What I learnt in | August 2019!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

The month of August was an indication of the kind of woman that I am, and the kind of woman that I strive to be; independent, hard-working, challenging and equipped.

In particular I want to focus on the latter; equipped.

Often it’s not that others downplay our abilities, but rather we refuse to acknowledge just how pertinent our skills and abilities are. In particular, I’m equipped with skills and abilities which were able to see me through a house move whilst preparing to start my new career in publishing, within 48 hours, whilst slamming the door on a chapter which no longer served my growth or happiness. A house move is physically draining, but starting a career in an industry that I’ve admired from afar is emotionally draining. I found myself telling myself “I will be confident in the spaces that I occupy” because the Ally that is profound and bold in her ways was the total opposite. I was quiet, reserved in my creative thoughts and strengths, and I just wasn’t who I was. I’ve since become a lot more confident in the spaces that I occupy. I recognise that I’m equipped to excel and as soon as I defeated my fears of walking into a space I desired, but wasn’t familiar with, I became a lot more comfortable.

I want to share and to remind you all that the spaces you occupy are a result of your hard work, not because you’re “lucky”. I attended an event at the end of August and heard a lot of “You’re so lucky to be here”, in relation to the industry I now work in. Yes, to an extent, I am lucky and so are the many people who now occupy spaces that wouldn’t ordinarily belong to them, but equally we’ve worked extremely hard. I’ve worked hard to defeat stereotypes and I’ve worked extremely hard to strengthen my technical abilities to be able to succeed in such spaces. A lady I met at this event reminded me to stop being agreeable. Stop agreeing with the “Your lucky” crowd but be confident that my hard work is what brought me to this very moment. That’s stuck with me ever since, and as a result I want to share this piece of advice with you; You are exactly where you are because of your work ethic – not luck. The more you practise saying that to yourself the more confident you feel, and if you’re like me, the less anxious you feel about whether you deserve to be there.

I mentioned above that August taught me that I am challenging, something I agree with and don’t think is a bad thing – at all. I am very challenging in my ways, I’m challenging about my wants and needs, and I’ll challenge not only myself but others. This year as a whole has been the ‘good riddance’ to relationships which haven’t seen me prosper, the ‘good riddance’ to jobs which might pay well but don’t challenge my soul and my work ethic, and the ‘good riddance’ to the way in which I would meekly address myself and the world around me. I literally learnt quite recently that if you speak positivity into existence then it really comes into fruition. August challenged me to speak positively often, which is something I’ve been doing and it’s had some fantastic pay off. In August I was faced with insecurities, changes, the unknown, and yet I maintained a continuous positive attitude because I believed in my words. I want to challenge you to speak highly of the things you desire, the things you need, but most importantly speak highly of yourself; it’s the best form of self-love!

Finally, August was the closure of Summer. Summer was good, but I reckon Autumn will be GREAT! I don’t just say that because I’m eager for the turtle necks and chunky knit jumpers, but I know that all of the work that I put into myself and into the work I’ve done, will amplify before we end the year…so stay tuned for all future blog posts!

If there’s two things I want you to gain from this post; never be afraid to challenge yourself, and never be afraid to accept you have room for growth and you’re equipped to handle it. Both will keep you alive, moving forward in a direction which manifests positivity and success, and there is no greater form of self-love than being aware of the kind of person you are and the kind of person you’re striving to be.

As always, share your thoughts on the lessons you learnt in August – let’s grow together!


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