TreasureTress May Box Review!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

Another month, another TreasureTress review! The May box provided some really practical products because it included some absolute essentials by Sunny Isle! TreasureTress incorporated wash, styling and pre-styling products, with a little extra for your brows and lashes! I’ve found that a fraction of the natural hair community can easily neglect the need to care for our lashes and brows, as much as we do for our curls – I’m included in that fraction! Read my full review below on each featured product!

Sunny Isle Extra Dark Extreme Hydration & Detangling Shampoo

The first product in the May TreasureTress box is the Extreme Hydration and Detangling Shampoo!


I like that this product has all the added benefits of a conditioner, whilst remaining true to what a shampoo should do. This shampoo genuinely cleansed my scalp, removed product build up, but also detangled the knots throughout my curls from scalp right through to the ends. I tend to only focus shampoos at the crown and perimeter of my scalp because I find that if I allow the shampoo to travel down towards the ends of my tresses, I’m left with drier ends which consequently causes split ends and a lot of frizz. For this particular shampoo I didn’t find that this was the case so I quite freely used it all over my curls which gave my curls that cleansed yet nourished feel thereafter.

I find that with Sunny Isle products you can easily over compensate with how much product you use because the scent is just that amazing! Equally because of it’s hydrating properties my curls really soaked in any excess product which luckily didn’t ‘sit’ on my curls, but rather infused. This totally depends on how your natural hair reacts to moisture, but for me I find that my curls love it and soak it up super quickly.

The shampoo has a super creamy consistency, it smells great as I find all Sunny Isle products do, and it is of both great quality and affordability.

Out of 10 I’d rate this product a solid 9. It’s been one I reach for predominantly out of the entire May TreasureTress box over the month of May and June.

Sunny Isle Intensive Repair Masque

The second product featured in the May TreasureTress box is the Intensive Repair Masque!


There’s nothing that I love more than a multi-purpose product! One thing I love about this masque is that I can use it either as a super replenishing conditioner, or literally as a masque that I let sink into my curls before washing out. Either way it works really well!

I’ve been swaying towards using it as a conditioner alongside the shampoo, because the shampoo is so moisturising that I think if I were to use a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Masque in one wash my curls would drown in product which is quite unhealthy for your curls in fact.

The beauty of this masque is that “a little goes a long way” – potentially a phrase I’ve overused when it comes to Sunny Isle products but in all honesty I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of them. It’s thick in consistency, it’s scent is heavenly yet not overwhelming, and after rinsing I’d suggest leaving a little of this product in your curls to let it form a nice hold. This helps to add to your curls’ natural elasticity and I’ve found that this masque compliments styling products really well!

Out of 10 I’d also rate this product a strong 9. This has probably been the most reached for product, along with the shampoo, if not more than the shampoo at times! I’d definitely re-use and re-purchase once it’s finished!

Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)

The third product in the May TreasureTress Box is an absolute gem! We all need some JBCO in our lives (and our hair!)


JBCO is an essential. There are no excuses for not having this in your collection of products. The reason it’s an essential is because of the health it provides your hair and let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what products you lump onto your curls; if your hair isn’t healthy it will never look healthy. JBCO provides exactly that – health!

I use JBCO around the perimeter of my scalp, across my edges, on my eyebrows – you name it! JBCO is an absolute gem and if you don’t know why, here’s a little education for you!

JBCO benefits:

  • Boosts hair growth
  • Strengthens individual tresses
  • Provides follicle stimulation
  • Prevents hair breakage, dandruff or an itchy scalp
  • Sooths ezcema on the scalp
  • Combats alopecia through increasing blood flow to the scalp

I personally recommend applying JBCO once or twice a week. I always target areas which need it the most, so usually my edges and my brows, and honestly I’ve seen a massive improvement since I’ve been incorporating JBCO into my routine more regularly.

I’ve been using JBCO throughout my hair journey and prior to my natural hair transition  so I can confidently say that JBCO has worked wonders for my curls throughout various curl ‘stages’, and equally it will work wonders for diverse hair textures, too!

My only reservation about JBCO in the oil form, which is usually the form that it comes in most regularly, is that it has quite a strong, distinguished scent. With that said, it doesn’t massively put me off because I only target specific areas whilst using it, but regardless that’s something to be aware of if you if you intend on mixing it into a hair masque or if you wish to use more broadly across your scalp and tresses.

I’d rate this product a solid 10/10 because without it I know that some of the regrowth, health and thickness I’ve maintained wouldn’t have been possible – so TreasureTress this was a great addition and an absolute necessity to include!

Sunny Isle “JBCO” Pure Butter – Lavender Edition!

The fourth product included in the May box is the Sunny Isle “JBCO” Pure Butter – with a twist of Lavender!


In all honesty I am yet to try this as I’ve already got the Sunny Isle Pure Butter without the Lavender, but regardless this is another great product to include. As said above, JBCO tends to come in an oily consistency rather than in a pure butter and in fact, Sunny Isle were the first to ever convert JBCO into a butter consistency! There are many benefits to this, the most obvious being that it’s not so messy and tricky to apply, but equally the lavender infusion dilutes the strength of the JBCO scent and this buttery formula allows you to apply the product effortlessly throughout your curls rather than in specific target areas!

Lavender, for those who don’t know, is great for maintaining shine to your curls. Often curly hair has been connotated as ‘brittle’ so ingredients such as Lavender help to diminish this creating a generous sheen throughout your curls and of course, infused with JBCO, makes this product a pretty remarkable combo!

I’d rate this product a solid 10/10. Although I haven’t yet used it, the fact that Sunny Isle are the first to ever produce such a product is in itself a massive achievement for a brand and one that needs to be applauded!

Sunny Isle Leave-In Knot Free Forever Detangler and Conditioner

The fifth product included is the Leave-In Knot Free Forever Detangler and Conditioner!


I really love products like these! I incorporate them into my everyday routine and love that they create further definition without being weighty or tacky in texture.

I’ve pretty much used this product over the last month specifically, although initially I wasn’t too keen to use it in the month of May – mainly because it’s such a small sized bottle and I was conscious that if I overused it, it would likely run out pretty quickly! I realised though that this was actually a smart move for both TreasureTress and Sunny Isle; as we are now deep within the summer months, it’s easier to take smaller sized products for our travels and alternatively if you’re someone who wants to try before you commit to buying again, a smaller sized bottle will give you enough product but equally will prompt you to repurchase if you like it that much! With that said, I’m reaching the bottom of the bottle so a re-up is needed soon!

This Leave-In product isn’t like one I’ve tried before; it has a thick white consistency but doesn’t transfer it’s colour onto your curls and comes out in a thin consistency which I’m fond of. It doesn’t add to any product build up nor does it leave behind a tacky texture throughout my curls, which I’ve found other leave-in sprays tend to do, so that’s a massive bonus when using this product!

I’d rate this a strong 9/10! A smaller product that packs a lot of punch is exactly what we need over the summer months!

Sunny Isle Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

The sixth product (yes, sixth!) is the Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum!


If you’re following me on my Instagram (@notthatkindacurl) you’ll know I recently spoke about the importance of such products! I feel like there is a lot of emphasis on maintaining our natural hair but there’s a lack of focus on the maintenance of our natural brows and eye lashes. I personally don’t wear fake lashes. It’s not for me, I’ve tried and failed several times and it gets to a point where you’re like “OK, sit this one out Sis”. With my brows however, it’s been a constant journey!

A little story time for you, during my late teen years, I was introduced to a product by a friend who naively suggested that the product would help to instantly boost hair growth and my brows would flourish. Truth be told, the product did the absolute opposite and whilst I’ve always had very sparse brows, after the use of that particular product, I was left with none!

I’m now in my mid-20s and I finally have some kind of shape to my brows again! With that said, it’s no secret that I fill in my brows with an eyebrow pencil and powder, but it’s still important to maintain a constant level of care for my natural eyebrows underneath the makeup.

I pretty much began using the eyebrow and eyelash serum the day that my May TreasureTress box arrived and I’ve incorporated it into my morning and evening routine. I use it twice a day because I tend to wear makeup throughout the week, so it’s a nice primer for my brows prior to applying product or makeup, but equally once I’ve washed my makeup off I like to apply this to settle into my brows overnight.

I’ve noticed a gradual change to my brows; whilst they are still quite sparse there has been some growth and I award that to this product, which is the only thing I’ve used consistently with my brows over the last month and a half in particular!

Consistency wise it’s much thicker than the consistency of the JBCO oil by itself. This allows the product to sit and gradually sink into your brows or lashes. Be careful not to apply too much product to the wand as this is meant to be a three-month supply!

This product comes with three small wands. I’d recommend separating the ones you use for your lashes and brows just for the sake of hygiene, but equally they are super cheap so I’d recommend repurchasing the wands separately if you notice that they’ve gradually become a little worn.

Another solid 10 out of 10 for this multi-purpose product! You can never go wrong with a hair growth product (excluding the product I tried as a teen), especially if it has detectable results!

Overall I was totally happy with the products in the May TreasureTress box. I found the Sunny Isle products to be practical, multi-purpose and effective! I love that Sunny Isle products generally work super well with my curls and equally I’ve seen that they have great results for those with a tighter curl texture, too!

I’ve always been fond of Sunny Isle’s integrity when it comes to how they market their products. When they say a product is “repairing” it really is, so I trust that when I try a product, my curls respond to it in the way it’s been created to!

As always, TreasureTress are the natural hair community ‘plug’ and I highly recommend them for those who are UK based and beyond. They are a black-owned, female-ran brand and ship to 20+ countries world wide! Not only do they offer affordability, but also service, and that’s something I’ve always regarded them highly for.

If you haven’t already, check them out and get subscribing! £20 per month get’s you an extremely generous box of goodies that last way longer than a month and equally introduces you to brands and products you may not have had exposure to previously!

To help out with your first month’s purchase, feel free to use my discount code “NOTTHATKINDACURL” which get’s you 10% off of your first box.

As always, let me know if you’ve tried any of the above products and if so, what do you think about them? Let me know!









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