TreasureTress December Box Review!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

I know, I know…a little late, but as the saying goes “better late than never!”

The December TreasureTress box was one of my absolute favourites thus far. I loved the incorporation of the brand SunnyIsle which admittedly, I’ve tried previously and wasn’t a fan of. I have since, drastically changed my mind and become so insanely in love with their products again, that I’ve not only repurchased them for myself, but I have also purchased some of their products for my family members, too!


The December TreasureTress box was monumental for me, because I’ve used the contents of this box over and over again and found that my results haven’t drastically varied, which is usually a typical result of the majority of the products that I use; there is nothing quite so soul-destroying as trying a product which you start screaming ‘fave’ about and the following wash, go and style isn’t so ‘favourable’.

The first of the six full sized SunnyIsle products is the Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner. This one is most certainly a ‘fave’.


Due to the never-ending pros to this product, I thought I’d switch it up and start with the one and only con; the size of the bottle. I know, I know…needless to say the majority of Curlies will agree that no matter the size of the bottle that our favourite products come in, they aren’t quite big enough. Conditioners will forever be a Curlie’s favourite product in my opinion – I mean, our Curls can’t quite cope without them!

Now with that out of the way, let’s focus on the Pros:

  • Scent: If you’re familiar with the oh-so-recognisable scent of JBCO, you’ll know that it has quite a strong punch to it, however this product completely eradicates that giving you the pleasure of pouring on as much as possible without smelling like you’ve dunked your Curls in a pool full of Jamaican Black Castor Oil…which of course brings me onto my next ‘pro’.
  • JBCO: Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a gift in itself sent from the Curly-Haired GODS! JBCO completely promotes and encourages hair growth which is derived from it’s fatty acid properties, so ultimately JBCO has the full X-Factor and without it you’re truly missing out! But on a more serious note, I personally use JBCO for the ends of my curls and for my edges (and I specifically also use JBCO Oil on my eyebrows as well!) so with that said, I recommend when using this conditioner to rake it thoroughly throughout your tresses as well as smothering it into the ends of your curls to allow it to seal any split ends!
  • Moisture/Hydration and Elasticity: Yes Sis, this product gives you all three! When our natural hair pattern has an ‘elastic’ bounce to it, this is when our curls are at their healthiest. Along with that, our curls need both moisture and hydration; if you struggle with your curls drying out, or find that your scalp can become a little flaky, then JBCO products will work best for you to help combat this. Similarly, moisture will benefit those who have had, or are transitioning from, damaged hair such as heat or chemical damage. I know this, because I too have transitioned from both chemical and heat damaged hair to what I would now refer to as fully-transitioned and healthy curls; JBCO infused products are a saviour – trust me!

The second product to follow is the Knot-Free Forever Leave-In Detangler which I have thoroughly enjoyed using and have found that this is a shared opinion with other Curly-members of my family, too!


The soothing scent of this product is noticeable and lingers throughout your curls. I also like that this particular product is light; it doesn’t weigh down your curls, nor does it detangle your curls into single strands which can cause you to experience a lot of frizz throughout the day. I guess this is also dependent on your method of detangling; I prefer to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle in the shower or otherwise I use the raking method with my fingers. A product that provides a good amount of slip when using the latter method, is always an obvious testament to how great the product is at detangling your curls naturally!

I found that this Leave-In didn’t create a seal around my curls, which some Leave-In conditioners can do which enhances product build up when trying to apply and layer other styling products – a complete disaster! This Leave-In however, acts as a smooth base which sinks into your curls and thereafter compliments the styling products you put on top. Some Leave-Ins will force you to wash your hair more frequently, as they can make your curls fairly crunchy, which although some may like as this gives the illusion that your curls are defined, this can also damage your natural curl pattern. Again, this Leave-In completely dismisses this, and with it’s medium-consistency, it helps to moisturise and tend to limp curls by promoting elasticity and health!

The third full-sized product is the SunnyIsle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Mousse.


I’ve said in previous posts that I’ve been a little weary of Mousses because of their tendency to produce ‘crisp’ curls; there is nothing worse than natural curls having an unnatural feeling! With that being said, I’ve slowly but surely experimented with a number of Mousses which have deterred me from that weariness and I’ve gradually accepted that it wasn’t the type of product that I was using, but rather the brand of the product.

SunnyIsle products are infused with JBCO so I wasn’t surprised that the Mousse not only had a firm hold of my curls, creating definition, but also displayed a sheen throughout my curls which enhanced their moisture! A win-win!

In all honesty, I’ve not reached for this Mousse as much as I have for the Conditioner and Leave-In, which is no reflection of the product but rather the routine that I use for styling.

The fourth product from SunnyIsle is the Natural Curly Styling Custard!

I have a soft spot for products like these, as I’m obsessed with styling products that ‘seal’ my curls and also manage frizz throughout the day. At first glance there are some similarities to the Clear and Nourish Hydration Curl Gel based on the Styling Custard’s consistency. With that said, the only con I could conjur up was the scent! Unlike the other products, I found the scent of this product a little off putting in the packaging. My assumption on this would be that it’s a gel-based product so therefore the ingredients infuse differently with the scent. Although saying this, when applying this Styling Custard to my curls I didn’t find the scent to be off-putting or even too strong throughout the day, but rather extremely subtle and rather complimentary of the other SunnyIsle products!

With Styling Custards such as the SunnyIsle one, I’d recommend to apply generously on areas where your curls are likely to dry more, causing your curls to frizz. I tend to not apply this product too heavily to the curls at the back of my head and focus on applying more generously to the curls at the centre of my head which are more exposed to dryness and frizz.

Remember: The more product you apply, the heavier your curls will be so apply as much or as little dependent on your preference on how you wish your curls to form once the product has settled in!

The fifth product is one which is a STAPLE amongst my collection and one which is so multi-purpose that I thoroughly and highly recommend for every Curly to own and cherish within your collection, too!


The SunnyIsle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Pure Coconut Butter is an absolutely saviour! I melt a little of this and run it through my curls after I’ve washed my hair and prior to styling. The hydration that your curls gain from doing this cannot be replicated by any other oil; take that from someone who has tested them ALL! I truly love the Pure Coconut Butter because it is so rich in essential oils but what’s more incredible is that it’s infused with JBCO! When your two favourite oils combine, you know it will be nothing less than magic!

The JBCO Pure Coconut Butter is super diverse and another way in which you can use this product is by combining it in a hair mask formula! I’ve warmed this a little, added it with the Detangling Leave-In and used that as a hot oil treatment which is a really great way to revamp your curls. If you’re someone who also tends to use heat, I recommend trying this hot oil treatment to help restore the elasticity of your curls, but remember not to make the oil too hot as this can make your scalp quite sensitive as well as being a little damaging for your natural curl pattern.

The sixth full sized product is the SunnyIsle JBCO Edge Hair Gel


Speaking honestly this is probably the least used product from the December TreasureTress box and this is no direct reflection of the product, but rather down to the fact that once I find a great edge control, I tend to stick to it. Having used the SunnyIsle Edge Control on a couple of occasions, I can truthfully say that it slicks your edges down well allowing them to look nourished without the greasy effect that some edge controls can create. With it being infused with JBCO, this is a great 2-in-1 product which not only firmly lays your edges but also helps to restore the health of them, too!

As bonus products, TreasureTress provided two miniature sized Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Creams which are super handy to throw into your bag when travelling abroad or even to take around with you on your day to day adventures.

I’ve always been a fan of this particular product and have found that it’s a staple amongst the body creams and lotions which they’ve created from the Cocoa Butter line; therefore both a practical yet impressive bonus product from TreasureTress!

My overall thoughts on the December TreasureTress box is that they provided one of the most versatile brands for all Kinky and Curly hair types. I’ve previously tried SunnyIsle and admittedly I found it was a little heavy for my curls, however this was during my damaged hair days so I had a very poor attachment to products which were supportive of natural hair health and growth. Overall, SunnyIsle ultimately proves to be restorative through it’s ingredients as well as delightfully scented. I cannot recommend this particular brand and line enough and have thoroughly enjoyed the use of the products, so much so I’ve already repurchased the Conditioner and Leave-In…twice!

Now to give you a little information about TreasureTress…

TreasureTress are a monthly product discovery box company providing Tweens, Teens and Adults with a variable range of hair products from multiple hair brands and companies. I know that some of my readers are based internationally, so a bonus is that they ship internationally, too! I highly recommend them and having now been a massive supporter and reviewer of their monthly subscription boxes, I can only recommend you check them out for yourself:

But wait, there’s more!

If you’d like, use my personalised discount code “NOTTHATKINDACURL” which gets you 10% your first subscription box…I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re a regular reader of my reviews and blogs, please share your thoughts and opinions! I’d love to know what you think!



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