Wow, how the time has flown…

A year ago I reflected on what the first year of blogging had taught me. I touched on how it helped to strengthen my confidence, regardless of being an introvert. It taught me patience, whilst being one of the most erratic and quick tempered people when I don’t get things right the first time (and I’m definitely still working on this!) Blogging reminded me to be grateful, share my truth and my woes in hopes to strengthen and guide others. My blog reminded me that mistakes happen and no matter how many times I re-edit there may still be a comma out of place. Blogging reminded me to be authentic and I’d like to think I’ve continued channelling this throughout the last year…

This year, blogging has taken on an entirely new meaning for me. Summarising this in three ways, I’ve been conscious to channel the following throughout each blog post I’ve created; resourcefulness, intention and authenticity. 

Last year I was manically focused on posting ridiculous times a month. Whilst I totally believe that consistency harbours fantastic results, I also believe it can cause clumsiness and poor content. This year I decided to be intentional with what I posted, and although there are still times I wish my routine was more structured, I’m proud of what I’ve written and produced.

This year has been all about tunnel vision. I became extremely conscious beforehand of what people might think about what I write, or how I write it, so instead I’ve decided to just write and let the rest be. In doing so, I aligned far more with my ‘why’ and my goals and have been working relentlessly on things which have yet to come to fruition but when they do, you’ll know!

The reason I stress intention as a major component of my blog over the last year, is because I’m conscious about the conversations I have with people, particularly on things which are centred around my blog. As intentional as I am in my written word, I am in my spoken word, so I’ve been deliberate in making sure that my content is as intentional as the words I speak. Being intentional has also created a new level of confidence, but I must stress that this isn’t arrogance. It’s the silent confidence that allows me to click open my blog to read my last few blog posts, not in search of a grammar mistake but instead because I believe in my words and the context of what I’ve written that much. That could only have been achieved through being intentional with my content, so that not only others could enjoy my blog but that I could, too. Besides, if I don’t read my own blog then how the hell can I expect others to?!

It’s really important for me to pay homage to the blog name. “Not That Kinda Curl” was created not only for being catchy and memorable, but because I didn’t want to be ‘typical’ in anything that I did. The importance for me this year in being resourceful is that I didn’t want to produce blog posts month after month which simply project constant similarities. I wanted to write things that were somewhat resourceful.

I created the “University Series” to empower young adults wanting to further their education, and also empower young adults who didn’t necessarily want to go to Uni but wanted to hear that it’s alright either way. Growing up and not having much flex in my family to talk about those things made it imperative that I adopted a ‘big sister’ tone and shared solid and frequent advice. Now on reflection some of my friends and I will discuss and say “I wish someone told us that whilst we were at University”. With this said, I’m confident there are some resourceful grounds of knowledge embedded in the University Series and watch this space for how this Series unfolds.

Finally, and most importantly for any human being whether a blogger or not, is to maintain the core of your soul which is through authenticity.

Authenticity means I think of a concept, scribble it down on paper, write it out on my blog and edit it a trillion and one times – never would I steal a concept. That often means I spend copious amounts of time writing, editing and reading my own work before it’s published, and the reward of that means more to me than the hassle of staying up to ridiculous o’clock to get something published for the following day.

Authenticity is explored through my blog in various other ways; I hope that I haven’t portrayed that I’ve got it all together, because I really don’t!

I created the ‘What I Learnt In’ series which took a slight hiatus and regained itself again a few months back. It was important to me to recharge that series because I know from the blog stats and the contact I’ve had afterwards, that those particular blog posts resonated with a lot of my readers. It’s also a journey for me to document the pinnacle moments in my life, share it, and then look back on it however-many-months later and think “wow, look how far you’ve come”. In hindsight, there have definitely been times where I’ve thought, “Am I sharing too much?” whilst the voice of a family member plays over in my head about not airing out my dirty laundry online. The truth is, whether I air out dirty laundry or not, if it somewhat helps someone else regain a little sanity to know that somebody else hasn’t got their ish all the way together, then I’ve supposedly done a good thing, right?

Anyways, before the rambling flows into a totally different direction, I want to thank those who read my blog. You have no idea what it means to me, how it makes me feel and how grateful I am for your digital presence. I hope that I can continue to write freely, gain a little structure along the way, and who knows where this thing could one day take me!?

Similar to how I closed off in last year’s anniversary blog…

…two years done, a trillion more to go!









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