A structured life with CGD London!

Hello Lovelies!

Getting stuff done to prepare myself and structure the week ahead is the most important thing to a successful and anxious-free week! I often use the notes app in my phone to note down my thoughts and plan out my daily tasks.

Admittedly, I’m a slight scatter-brain and I tend to prioritise what I remember first. That doesn’t tend to gel well with my working week nor my content scheduling, so I’ve been using this diary from CGD London to prepare, plan and prioritise which ultimately gets me out of my phone, away from distraction, and focused on planning ahead of my day and week!


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Writing things out in comparison to jotting down notes in my phone makes a massive difference. I’m massively more conscious of what I’m writing and I tend not to overload my day with tasks, but rather focus on things which require me to become more accountable. For example, each page of this diary comprises of a daily plan, what you eat, your shopping list, expenses, daily exercise, water intake, your self-care practises and a daily quote section.

Each of these areas requires me to be accountable and equally demonstrates the areas that I’m falling short in. For me, I fall short on daily exercise and can sometimes be a little extravagant with my spending, so an expenses section helps me to track the amount of money I spend in a day.
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Today’s quote of the day is ‘I can, and I will’. I chose this to emphasise that needless of how the day might unfold, I’ll tackle all tasks and I’ll do so with strength. My mood is often sensitive to the many feelings I experience throughout a day. I like to be kept busy, and whilst that tends to speed up the day it can also be quite draining. A daily quote is therefore a reminder of how you started your day and as the quote goes ‘Start as you mean to go on”, in fact I love that quote so much that it might just be my quote for tomorrow!

Quotes are similar to affirmations and I’m regularly inspired and motivated by them, as language always finds a way to invigorate me. Busy days tend to trigger my anxiety, so it’s quotes like these which remind me that no matter how I’m feeling, no matter where I am, “I can, and I will”, and I always pull through!


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I’m someone who’s drawn to colour, so I always highlight the tasks I’ve completed or the tasks which are priorities. I’ve decided that in order for me to be my best self, I need to prioritise three particular areas. As you can see from above, those are work, editing and food shopping. Sometimes I work late and as a result I’ll come home even later and not eat at all. I’m trying to be conscious of healthier habits; one of those is leaving work at a decent time and the other is eating healthily throughout the day, both are still a work in progress but the point is I’m trying!

A highlighted task ensures that I pay extra close attention, or that the task is complete. If my diary is heavily colour coordinated towards the end of the day then I know I’ve been proactive!

Each page has a daily self-care section which I’m massively impressed with. The idea of self-care is typically expected once a week. Whether that be deep conditioning your curls, lighting a couple of candles and “zenning out”, reading a book, disconnecting from the digital world and being present in the here-and-now…the list goes on.

The CGD diary requires you to jot down your daily self-care which actually made me question what my self-care routine even is. My daily self-care comes in the form of organisation, morning meditation and a podcast. Today I’ve prioritised Oprah but I bounce between Ms. Winfrey and Jemele Hill. There’s nothing more calming, strengthening and inspiring (all at the same time, of course) than listening to powerful women with soothing tones. If you haven’t listened to either of their podcasts, I highly recommend!

I’m a sucker for personalised detail, and I love this personal element to the diary. The Editor’s note reads:

“CGD London’s goal has always been to design products that remind you that you can do anything you put your mind to. Anything you want, no matter your background, you can achieve it. Being the best version of yourself is what CGD London stands for. We’re here to support you in your journey and make sure that you stay healthy, happy and productive. So, if you’re ready to start working on yourself, there’s nothing standing in your way”

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As someone who’s conscious of their impact, not only on themselves but on others, I truly appreciate this detail, which takes this from being a normal, regular, daily diary and amplifies this to an accountability journal… I’m here for it!

From the size, the gold-detailed bold writing, to it’s quality in material and it’s quality in content, I’ll be using this on a daily basis and it’ll be my companion to work as well as other spaces which I occupy to create and complete content, too.

I want to share this with you all, so to help I’ve got a personalised discount code »ALEXANDRA15« which you can use across the CGD London site and purchase your own diary or calendar!

If you’ve already got one, let me know how it’s made a difference to your methods of organisation and what it’s taught you about your habits!



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