TreasureTress July Box Review!

Another month, another TreasureTress box review!

This month’s box was again, a full takeover featuring one brand, and one brand I have a lot of time and respect for when it comes to the hair care game!

The July product discovery box features the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus line and some skin care from their Bath and Body range!

Continue reading below for a full, honest review of each product!




The first product in the July TreasureTress box is the Curl and Shine Shampoo, and from immediate use I noticed how runny it was in consistency…



I’m familiar with the Coconut & Hibiscus line, however I’ve not tried the shampoo or conditioner, so my first and lasting impressions are based solely on this month’s use. Although runny, it cleansed my scalp thoroughly and lifted any excess product or build up that had occurred since my last wash. I’ve been washing my hair more regularly over the last couple of weeks because of how hot it’s been in the U.K…I don’t know about your curls, but mine have needed a constant refresh!

With that, I was conscious that my curls could dry out easily or become brittle throughout the day, but nope, that wasn’t the case! Of course I can say that my overall routine is quite healthy, but from understanding my hair I know that brittle curls tend to occur if the first initial products you apply to your curls haven’t been effective.

The Shampoo contains silk protein and neem oil. Silk protein is much less obtrusive than protein you might find in other hair products, and consequently the silk protein formula is really good for low porosity hair as it’s able to coat and penetrate the hair shaft. Neem oil is essentially a vegetable oil and it’s properties can often be found in hair products, beauty products and skin care. I’ve used products containing neem oil in skincare previously and found that it’s super nourishing. Like any ingredient, the more you use it the more you’ll see it’s effects, and again I found that time after time the shampoo agreed more with my curls and I put that down to the ingredients! Neem oil is also great for sensitive scalps, so if you’re like me and have a sensitive scalp and found some shampoos to cause irritation, then this is the one for you!




The second product in the July TreasureTress box is the Curl & Shine Conditioner, and similar to the Shampoo this is a product I hadn’t tried previously…


Admittedly, this product is almost finished, as a result of living in a curly household, and that alone should prove just how effective this product is on curly hair! As stated on the product, the Curl & Shine conditioner is designed to work strategically on thick, curly hair. My sister in particular has the thickest hair in our household and finds that this product works extremely well throughout her tresses.

The conditioner is much thicker in consistency in comparison to the shampoo, although I noticed that I needed quite a few pumps of this product for it to thoroughly detangle my curls. This is potentially the only downside to this product. Although I recognise that us Curlies love a pump or two extra of any conditioner, this one in particular required a lot more product than I’d regularly use.

With that said, I’ve shared on my Instagram (@NotThatKindaCurl) that my hair tends to dry out super quickly once I’ve washed and stepped out of the shower, however I’ve found once I rinsed out this particular conditioner and made my way to my room to start applying the following styling products, that my curls were still prominently shiny…I’m sure this is the purpose of the Curl & Shine range anyways!




The third product in the July TreasureTress box is the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Out of the entire box, this is most definitely the thickest and richest product, so there’s no doubt that this wouldn’t work excellently for thicker curls!


It’s super rich and thick consistency still melts effortlessly within my curls. Most products I tend to use don’t require as much raking, but in fairness most products I use don’t tend to be so rich! When I’ve used this product, I’ve found that my hair stays extremely moisturised throughout the day, so if you apply this product properly you’ll have wonderfully nourished curls! The flip side to this; excessive application can make your hair extremely greasy and there’s nothing worse than looking like you’ve dipped your head into a chip fryer, so apply carefully!

The smoothie also contains silk protein and neem oil, so it’s extremely smooth in texture and provides the ultimate nourishment. This is one of those products that I think would be great for the Curlies with longer hair as well. During my longer curl days, this was a consistently reached for product. Without giving too much away about the following product, which is detailed below, I personally find that using this smoothie individually works well with my curls, however paired with the below it can be quite overbearing.




The final hair product in the July box is one I have historically raved about, and has been with me since the start of my natural hair journey! If you’ve been with me since the start of my blogging journey, you’ll know it, too!


The Curling Gel Soufflé is super, super hydrating and acts as a really great curl sealer to protect from damage and relieve from frizz! The soufflé contains agave nectar and flax seed oil. Agave nectar is extremely sweet, a little stickier than honey, but nonetheless it’s a great ingredient to promote shine and moisture throughout our curls. Flax seed oil is a great ingredient to monitor inflammation on the scalp whilst reducing irritation. Again, as the summer month’s temperatures have risen above what we’ve historically been use to, our scalps are likely to become more irritable due to excessive heat exposure, so ingredients which tame this are a plus!

The consistency of the curling gel soufflé is a little grainy, but once applied throughout your tresses it smoothly spreads and infuses throughout. I apply the curling gel soufflé as the last step in my styling routine. I’ve also demonstrated this on my Instagram (@NotThatKindaCurl) as this is a great curl sealant.

As mentioned above however, both the curl enhancing smoothie and the curling gel soufflé are extremely nourishing as stand alone products, so combined are extraordinarily rich! If your curls can handle that, then great – partner it up! However, if your curls cannot handle that much weight (because they are both very weighty products) then I’d suggest using them separately!




The final product in the July TreasureTress box is the African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Body Lotion which includes activated charcoal and Opuntia extract…


Some of the properties within this product help to even skin tone, improve elasticity and of course, softens skin!

On application the two most noticeable things were how thick the body lotion is and how revitalised my skin felt! The most obvious scent of all the ingredients is the Water Mint, which creates a subtle yet noticeable tingling sensation as you apply the lotion. Although the lotion is thick, it doesn’t sit on the skin but rather applies evenly, leaving you feeling super refreshed!

This could also act as a great facial moisturiser if you have dry skin, although I wouldn’t recommend this if you have oily skin like myself!

Overall, and as usual if I’m honest, I was really happy with the July TreasureTress box!

Of course, seeing one of your favourite brands partnering in a full takeover with your favourite product discovery company, is a no brainer! The entire Coconut & Hibiscus line smelt extraordinary without being overwhelming. The hair products were exceptionally nourishing and whilst some products either required over-application or under-application, they left my curls looking shiny which was maintained throughout the days that I used these products.

Equally, I think it was a great touch to combine both hair and skin care products from a brand which truly cares about providing exceptional quality products!

If you’re interested in joining the tribe, subscribing for a monthly product discovery box or purchasing any previous boxes you might have missed from this year, then click on the website below and get involved!


Using my code NOTTHATKINDACURL gives you 10% off of your first TreasureTress box! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed…

If you’ve tried any of the above products, drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!





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