TreasureTress November Box Review!

Welcome back, my loves!

I’m back with ANOTHER TreasureTress review and this time it’s all about the month of November…

…For anyone wondering, yes I’m aware I skipped my October TreasureTress review and the honest truth is, I gave my own personal box to my sister so that she too could indulge in all of the TreasureTress fabulous-ness!

BUT FIRST! Let me show you what the previous October TreasureTress box had to offer…


The October TreasureTress box contained the full Pantene Gold Series range which consisted of; 1 x Moisture Boost Shampoo (270 ml), 1 x Moisture Boost Conditioner (250ml), 1 x Hydrating Butter Creme (193ml), 1 x Intense Hydrating Oil (95ml)

Although I’ve not personally tried this range, I’ve heard that the Butter-Creme is quite rich in both consistency and application as well as the Hydrating Oil being extremely intense – if there’s anything that I truly LOVE in a product, it’s the ability to really work intensively throughout my curls.

Moving onto the November TreasureTress box, let’s have a look at what you get inside…


In celebration of TreasureTress’ THIRD birthday, they curated this vibrant collection of products! Some of which you may be familiar with and others which are not only new to the curly-hair market, but also new to the extending list of brands which have been featured in previous TreasureTress boxes.


The first of many products, is the Creme of Nature Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Rinse, which really took me by surprise because I’d never even heard of it.

I was thoroughly happy with this particular product because it’s light consistency would make you think more product is needed, however I found that after the first rinse I’d used very little of it and still had that super cleansed feeling throughout my scalp.

In terms of packaging, the style of the bottle is really important for a product like this because of how thin it’s consistency is, which can either make a product really successful or not depending on the ease of use. I find this product to be extremely simple in terms of application as the cap can be easily plugged and unplugged. I recommend opening the cap and squeezing the bottle along your scalp; that way you can feel when you’ve poured enough product and can easily control how much you use.

The next two products within the November TreasureTress box are the Deep Conditioning Packs by Palmer’s and SheaMoisture.

Firstly starting off with the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack which I’ve used previously, I highly recommend this for all of us during the Winter months, but especially to those who struggle with breakage, damaged curls or are high in porosity. Throughout my own natural hair journey, protein packs have helped to alleviate any brittle textured curls and have helped in restoring my curls back to health again. I can personally use a full protein pack because I have quite long and thick hair, however if you find that a full pack is a little overbearing to your curls, I’d recommend using half the pack and keeping the remaining pack for the following weeks deep condition. Throughout the colder months, I suggest deep conditioning once a week if your curls are struggling with the drop in temperature, or alternatively whenever your curls noticeably need some extra TLC!

The second deep conditioning pack is by my absolute fave – SheaMoisture! The Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque was one I hadn’t tried previously but now has become a solid favourite out of them all. I loved its intensity as well as it’s scent, which I found lingering throughout my tresses all day. I also tried this masque on Bae’s hair and similar to my own impression, he found that it left his hair much softer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the SheaMoisture masque because it had a firm hold on my curls, which helped to protect my curls from being manipulated by the cold weather. You can purchase this in a 354 ml tub from Boots which is currently under offer with 1/3 off!

The third product is one which I’ve literally almost finished; it’s that good! Not only is the brand new to the TreasureTress subscription, but one which I hadn’t really heard of prior to receiving it in my TreasutreTress box.


The Umberto Giannini More than Moisture Twirling and Styling Definition Cream has become a constant daily product within my weekday and weekend morning hair routine. This product is extremely versatile, being that it works effortlessly on both wet and dry curls. I tend to use this on my hair when damp and once my curls have dried, they are also so full of moisture that I don’t need to reapply. That for me makes for an extremely effective product; I often find that products that take ‘too much work’ only get used over the weekend because I just don’t have the time throughout the week. Not only is this product extremely moisturising, but it smells AMAZING! It contains ingredients such as Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil and Murumuru Butter. For those that don’t know, Murumuru has really great restoring properties and contains fatty acids and pro-vitamin A which helps in restoring elasticity to damaged hair – in a nut shell, it helps your damaged hair grow and regain it’s natural pattern!

On first glance, you might think this product is quite small in comparison to other Curly Hair Defining Creams, however because of it’s richness and consistency a small amount will do the job. This can be purchased from Boots and retails for around £9.00. As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised when I went into my local boots and found that this product was in stock! Usually I find that the Curly Hair Aisle is a little slim, so I tend to order products online if I’m repurchasing any empty products. You might also find this product or in fact the full range in your local Boots, so keep your eyes peeled!

The fourth product is by a brand that has never dissapointed!


The Phyto Specific Curl Legend Gel acts as a dupe for the SheaMoisture Curling Gel Souffle. I found this product to be extremely light weight and it doesn’t leave your curls feeling crunchy, nor do your curls clump together. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used this product as much as the other ones and this is in no way reflective of the product’s abilities, but rather because of how expensive it is! I tend to be more cautious with expensive products because I want them to last longer. This hasn’t yet made it’s way into my week day hair routine, but I tend to use it over the weekends when I can splurge in time and attention!

If you’ve not heard of this brand before, they are one which are really making a mark in the curly hair industry. Although their price point averages slightly higher than the main bulk of curly hair brands, they are definitely worth the pretty penny! My current favourite from them is their Baobab Oil which leaves your curls feeling and looking rich!

The fifth product in the November TreasureTress box is definitely a staple product…


The Creme of Nature Smoothing Edge Glue might be small in size but definitely mighty in its hold! I kid you not, this product will have your edges laid down without budging! I mean, not even the windiest of days could lift this hold! If you’re familiar with the Got2B Edge Glue and liked it, then you’ll love this. I have used this to hold down my edges and along my middle parting. For both, this product works well, although I stopped using it along my parting because it clumped my curls together and left them feeling a little crunchy. I’d recommend using it simply for your edges and for smoothing away any fly-aways, that way you’re getting the best results from this product.

If you’re looking to purchase any products from the Creme of Nature brand, you can do so from the majority of Hair and Beauty Supply stores, or find some of their products online or in your local Superdrug (dependent on your demographic.)

The SIXTH (yes, six full sized products!) and final product in the November TreasureTress box is by a brand that I currently cannot get enough of!


Activilong are a french brand and the quality of their products just cannot be replicated. Even the best of brands, in my opinion, do not qualify with the same level of consistency like Activilong. That’s been evidenced in the Activilong Actiforce Black Castor Oil Hair Food. At first, I was a little unsure how to use this product or when I’d even have the time to use it. I applied this throughout my curls and then put my hair up in a tight bun and I’ve found that on days when I want my hair to be protected, yet also given the same amount of TLC, I’ll gravitate towards this. On first look, it comes in a solid form which melts well when rubbing in your hands and throughout your curls. It also has that staple Activilong scent which I find to be quite nice and not overpowering at all. I recommend trying this product if you’re in a protective styling mood and want to throw your curls up in a bun or a pony tail. A lot of this will go a long way, so be mindful of this when applying.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed as I always am, with the November TreasureTress box. I’ve always been a massive advocate for the TreasureTress brand and what they stand for, so they couldn’t come highly recommended enough when I say, if you haven’t subscribed but you’ve been thinking about it – just do it. As we approach the end of the year, I know a lot of people will start to think about their New Year resolutions; why not make one of them taking better care of your curls?

More information can be found on their website, which I’ve linked below:

Additionally (and I cannot believe I’m finally saying this!) using NOTTHATKINDACURL at checkout will get you 10% off of your FIRST BOX!





[Disclaimer: All photos used have been taken from TreasureTress directly]


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