further space for growth. Whilst this was a humbling lesson to learn, it took a moment to sink in and boy, has it sunk in (I hope!)

Growth throughout the month of October reminded me to be patient. It highlighted that I’m definitely not the most patient individual and ultimately my expectation of things and of myself are often harsh and rushed. October forcefully reminded me to Pause, Breathe, Think and Act.

Pause, Breathe, Think & Act…take that in for a moment.

Following this method tamed my anxiety tremendously and it also stopped me from making brash decisions. Being more thoughtful curated a space (psychologically and physically) in which I was more conscious of my relationships and the impact that they have on me and equally the impact that I have on them. Some relationships were impacted by my means to be more thoughtful and I’m unapologetic about this, speaking frankly.

What I’ve seen throughout the last month is that as my time has become more restrictive, so has my access. It’s usually people that benefit from you being stagnant that consequently struggle with your ability to restrict access, and it’s usually the same people that become less supportive of your growth in whatever shape that takes. On the flip side, October saw friendships and relationships bloom and strengthen in the most organic of ways, which was and still is completely refreshing.

Now whilst the month of October taught me many things personally, it highlighted that my life is one big juggling act professionally and as a result sacrifice has quickly become my biggest companion. Sacrifice like many other things, is a skill. It can become tiring and often isolating, but as long as you remain focused on your reasons for it, sacrifice will gradually lead to the end result of which it is success.

The key takeaways from October were that deflating my ego, being productive and sacrificing for the sake of self-care and self-purpose are the largest investments I can make to secure my own success.

As we’re now embedding ourselves in November, I’m excited for all that is to deliver into fruition to ensure the continued productivity, happiness and blessings for the remainder of 2019!

As always, I would love to know what you learnt throughout the month of October and I’m equally as interested to know what goals you’ve claimed for the month of November!





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