THREE everyday hair styles for short curly hair!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

Short curly hair has various impressions, one of them being that it’s difficult to style. I’m here to tell you that’s a complete myth! I’ve found curly hair to be a lot easier to style because it dries a lot quicker so naturally it’s quite responsive and versatile…

…with that said, sometimes you just want to throw your curls into an easy hairstyle; whether that be for work, for socials or just for yourself – in any instance, you might want to give the below a try!


The most obvious, easy hair style is the “top bun” or “pineapple” – whatever you’re familiar with. I like a messy bun because it gives the impression that my hair is more voluminous than it actually is. It’s a really easy and effortless hairstyle and doesn’t require much work. The top bun works for those bad hair days, those days you want to deep condition whilst out and about, or simply because you don’t want your curls in your face!


To achieve this, you’ll need a hair band or two, and a couple of bobby pins dependent on the length of your curls at the back of your head. Slicking your edges also creates that ‘effortless yet sleek’ vibe and I tend to gravitate towards the Lotta Body 24 Hour Edge Control to do this because it doesn’t create flakiness and has a great hold!


This style has become my go-to style for work and equally works well for the days I want to put minimal effort into styling and want my curls to breathe!


When I had longer curls, I’d constantly have my hair in a middle parting which worked for me at that point because my curls were heavy, so naturally they spiralled downwards. Now that my hair is shorter, my curls are lighter which results in there being a lot more volume than weight and a middle part can be quite a ‘boxy’ style. So enter the side parting – not boxy and super simple!

This style only requires one tool; a wide tooth comb! I use this to side part my hair and then add volume by raking and gently fluffing my curls. Creating volume can often make your curls frizzy so a gel which adds weight and equally defines your curls is a great addition to this side part style. My current favourite gel is the Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Styling Gel!


This style has recently become an ultimate fave!


I use to do the half up pony tail when my curls were much longer and thought this style wouldn’t work with a bob, and boy was I wrong!

I love this style because it creates shape, volume, and really shows off the definition in my curls! The trick to this style is slicking down the pony tail as much as possible to create a sleek vibe, so both Eco Gel and Edge Control are required for this. To ensure that the definition in my hair is visible, I tend to use a Leave-In Spray and a defining cream; my go-to products in this case would be the Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Leave-In Spray and the Umberto Giannini Twirling and Styling Defining Cream…there’s something about this combo which creates serious definition and gets my curls POPPING!

For this hairstyle you’ll need some small hairbands (no more than two otherwise the tightness can cause irritation on your scalp) along with a bristle brush to smooth down the pony tail and a wide tooth comb to amp up the volume! The more volume created, the better – this style is all about shape!

Whether you’re on the go, having some down time, or just want an everyday SIMPLE hairstyle, hopefully you can take some inspo from these styles! Not only are they quick and stylish, they don’t require too much manipulation which can cause damaged curl elasticity or scalp irritation.  Ultimately these are great transitioning styles which can transform from a day to a night time hairstyle!

Let me know what you think! What is your go-to style?




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