TreasureTress March Box Review!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

There’s nothing quite so thrilling than the moment you open up your monthly TreasureTress product discovery box, as you’ll know if you are subscribed and a part of the Tribe!

The March TreasureTress box featured a full takeover by Palmers UK, including their Natural Fusions range which is fairly new to the Curly Community and market. I’ve been loving that TreasureTress have been incorporating full ranges as of recent! A lot of us Curlies know that in order for us to really appreciate a particular product, we need to try the full range as they are naturally created to compliment one another and ultimately gives us a fair opportunity to see how we really feel about it!


I was quite excited to use the Natural Fusions range! At first glance, smell and feel of each product I immediately identified that they are not like anything else on the market! Each product is infused with a natural, botanical ingredient giving the products a floral like scent, which is quite appropriate for the coming Spring and Summer months! Each product in the range is free of silicones, sulphates and parabens so not only do they smell like a botanical garden on a Sunday afternoon in Summer, but are free of damaging preservatives, too!


The first featured product is the Micellar Rose Water Cleanser (Clarifying Shampoo)


I’ve tried this a few times, both with the complimentary conditioner as well as with other conditioners and whilst I found the shampoo to be extremely cleansing, which is perfect for tackling product build up, I did find that it was very drying too. Cleansing products naturally strip your hair of excess oils but likewise this affects the oils that you need within your curls for the purpose of hydration, moisture, protection and to an extent comfort as well!

On the plus side there are some positives from using this product. Whilst it is intensely cleansing, it contains micellar which is a lot more delicate than the ingredients which contribute to your typical cleansing shampoo. The shampoo’s rose water element is great for a cleansing product, acting as an anti-inflammatory which reduces the visibility of dandruff. Rose water has very subtle stimulating properties so equally it promotes scalp circulation and hair growth, which I think was really well thought through by Palmers when creating this product!


The second product in the March TreasureTress box is the Lavender Rose Water Conditioner.


Similar to the Shampoo, this product contains Rose Water which compliments the Lavender infusion to make your curls feel soft in touch. I’ve used the conditioner on different occasions and found that the conditioner probes my curls to appear voluminous. Although, I was slightly sceptical about what the conditioner would smell like throughout the day as I’m not massively keen on lavender as a scent, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t overwhelming or too punchy, but equally wasn’t dull either!

The conditioner has a very fine, creamy consistency and as a result I felt a generous amount of the product was needed to gather enough slip, although saying this, the nozzle applicator prevents over-usage which is both useful and quite economic; I think I speak for the entire Curly Community when I say that we tend to over use conditioner because we think we need so much more than is sometimes required!


The third product in this month’s TreasureTress box is the Chia Seed Argan Oil Hair Mask which has literally been my favourite hair mask of 2019 thus far!


The ingredients within it completely boost the performance of the mask and of course, when have you ever heard of a hair mask containing chia seeds mixed with argan oil?!

Chia seeds are great for a deep conditioning hair mask. Chia seeds are a superfood so naturally strengthen, rejuvenate and promote new healthy growth! Argan Oil has always been a favourite for me as it has great restorative abilities so for the Curlies who need a pick-me-up, this hair mask is for you!

I suggest raking this mask throughout your hair; raking your curls and separating them in sections will promote a really bouncy curl once the product has been rinsed and your curls have dried. I’ve also used this mask prior to the March box, and I loved that it combined so well with a shampoo and conditioner from a completely unrelated brand. I’ve found this mask to be quite forgiving to my curls when they’ve needed a really thorough deep condition, so quite simply the longer you keep it in, the deeper the condition!


The fourth product is the Ceramide Monoi Hair Food Oil.


I’m a massive fan of ‘hair food’ products because they really nourish and feed the curls as they are designed to do. Dependent on how you style your hair, you can use this product in various ways; I prefer using it after my wash and prior to the following product (which I’ve detailed below) because I love the way it seals my curls and I’ve observed how much it prevents frizz when I use it prior to any other styling product. If you’re in the mood to throw your hair up into a bun, but want your hair to remain protected, then I suggest using this throughout your curls and allow it to nurture them whilst in a protective style!

I personally love the way in which this oil makes my curls glisten in appearance; it really makes my curls look super healthy! Not in that ‘girl you’ve got too much oil in your hair!’ type of way, but that genuine glow from the shine that this oil naturally gives to your curls. To achieve this, apply the product using the nozzle to the root of your curls and blend it in using your hands…

Similar to the Micellar Rose Water Cleanser and the Lavender Rose Water Conditioner, the Monoi Hair Food Oil has a nozzle which allows for precise application. I think this was well thought through because of it’s accuracy and equally not everyone likes the feeling of running multiple products through their hair with their hands! So not only are these great products in quality, but great in packaging as well!


The last but absolutely not least, is the Mallow Root Leave-In Conditioner.


Admittedly this falls into the top two out of the full range in my opinion! I really like the results this leave-in conditioner provides and originally I was slightly sceptical, because I’d formed such a strong relationship with the Sheamoisture Coconut Oil Leave-In that I didn’t think I would, nor want to, find an alternative. Not only is this product cheaper, but it also gives off ‘Twisted Sista – 30 second curl spray’ vibes by way of application and consistency.

The Leave-In is quite interesting because although it has a creamy consistency, it’s still fluid enough to apply sparsely throughout your curls. It’s white in colour, although comes across completely transparent once it dries and doesn’t leave behind any coloured residue, so easily this became a product I’ve regularly gravitated towards over the last month!

Out of the full range I’d say the leave-in spray is the most versatile. I can use this when my curls are damp, which gives my curls much tighter definition and more prominent elasticity, however I have often opted to use it as an ‘after spray’ which has helped to revive my curls and hasn’t given away any tackiness.

The only thing I’d note is that unlike the other products’ ingredients, I found this one the hardest to research. I’ve recently found my scalp to be quite sensitive and tender, making the need to research the ingredients of the products I use regularly even more important. I’m still unsure of the benefits of ‘Mallow root’ and in fact completely unaware of what it is and where it’s formed from, but either way the product breakdown card which is included in the TreasureTress box proved extremely helpful by informing me that it increases slip, which I found to be true when my hair was damp and I applied an ample amount of this to my curls!

Overall I found the March TreasureTress box to be quite exciting and I enjoyed researching the benefits of the ingredients that are included in each product. From the design of the products, to the scent and performance, I was pleasantly surprised! I tend to gravitate towards products containing oils formed from Coconut, Argan, Almond and Castor so it was refreshing to try new products with a botanical twist, which gave my hair the health, definition and nourishment that was desperately required for my curls in March! Additionally I’m quite happy that this range is exclusive to Superdrug, as they tend to stock far more products catering to us Curly’s than Boots do – sorry, not sorry!

Separately, I want to mention that I’m soon approaching my one-year dedication as a Subscriber to TreasureTress! It doesn’t quite feel like just a year, but rather a little longer because I’ve formed such an attachment to my monthly boxes. I’ve gone from having absolutely no knowledge on hair products, their benefits, where they can be bought, to now understanding different styling methods, ways to protect my curls, having an abundance of hair products and equally running to Superdrug, Boots or a Hair & Beauty supply store to repurchase the products I’ve adored and consumed!

If you would like to know more about TreasureTress and become a subscriber yourself, then click the link below and join the Tribe! A massive benefit to TreasureTress is that whilst they are UK based, they ship internationally! So I highly, highly recommend – not just for their products but equally their service.

Further more, if you’d like to become a part of the Tribe then feel free to use my discount code “NOTTHATKINDACURL” which gets you 10% off your first TreasureTress product discovery box, and let them know I sent you!











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