Valentines Edition: 10 Effortless Self-Love Tips

Happy Valentines Day, my Lovelies!

Whether you’re celebrating Valentines with your Partner or “Galentines” by yourself or with a group of your favourite girls, the ultimate purpose of today is to spread love.

The most important love of all, is the kind of love which we feed ourselves first and foremost. To support this, I’ve broken down 10 of my favourite self-love tips which constantly help to re-align and re-affirm the way in which I treat myself. After all, how do you expect to love others if you don’t love yourself first, right?


The saying “start as you mean to go on” springs to mind…

The foundation to a great day and an even happier life is to start the day with some positivity! This helps to armour you for the day ahead and ultimately is the best way to show yourself some self-love by protecting your mind and your energy from any form of negativity from the get go…


I’ve personally always found that Prayer provides such a strong alignment with your heart, soul and spirit to whatever it is you believe in; no matter your religious background. Personally, I’m far more spiritual than I am religious but I do truly believe in a higher power and therefore my Prayer time is the perfect moment for me to focus on re-aligning my thoughts and silencing any distractions. Positive affirmations are also a great way for you to challenge yourself and remind yourself exactly who you are; by that I mean, speaking into existence ‘I am happy, I am healthy, I am successful’, as an example, is a great way to remind yourself of the foundation which you have and of course, the path which you are leading towards. By doing this, you are steering your mind to focus on your happiness, healthiness and current and prospective success, which results in the highest form of self-love.


Now this is what I call self-love!

Choosing to protect your space, your energy and your heart from things and people who do not truly deserve your energy is the most courageous form of self-love…Sometimes it takes a while, and trust me it’s taken me some time to eliminate causes of negativity in my life, but when all is said and done, you’ll find that the way in which you protect your energy will convert into the way that you look after yourself and the way you look at yourself; you start appreciating and respecting your energy, so much so that you become selfish with it and therefore aren’t as willing to share your energy with any one who can harm it!


Being selfish is another form of protecting your energy, but on a greater scale.

Being selfish requires you to reclaim your time, energy, space and presence without question. This is the time in which you’ll find yourself saying “No” to others and “Yes” to yourself. This doesn’t mean you become rude or neglectful of others, but it’s important that you be selfish with your time and space as a means of knowing your worth, and then some!


This one is dedicated to all the hard working individuals who work long hours, care for others regularly and find that their time is limited pretty much every single day.

Pampering can come in all shapes and sizes, and it might be that you give yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning to give yourself that little extra glam or on a Friday night, after a long week of public transport and work, you throw on a hair and face mask and vibe out to your favourite playlist with a glass of wine in-hand. It could also be booking yourself an appointment and getting a facial or a mani-pedi; so no matter what form it is, pampering is an essential pick me up and a genuine treat to yourself and your body.


What you put into your body, will show on the outside.

Whether that be weight gain (or loss) or really bad skin, as a result of not drinking water regularly and feeding your body with the necessary nutrients, taking care of yourself starts from the inside and it shows when you’re lacking! This is the one area of my life that I tend to fail at, whether it be drinking too little water, or not eating the right ‘stuff’, it’s something that is still a form of self-love. We need to protect our organs and our body in the same manner we protect our energy and our space!


This is my ultimate favourite tip to self-love…learn to love you for who you are, and not where you are!

In a World consumed by social media, instant gratification and filters, it’s easy to become absorbed by the lives that other’s live and lose focus on who you are. I’m guilty of this, I’ve been there and it’s easy to become self-conscious! However, Women in particular need to learn to be more forgiving and more accepting of our flaws and teach ourselves how to be our biggest cheer leader! It’s OK to advocate for yourself, it’s OK to stan for yourself greater than anything or anyone else in this World; because if we don’t do it, who will?! Go on? Tell me? I’ll wait, Sis…


It’s never too late to educate yourself.

I thoroughly enjoy reading, researching and continuously finding new ways to expand my intelligence and therefore ‘feed my mind’. Stimulating your mind allows you to have a much more centred, realistic and accurate view on the World that we live in…it also means you have more to bring to the table when in conversation with others! What better way to love yourself, than to educate yourself?!


This isn’t easy, especially for those who find that life is a constant whirl wind. I’m sure many can relate that it’s easy to get caught up in the noise that accompanies life, but not so easy to put it all on pause. Whether it be in the evenings, the weekends or on your lunch break, it’s vital to put the noise on pause. Allow yourself to breathe without distraction, re-charge and start again…


Just as you start the day, it’s important to end your day with the same positivity.

You might find yourself in a slump, not having the best of days, or simply defeated by the way in which your day has played out. In any of those instances, falling asleep with a positive attitude might be difficult, but will result in you having a better nights sleep and ultimately waking up with a clear mind and heart. I tend to think about all of the ‘little wins’ I’ve achieved in my day, no matter how small they might be. Similarly, I also count a minimum of five things I’m grateful for, which leaves me feeling extremely humbled and calm even when I’ve had a stormy day.

I hope my ten simple tips have been useful and applicable to you all. If you have any of your own self-love tips then as always, feel free to share!




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