TreasureTress February Box Review!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

Another month, another TreasureTress box and this month was a takeover box featuring one of my personal favourites; a brand that saw me through my transition and remains  a strong lead amongst my current favourite brands…



One thing I’ve truly loved about using and supporting TwistedSista is that they are a UK brand which makes them easily accessible to us UK Curlies. Some of the stores you can find their products are Boots, ASDA, Morrisons, Superdrug and Primark. I was only aware that you could buy TwistedSista from Superdrug or a local beauty supply store, so I was pleasantly surprised at just how accessible this brand really is!


The first product in the February box is the Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo.


Like all of their products, this Shampoo is wonderfully scented which lingers throughout your tresses pretty much all day. The combined ingredients and scent of Coconut, Avocado and Almond Oil really compliment each other well. In addition to the scent, the texture is almost gel like, which I tend to find in shampoos results in a really cleansing finish, allowing the following hair products to work through the curls just as intended.

I find that a generous amount of this product isn’t overwhelming as it has a medium consistency, and just as the product suggests, it clarifies the curls leaving them clear of build up, highly scented and quite smooth. Sometimes I find that clarifying shampoos leave my curls with what can only be described as a “stripped texture”. It’s easy to tell that you’ve clarified or cleansed your curls because those types of Shampoos have a harsh element to them. This completely contradicts the performance of the TwistedSista Clarifying Shampoo, and whilst I’m super bias because I know how well it performs in my own curls, I know that others who have tried it share a similar opinion to mine, too.

As mentioned previously, I used TwistedSista products throughout my transition, proving that they are super gentle yet thorough products, and the Shampoo is no exception to this!


A strong contender amongst my favourite leave-in conditioners to date!


If you are someone who likes an intensive conditioner, then this is the product for you. There’s no exaggeration with it’s intensity, so with that in mind be careful of how much product you use.

There are several ways in which you can use this. Whether that be following your shampoo, whether you decide to use a separate conditioner and use this after your rinse to keep it in your curls throughout the day, or a personal fave of mine; combine it with a deep repairing hair mask and rinse it out thoroughly after 20-30 minutes. The latter is one of my favourites because of the noticeable difference to the elasticity of my curls as well as how highly moisturised my curls feel afterwards!


Oh, how this product makes me smile!

The third product in the February box is the Curl Activator Créme


Similar to the Leave-In Conditioner, a little of this product goes a long way. The Créme advocates for elasticity in our curls and coils, leaving them looking and feeling healthy…and health is what it’s all about, right?

This product was one which really set it off for me during my transitioning days; I found that other products struggled to maintain moisture in my curls and often I’d find that I had to plaster on the products to make my hair at least look a little nourished throughout the day. The beauty of this product, is that it’s the perfect pick-me-up when your curls need moisture the most. I tend to reach for this no matter the occasion, but find that it’s most effective on days when my curls are dry, whether that be due to a failed wash and go, or whether the cold weather or harsh sun-rays (during Summer, of course) impact the nourishment within my curls.

Although it can be a heavy product, dependent on how you build it up, I also think that this product can be successful for those who prefer lighter products, too. It’s obvious richness in moisture allows you to carefully apply the product without over-applying and drowning your curls!


Similar to the Créme, we have the Curl Perfection Créme Gel

I love that TwistedSista have provided an alternative to the Curl Activator Créme, which shows that they’ve really responded to the Curly-Kinky community and have tapped into a market which is necessary for those who want a styling créme, but with the added benefit of it being gel based instead!

This product benefits from having a light consistency, but still packing the same punch to deliver moisture to our curls whilst also providing a slightly stronger hold than the Curl Activator Créme. With either product, I find that they look very similar in colour and scent, however the indicator which separates them apart is their very slight contrast in consistency which is evidenced in the gel based product being slightly more transparent.

If you prefer not to style your curls with a heavier gel, then this would be a fantastic product to layer, following the use of the créme. It’s lighter consistency in comparison to a heavier gel allows you to benefit from being frizz-free (like you would with a gel) whilst also allowing your curls to have that subtle and gently defined feel.


The Amazing Dream Curl Gel was the only product in this month’s box that I hadn’t tried before, as it’s a new addition to the TwistedSista collection…


Being totally honest, I’ve used this product on a number of occasions and whilst I initially fell totally in love with it, it’s not one that I’d reach for as regularly as the others which I mentioned above.

This product totally benefits from having a very fluid consistency and appearance, which is unlike many other styling gels I’ve used before. This is something that totally drew me to this product, evidencing that a gel can be very runny in consistency and still contend successfully against some of the heavier gels on the market.

I found that this product didn’t leave my curls tacky, sticky or hard which is a massive tick for me. However, following several uses I started to find that the build up of this product left my curls feeling dry and left a speckly-white appearance in my curls, mimicking dandruff. Initially I wasn’t totally sure if it was because of this particular product, so I changed my hair routine throughout February whilst continuing the use of the Gel and found the same result, therefore I won’t be using this product from the TwistedSista range regularly.


The sixth and final product in the February TreasureTress box is the Nourishing Sleek Edge Gel.


I like this Edge Gel a lot because it has a really ‘sleek’ hold (as the name suggests) and creates what’s best described as a ‘wet look’ which works really well when I slick my curls into a sleek pony tail or messy bun. As with any edge gel, it does the job exactly as it should do. I would say though, that all edge gels serve different purposes, and whilst this is a great edge gel for providing nourishment to edges whilst also slicking them into a style of your choosing, it doesn’t have an all-day hold. This isn’t a massive con as I tend to reach for this gel when doing more creative, sleeker styles, however, I wouldn’t actively seek this edge gel when I know I need my edges in place for a long amount of time.

Overall, I was super happy with the contents of the February TreasureTress box and of course I remain a massive advocate for the TwistedSista brand. Their benefits include their charming price point, the undeniable quality of their products, most of which serve dual-purposes, and of course their ease in accessibility across a number of UK retailers.

The infusion of scents including Coconut, Avocado and Almond Oil are a perfect combination which thoroughly linger throughout your curls without being too overwhelming, nor do they develop a stale scent after a long days wear.

I personally recommend TwistedSista because I know from experience how they’ve served to strengthen my curls throughout my own transition from chemical and heat damage to drastically healthier curls, so if you are in the transitioning phase I highly recommend the bulk of the products featured in this month’s box, along with some other staple pieces from TwistedSista, such as their 30 second curl spray which remains a staple piece in my daily hair routine!

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about TreasureTress, then hit the link below to get involved and subscribe to them!

TreasureTress ship worldwide, they are a female run company in the UK, and by far are the most affordable product discovery subscription within the curly-kinky community, to date!

If you’d like, feel free to use my discount code “NOTTHATKINDACURL” which gets you 10% off of your first ever TreasureTress box!

As always, if you’ve tried any of the TwistedSista products featured in the February TreasureTress box please share your thoughts with me! Did you like them? If so, which are your favourite products?












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