TreasureTress January Box Review!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

The first TreasureTress box of the year was a full takeover box curated by LottaBody and Sis, isn’t it a great one!


I found myself pleasantly surprised, as although I’ve heard of LottaBody and seen their products previously, they weren’t a brand I felt compelled to reach for. This is in no way a direct reflection of the quality of their products but rather their packaging. I find that packaging is such an important part of the product-purchase experience…

A lot of the products I reach for are either those I’m familiar with or those which stand out to me, and although I can now say upon using their products I’d reach for them again and again, I originally assumed that their Brand was targeting a younger audience, such as Children and Teens. However, to completely contradict this point, I do like the fundamentals of the packaging and their ease of use; the Leave-In has an easy-to-operate pump, whilst the Shampoo and Conditioner come in squeeze bottles and overall the branded products come in generously-sized bottles…

With all of that said and out of the way, the five full-sized products provided in the January Box were delightful to use and have completely blown me away!

The first featured product was the LottaBody Restore Me Cream Shampoo.


I was immediately drawn to the ingredients in this product, and within the full range, as it contains Milk and Honey. I was a little hesitant as I’ve tried products from similar brands which contain Honey as an ingredient and actually found them to be quite drying, so my first impression was that this too could be drying, although the product suggests it’s restorative with a creamy consistency.

No word of a lie, my initial impression was totally inaccurate and this Shampoo is impressively moisturising and very creamy. I love how a little of this goes a LONG way and although it lathers quite intensely it doesn’t strip your curls of it’s natural oils. I found that it left my curls feeling super silky and soft, which is exactly what the bottle states, ready for the Conditioner to follow…

The second featured product was the LottaBody Restore Me Cream Conditioner.


I love that LottaBody kept the consistency by ensuring that both the Shampoo and Conditioner complemented one another. The Conditioner moisturised my curls quite vigorously, and this was really noticeable as I tend to double up on a Conditioner and Hair Masque when washing my curls to ensure that they remain moisturised and bouncy throughout the day, but this wasn’t necessary on it’s first use.

I felt that the Conditioner was thoroughly moisturising and restorative, which was evidenced by the elasticity of my curls. I tend to use a comb in the shower to help detangle my hair, but again the Conditioner was so moisturising that I found finger-detangling to be a much more suitable solution. Similar to the Shampoo, the Conditioner made my curls soft and even after rinsing I could still feel the slip of the Conditioner throughout my hair.

The third product is the LottaBody Nourish Me Leave-In Conditioner.


I want to brag about how great this product is, because it really is a great product, however I didn’t get a chance to thoroughly enjoy it because my Mother ended up stealing it! I took two things from this; the first being that I need to get my Mother subscribed to TreasureTress ASAP and secondly it speaks volumes that she stole it, suggesting that she too loved the product just as much as I did!

I like the ease of use with this product. The pump allows you to generously apply the product into your hand for you to rake through your hair thereafter and the consistency of the product is extremely silky which compliments the nature of the Shampoo and Conditioner. I recommend applying this product to semi-damp curls, ensuring that you’ve rinsed your curls of any excess water and product prior to application.

Some Leave-In products have the tendency of leaving a residue or ‘crisp’ texture to your hair, which although creates definition in your curls, it leaves them feeling quite hard which isn’t a natural texture that I want my curls to have once they’ve formed. The Nourish Me Leave-In Conditioner is silky, light and has the most AMAZING scent which truly lingers in your curls throughout the day and dependent on how you wrap your hair at night (I would obviously suggest a silk wrap or bonnet) you’ll find that the scent of the product lingers much longer than a day!

The fourth LottaBody product is the Tame Me 24 Hour Edge Control.


I’m not kidding when I say this, but this product truly deserves all the credit and recognition that it’s evidently worth! This is my favourite Edge Control in comparison to all other Edge Controls that I’ve previously used and I’ve used it religiously since the day that I opened the January TreasureTress box. What stood out to me is that the Edge Control had an obvious sheen but when applied to my edges it didn’t transfer into a gloopy, greasy hold. In fact, throughout the day the sheen was still noticeable and so was the hold, however it didn’t feel oily at all.

Since I’ve cut my hair into a bob, I also tend to sideways part my hair so I use the Edge Control to not only slick my edges but to also ensure an identifiable parting in my curls. I love this look, and I love that my curls and edges don’t frizz, which is a huge testament to the quality and performance of this product.

The fifth and final full-sized product in the January TreasureTress box is the LottaBody Hydrate Me Deep Conditioning Masque.


I’d recommend to use this Masque in three different ways, and dependent on your preference this would work well in any of the three ways:

  1. To replace the Conditioner
  2. To Deep Condition following your Conditioner
  3. To Deep Condition your Curls when dry

Some Curlies might prefer to use a Deep Conditioning Masque as a replacement of the Conditioner. I’ve done this before and tend to find that it helps when my hair is severely dry and my curls require that extra moisture. Other times, I prefer to layer my Conditioner with a Deep Conditioning Masque, which is what I did with this particular product. I really liked the outcome of this because I found it much easier to finger-detangle but in addition to this, I didn’t feel like I had to quickly style my hair following my rinse out of the products because my curls were so well moisturised.

Another option is to Deep Condition when your curls are dry. I was able to do this too on a separate day, which shows just how much of the Deep Conditioning Masque you can get in a single sachet! For this option, I recommend parting your curls into sections, slightly damp your hair with water (I recommend using a spray bottle) and gently comb it through and apply the Deep Conditioning Masque generously throughout. I then plait my Curls loosely and keep the product in my hair for around 10-20 minutes and conclude this by washing out the Masque. With this option, I tend to add essential oils such as Peppermint Oil or JBCO which help to combat damage, promote growth and stimulate your scalp! The Masque also contains Shea Butter and Coconut Oil which are two of my favourite ingredients within Deep Conditioning Masques!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the January box because each individual product stood out to me. I find that in the monthly boxes, there might be a product or two that I prefer over the others, but this takeover box was both consistent in quality and pleasantly surprising throughout!

I determined from this box that ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ was an extremely appropriate motto in relation to the LottaBody brand and product range. As an added bonus, I was warmed by the fact that their packaging doesn’t lie! Each product has it’s own individual strength which is identified on the packaging, whether that be moisturising, nourishing or taming…and they meant it! I loved that the products weren’t at all drying and the scent of each product was consistent and truly lingered throughout my Curls for ages! I can’t recommend these products enough, although it’s clear that my absolute favourite was the 24 hour Edge Control!

If you want to join the tribe and get involved in all the events, kink-ups and highlights that come along with being a member of the TreasureTress family, then why not subscribe to TreasureTress?

It’s more than a subscription box, it’s all about product discovery, and as a kind gesture I’ve got a personalised code to discount your first TreasureTress box…simply apply ‘NOTTHATKINDACURL’ at Checkout for 10% off!







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