Practical Steps | How to align with your WHY!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

As we’ve crossed into the seventh month of 2019, I wanted to remind you (and admittedly myself) how to align with your WHY! Well the most obvious question to ask is, what exactly is your “Why” and why is it so important? Well look no further! Read my blog below to introduce, or re-introduce you, to your WHY and all the key elements which it’s aligned with!

Starting off with the basics:  What is your Why? What does that even mean?

Your ‘WHY’ is essentially your PURPOSE. It’s result is elevated by the four following elements; Values, Talents, Passions and Skills! It is important because a purposeful life is one which is lived thoroughly and at the end of the day, who wants a basic life?! Not me, for sure!

When we look at determining our ‘Why’ we need to first assess what it is that we desire for ourselves personally and broadly, which includes people and things around us. Our ‘Why’ can be as generic as we want it to be, but what I’ve personally found is that if we limit our end goal to just us, it’s much easier to stray from achieving it or what you might find, as did I, is that if our ‘Why’ is solely about us it’s likely to change regularly, resulting in an unspecific focus or method to achieve it and neither do we have satisfaction in aiming for it.

Broadening your ‘Why’ allows for a deeper purpose, a sense of commitment which is far greater than to ourselves, and probably most importantly it means we’re more inclined to check in on our progress to see how far we’ve come and how far off the mark we are to achieving it. To totally contrast this though, I also believe that our ‘Why’ has no definitive answer, value or structure. I personally focus on aligning my Values, Talents, Passions and Skills and let God and the Universe determine the rest!

Looking at the four key elements (Values, Talents, Passions and Skills) I’ll add that you don’t need to have it all figured out. It’s all an equation, and in your lifetime probably the trickiest to determine. Just go with the flow, assess, re-assess and take it from there!


Personally my values, otherwise known as ethics, stem from authenticity and giving back to others. Even if your value is you giving back to yourself, that is still valid and it’s therefore very much authentic. I write a lot, as you’ll know, but the value in that is I write my own content (authenticity) and I write with the thought process that what I’m writing is to serve someone else (giving back to others), and also to serve me when needed. Don’t be shy of that as well! A lot of writers, as an example,  say that they write to serve others, but it’s equally important to write for yourself. Write something you’ll be proud to re-read over and over again – as many times as you need!

When I first started writing, I thought deeply about the fact that I never revisited my content, in fear I’d find a spelling mistake or that my writing was quite inadequate.

That meant the two following areas needed reassessing –

1. If my writing wasn’t up to scratch, I wasn’t putting all of my effort into it.

2. I needed to stop doubting my incredible writing abilities – with time I’ve become an advocate for “tooting my own horn”, and it’s proven in how comfortable I am to promote my blog, revisit my own work, and ultimately it shows in the development in my writing style!

My practical tip to you is, ask yourself what are your values? Don’t think too hard on it, they’ll come to you naturally. The first couple of things that come to mind will be the things which probably mean the most to you!


Similar, but slightly different to ‘Skill’ is the second step…Talents!

I’ll give you a slightly backwards example of this; as a child I thought I was totally talent-less! I wasn’t massively academic, I played on the ‘C’ team for both Netball and Hockey and whilst I felt some level of competence in doing so, going home to my extremely competitive Mother to say “I made it to the C team!” wasn’t necessarily received with a warm response. As I grew up, I became extremely introverted and felt that talented individuals had to be loud and “out there” so my introverted nature naturally ticked me out of that box. The lesson in that which I wish to share with you, is that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room in order to have the brightest ideas. Trust me!

From childhood through to my teenage years and finally into adulthood, I realised that I was leaning on my love of literature, poetry, books, texts and anything else that similarly falls within that bracket. I became more comfortable in accepting that writing creatively was a massive talent of mine. In particular I have a fond memory of winning a poetry competition and beating some of the most academic people in my year, let alone class. This in itself propelled me forward in a way that my lack of confidence had never done so previously; I became fond of writing, good at it, great at it, and I say this all quite confidently as I sit here writing my 67th blog post…

Talent is important because one way or another we all have one. It’s our responsibility to tap into this and ultimately we have the power to use it, fulfil it, channel it, and allow it flourish!

If you’re someone who is struggling with determining exactly what your talent is, you don’t necessarily have to pin point one particular thing; If you’re multi-talented then that’s even better! Determine what you’re talents are by the things you’re interested in, drawn to, good at…start to develop those things and ask yourself, do you enjoy them enough to be fulfilled by it through longevity?


You’re passion is that super deep emotion, that burning desire…

What exactly is that? What drives you to wake up in the morning to ‘go and get it’?

Whatever that is, that’s your passion!

When I think about this I’m drawn to multiple things; I want to write full time, so much so that I’m overpaid to write about things which matter to me and the masses. I want to shake the hands of other notable writers and be of purpose to that community. Importantly though, I want to encourage young adults, schools and general people (this includes my friends, family and boyfriend and they can all testify to how much your girl loves a thorough chat!) that reading books and writing creatively is “cool” and that in all seriousness if we look at academics, those who read and write regularly tend to be far more academic than those who aren’t – FACT. (No really, I’m not joking – It’s an actual statistic!)

This is only a brief example of my own passion, but I encourage you to think about what you’re passions could be. I recently read something by an Entrepreneur and she mentioned that a passion of hers was making money. Her example was My goal is to be wealthy, it is to have more money than enough so that i can continue to extend.” Now THAT is a serious “Why”! This particular person highlighted that her passion was to “continue to extend” which is a far greater goal than just appeasing her own personal wealth, but rather ensuring that others and various businesses flourish, too!


Having “skill” is one of those things which isn’t necessarily easily obtained, but when you master it, how great does it feel?!

I determine skill in the following ways; time, consistency and perseverance. There is a saying that a total of 10,000 hours equates to skill of some kind, and I totally believe in the essence of this. Whilst you may not be at the very top of your craft, you’re very much preparing yourself to be a skilled member of that craft and I believe in nothing more than putting in the time and effort to get things done…I’ll say it again, I believe in nothing more than putting in the time and effort to get things done! It’s definitely not an easy task, and there’s no magical spell which lifts you from that feeling of dread when faced with a difficult task relating to your skill, so the best way to conquer that is to just do itjust do it, that’s it!

Once you’re in the flow of mastering your talents and skills, determining your values and tapping into your passions , it’s time to align them with your purpose.

As Harriet Tubman once said “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world!”

Now finally, let’s look back at what could potentially be our “Why” taking into consideration all of the above. Do you know what it is? What your purpose is? Great! Do you not? That’s fine, too! There’s always a strong emphasis on needing to know everything, but the honest truth is we can’t truly understand the depths of who we are and what are purpose is when we develop and evolve every single day. It’s totally OK to just work on the four points above and get to your purpose organically, without having to put so much emphasis on it!

As always, I hope this post was resourceful and let me know your thoughts! Are there any key points you would recommend in establishing your “Why”? If so, let me know!










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