TreasureTress June Box Review!

Hey Lovelies!

You know how the saying goes! “Another month, another TreasureTress review!”

This time the June product discovery box featured a brand I’ve never tried before and I believe they’re a new addition to the TreasureTress tribe in general – Africa’s Best Hair Care! There were a lot of festivities within June including Africa’s Best, and again as I’ve said previously this highlights TreasureTress’ “social responsibility” which they take seriously and promote through regular events, “Kink-Ups” and more!

So let’s get into the full review, which I’ve broken down below!

The first product in the June TreasureTress box is the Coconut Créme Sulfate-Free Moisturising Shampoo. 


This is one product in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed and used regularly throughout the month of June (and July!) I tend to alternate using a Shampoo for every other wash day, but because of how soft this product is on my curls I can literally use it every time I wash my hair!

This shampoo has a super silky consistency and slips effortlessly throughout, even in the strands and tresses which are most difficult to detangle, which makes wash day super easy and comfortable especially throughout Summer when you might find that your curls tangle together more frequently!

The scent of this particular product isn’t massively overwhelming. It has a slight scent which lingers and I haven’t quite worked out if it’s because of the Coconut or Aloe, but I’ll touch on this further below! The product size is generous, it’s not a product you’ll find running out before your next TreasureTress box, put it that way! Well actually, unless you’re like me and you use it twice a week…then yes it’s likely you’ll be out before the end of the month!

Out of 10 I’d rate this product a solid 10! I struggle a lot with finding Shampoos which cleanse my curls but equally produce a lingering moisture, and this Africa’s Best Shampoo has done that effortlessly!

The second product in this month’s TreasureTress box is the Coconut Créme Restorative Conditioner. 


The restorative conditioner contains Coconut Milk, Avocado, Grapeseed and Flaxseed oils. All of which are super nourishing oils and deeply impact the shaft of your tresses, so for those who are prone to more damage this will be a great restorative product to use as a weekly conditioner or as a repairing mask, which I’d suggest to let ‘marinate’ for about 10 minutes and then rinse out. In doing so, the product has time to get to work and once it’s done, it slips off nicely whilst rinsing.

The product size is super generous, which is clearly a theme amongst Africa’s Best Hair Care products! A massive bonus in my opinion! With that said, I found the scent to be too overwhelming and therefore only used it twice before giving it away. To combat this though, I found when using a honey infused leave-in conditioner following my wash, it helped to numb the scent.

In terms of quality it remedies any limp and dry curls. It’s extremely repairing and creates noticeable elasticity throughout my curls, but because of the scent I found it difficult to use often. If scent isn’t a massive decider for you when choosing your hair products, then yes go ahead and pick this up! However if like me you’re sensitive to scents, I’d be cautious of how much you use of this and equally be aware that pairing it with similar Africa’s Best products will create an overall overwhelming scent.

Out of 10 I’d rate this product a 6.

The third product in the June TreasureTress box is the Coconut Créme Leave-In Conditioner. 


Now let me tell you, I love a good leave-in conditioner and this is no exception to that!

It is insanely moisturising and immediately I can see and feel how intense it is! This doesn’t sit on my curls but rather infuses within them, which is apparent when my curls dry and they’re still so moisturised!

Recently I’ve changed my wash and go routine, which has saved me a lot of time and ultimately saves me from excessive product use; I put that down to this rich product right here! Scent wise, it’s quite moderate. It’s not as overwhelming as the Restorative Conditioner, although it contains the same natural oils so perhaps the difference is that the Restorative Conditioner is heavily infused with the same ingredients in comparison to the Leave-In? Regardless of that I’m really happy with the quality and performance of the Leave-In and have found that it noticeably pronounces the health of my curls!

As with any Leave-In I’d like to remind you to be cautious with excessive use which can happen by pumping out too much of the product. In doing so, it can make your natural hair extremely greasy which unfortunately I was a victim of quite recently, but even with that said I found that throughout the day the Leave-In penetrated deeper into my tresses rather than sitting unattractively on my curls, once more proving the high quality and performance of this product!

Out of 10 I’d rate this a solid 10! I’ll continue to reach for this product over the coming months and I’d recommend it as a staple summer product!

The fourth product included in the June TreasureTress box is the Coconut Shine Regenerative Dry Oil. 


I’ll be honest, Dry Oils aren’t necessarily my ‘thing’ and because of that it took me a minute to actually try this product out. When I did try it though, girl – shocked…shook!

Unlike the rest of the range, the dry oil has a slightly sweeter scent and I liked that it lingered but didn’t become stale throughout the day. It also doesn’t necessarily feel like a dry oil. Some have the tendency to be a little sticky in your curls but this left my hair surprisingly soft after application. With that said, throughout the day I noticed my curls became quite dry and not in the brittle sense but more or less like the products within my hair had totally evaporated, which for someone like myself who likes to pack on the product, felt quite strange. I noticed that this was quite common only on days when I used the dry oil so although it did really well performance wise in the first few hours, it began to dry out my curls as time went on. I’m still in the process of trying to understand whether this was simply because of the dry oil, or perhaps it didn’t agree with a combined product, either way I’ll continue to give it a try and let you know what my final thoughts are!

Out of 10 I’d give this product a 7 because although it did gradually dry out my curls throughout the day, it holds a noticeable sheen and scent upon application. I’d potentially suggest using this product if you’re plans span a couple of hours rather than a full days’ activities, but other than that it’s a really strong contender amongst other dry oils which I’ve tried.


The bonus product in the June TreasureTress box is an Africa’s Best printed shower cap! I needed a new one and the one provided is super sturdy and protects all my curls when I shower. I found this to a be a nice added touch in support of the Wash and Go vibe of the June TreasureTress box!

Overall I was quite happy with the introduction to Africa’s Best as a brand I’ve never used before and because of that I had no former impressions of what their products were like. My initial and current thoughts haven’t drastically altered as the performance of their products are immediately obvious and have pretty much stayed the same. Although they are of a high quality, and within a really reasonable and affordable price point, I found the scent to be a little distracting which unfortunately was the most prominent deciding factor when choosing which products to use throughout the month of June. Whilst saying this, I would highly recommend their Shampoo and Leave-In! Not only did they have a fantastic slip which helped to pronounce the elasticity in my curls, they moisturised my hair for the entire day which is so necessary during the Summer months!

Whilst you may not be able to purchase this particular box from the TreasureTress team as we’re now in the month of July, I’d suggest jumping on board and joining the tribe to see what products will be available in the coming boxes! To subscribe, click the following link ( and use my discount code “NOTTHATKINDACURL” which gets you 10% your first product discovery box!

As always, if you’ve tried any of the above products please let me know what you think! Do we have a similar opinion on them? Let me know!







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