University Series | Results Day!

So today’s result’s day and you’re probably reading this having just found out you aced your exams because let’s be honest – we’re only speaking positive things into existence around here!

But in all seriousness, today is results day and I know the dreaded feeling of waking up to check your UCAS page to see whether or not you made it into the University of your choice or not – been there, done that!

Getting through results day is a process in itself, but there are many things to look forward to, like prepping for your physical move to University, getting yourself organised for the upcoming semester and – the most exciting part about University – finding people at University to socialise with at Fresher’s week(s) and beyond!

In my next post, at the end of this week, I’ll be touching on all of this and of course, it wouldn’t be a University Series blog post without providing you with some handy tools and advice as well!

But today I want to share something a little different. Something I wish I was told many years ago when I too, was at this point in my life…

Today is a reflection of the hours you’ve put in and the struggle you endured to get to this very moment. It’s been a roller coaster, one which many misunderstand, yet they expect you to exceed & succeed because of how fortunate you are to be in this position. University is an option yet a privilege; one which wasn’t afforded to many people some generations ago, so use this as your platform to grace the world with your excellence, let it be your commitment to your intelligence, and most importantly your determination to become every ambition you’ve ever dreamt of!

Now results day isn’t easy. Some of you may find out that your destination for University is not where you’d expected, and that’s okay. It’s likely that where you’re next positioned is just the right place for you; but today your emotions might tell you otherwise.

Some of you might face clearing. My two-word-advice to you:

“Stay calm”

Some of you might close the chapter on your academic life and flick the page to the next chapter, which for those who don’t know is called “adulting”…

“Adulting” in itself is an accomplishment. It’s hard at times, and for those who aren’t aware yet, don’t worry it gets easier with patience, commitment and better choices! For this group of students in particular, remember that the same discipline that you required to get up each day and attend College or Sixth Form, the same discipline you applied whilst studying for your exams; you’re going to need that very discipline to get you through every single stage of your life. Discipline is fundamental to your growth, preservation and lastly, your success.

To every student on results day, I wish you nothing but success and congratulate you on your upcoming chapter. It will be one which will define the very path you take in life. This is now the opportunity for you to align your passions with your purpose, to find out who you are outside of the parameters of your families and friends, and an opportunity to exceed beyond statistics.

Be proud of your achievements thus far. Life only gets better from here!


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