TreasureTress August Box Review!

Welcome back, Lovelies! Another month, another TreasureTress review…

….and yes, I’m aware it’s late, sorry!

The August TreasureTress product discovery box featured three different brands which I was extremely happy with! I miss the days of the ‘pick and mix’ boxes which TreasureTress provided on a monthly basis. Whilst I love receiving a a box full of products from one particular brand, I do love the ability to have a variety of brands in one box. Sometimes, and only sometimes, the one brand box doesn’t work for me. If my curls struggle with one product from a range then they’re unlikely to respond well to other products from that range, too.

Fortunately, my curls liked all of these products! Some products I was massively surprised by, and others I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on as I was totally sucked into the hype of them before receiving this box!

Keep reading below for a full review and break down of each product.

The first product in the August TreasureTress box is the Creme of Nature “Soften and Moisture Replenish Conditioner” infused with activated charcoal, bentonite clay and aloe vera juice.


Although familiar with the brand, I’ve never tried the conditioner or any other product from this range previously. I was super intrigued to try this conditioner; I assumed that the texture would be grainy and overall I was sceptical about it’s performance…

I’ve been dealing with an unusually sensitive scalp, in particular on the right side of my head, so I’m conscious about the products that I use especially if they’re totally foreign to my curls. This conditioner completely threw me off. It had a cooling sensation when in contact with my scalp which soothed some of the irritation, it smells quite refreshing and has a silky consistency, so I was really happy with this!

I’ve tried this product four times over the last month, and found that after each use I’m warming to it a little bit more each time. I don’t find that I need to soak my curls in the conditioner to get a great result, which I like because the product size isn’t too large.

I find Creme of Nature conditioners to be a little “hit-and-miss” in my opinion, but this one totally disobeyed the rules and I love how responsive my curls were to it!

The second product in the August TreasureTress box is the Creme of Nature “Hydrating Curl Detangler Leave-In Conditioner”.


I love leave-in conditioners which come in a spray form, I find that they encourage well-defined curls and this leave-in conditioner spray does exactly that. It evenly covers my curls with a few generous pumps and doesn’t leave a tacky texture once it’s been evenly distributed throughout my curls.

When applied, I noticed that it has a very subtle scent, but also found that throughout the day the scent of the product became slightly stronger. I’ve spoken previously about scented products becoming ‘stale’ which is often an indication that the product isn’t compatible with another product you’ve used, there is alcohol in the product which naturally overpowers the scent, over-application of the product or if your hair is super damp when applying the product – these are a few things which impact the scent of a product.

Overall, I thought this leave-in by Creme of Nature was okay, but I’ve tried better ones so will probably gravitate towards those before reaching for this product again.

The third product in the August TreasureTress box is the Creme of Nature “Shrinkage Defence Curl Activator” from their Pure Honey range.


Being very honest, I struggled to try this one out because I’d not had the best hair-relationship with some of the other products from the Pure Honey line. Whilst I can definitely say they all smell wonderful, my curls didn’t take to them.

There are so many pros to this particular product, the first being that it totally changed my mind on the Pure Honey line and in fact after having tried this I was tempted to try the Shampoo and Conditioner from that particular range again.

An obvious pro is the size of the tube. Creme of Nature have given us such a generously sized bottle so naturally I wanted to use more of this than I actually needed each time! In consistency it’s super thick and gloopy, and whilst the results of the product are so fantastic, it does take a minute or two to blend throughout my curls which makes the product a little more difficult to use. I found that using a moisturising cream before using this activator made the application a lot easier, so I’d equally recommend you try this as well.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how well my curls took to it, how defined and coily my curls appeared and how scrumptious my curls smelt throughout the day!

The fourth product in the August TreasureTress box is the Activilong “Curl Activator Gel”. I’d heard so many amazing things about this product and my first opinion on it remains exactly the same to this day!


I love it!

Activilong has been a brand that I’ve always admired and whilst it isn’t the easiest for me to get my hands on, I always find their products to have such wonderful and accurate results throughout my curls every single time. This gel is absolutely no exception to that. It applies generously throughout my curls simply by raking it through with my fingers and leaves my curls looking defined without the weight that some activating gels create.

I reviewed this product on my Instagram recently and mentioned how light weight it feels. It literally has the consistency of water when you smooth it out with your hands. A bonus is that it doesn’t have a sickly gel like smell, and by now I’m sure if your an avid reader of my blog you’ll know smells and scents of products really do mean a lot to me. The scent of this product isn’t sickly sweet, or floral and fruity – it has a perfectly balanced scent!

Of all the things I can rave on about in relation to this product, there is only one very slight down side. Any curly will be able to tell exactly what it is at first glance, and that’s the size of the bottle! It’s easy to use so much of this because it doesn’t build up, become tacky or form a heavy weight on your curls and equally squeezes out of the bottle so easily.

As I’ve already noted, Activilong is very difficult to access and that’s simply because it’s a French brand and not many high street beauty or hair supply stores have this in stock, so I’m gradually trying (and when I say trying, I don’t know how well I’m succeeding at this!) to reduce the amount of this product I use in an attempt to savour what’s remaining.

I would like to see this product, and in fact the entire Activilong range, become more accessible. I praise TreasureTress for being the only outlet so far that I’ve encountered, to have stocked this product and provided it at such an affordable price!

The final product featured in the August TreasureTress box is the Eco Style “Olive Oil Styling Gel”.


I’ve been a consistent user and lover of the Eco Style brand and range. I’ve dabbled in both the Argan Oil and Olive Oil formula and found both to be extremely effective when it comes to slicking my hair into a pony tail or top bun. It manages fly away hairs and often I’ve used this as a styling gel to ‘seal’ my curls which is a religious step in my curly hair routine.

Now I know some time ago there was some controversy surrounding the brand and as popular as the ‘cancel culture’ might be, there was no way in hell I was joining that band wagon. I’ve never experienced a dry scalp, itchiness, hair loss or even product build up from using this – never!

I know some gels can form a tight cast around your curls which makes them appear crunchy in texture, but I find that Eco Styler gels have a loose hold whilst maintaining its ability to slick, sleek and hold as and where necessary.

I’m really happy that TreasureTress provided this particular product in the August TreasureTress product discovery box. Whilst I’m a familiar and consistent user of these gels I actually don’t have a smaller sized tub and have been working my way through one of their larger tubs, which isn’t massively convenient if you’re travelling or want to carry it around with you whilst you’re on the move. This smaller sized product is perfect for throwing in your bag, taking away with you whilst on your travels or for everyday use and ease!

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the August TreasureTress product discovery box. I know it seems to be a consistent theme to write this but I really do preach this as often as I write it here on my blog; I’m in love with the consistency and diversity of the products provided by TreasureTress on a monthly basis. August’s in particular saw the return of a mixed box featuring three brands. The provision of wash-to-styling products is always useful and I remain thoroughly impressed that TreasureTress incorporated products with varying abilities, scents and strengths.

My favourite product comes as no surprise; the Activilong “Curl Activator Gel” was the best performing product for my curls and I was so eager to try out yet another Activilong product as provided by TreasureTress. The Creme of Nature branded products were by far the most surprising, and out of the three featured I thoroughly enjoyed using the Clay and Charcoal Conditioner. Of course, Eco Styler will always be my most reached-for gel as there is yet a comparison which has the effect that Eco Styler has on my hair overall.


If you’d like to start your journey to product discovery for all curly, kinky and coily hair textures, then there’s no better place to start than with TreasureTress. Using my code “NOTTHATKINDACURL” offers you 10% off of your first product discovery box and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed!





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