For Coloured Curls…

Welcome back, Curlies!

I’ve recently taken a dip in the ‘coloured curls’ pond and after three years of absolutely no dye or any form of colour on my curls it’s taken a little while and some soul searching to get use to!

I know, I know…dramatic! However, when you’ve dedicated your entire hair journey to maximise the strength and health of your curls, it’s takes some time getting use to when you HAVE to dye your curls…

With that said, I know a number of us Curlies opt for the ‘Coloured Curl’ and if that’s your preference, it’s totally fine. The main thing regardless of your choice, is the health of your curls. I’ve therefore let you into a little secret below, I’ve let you know exactly what I used and of course given you some much needed comfort on how to restore your curls back to HEALTH once dyed…


Well, not a great secret seeing as it’s now being plastered across my blog, but here it goes…

When my Grandmother was 23 she found her first grey hair, similarly when my Mother was 24, she too found her first grey hair…and after several hairstyle attempts to ‘shield’ the first few grey hairs I’ve recently found (at 24) I’ve come to that point of realisation that I’d rather feel confident in who I am and not necessarily by ‘hiding’ grey hair but rather addressing that I “kinda” have it and do exactly what makes me feel more confident and personally for me, that was to colour my curls.

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Although I opted for the “Natural Dark/Brown” look, my curls came out black and if I’m completely truthful I’m not mad at that! I’ve found that darker hair is so much healthier and has a really beautiful sheen which lighter hair, from my personal experience, doesn’t portray.


There are healthier ways to dye your hair. Some may opt for Henna, which is easily purchased from places such as Lush or Holland & Barrett, however desperate times call for desperate measures so I purchased box hair dye (I know….I know) from Superdrug and opted for the brand Knight & Wilson.

I used this particular brand for one simple reason and that was because I was drawn into the fact that it contains both Shea Butter and Argan Oil, so naturally this was an easy choice for me.

The contents of the box dye contains the cream developer and colourant and like most other brands, you’ll also receive a sachet of conditioner. Along with this, Knights & Wilson provide a sachet of ‘Bond Reconstructor’ which essentially renews and ‘re-arms’ your individual tresses.


After 20-30 minutes, I rinsed out the dye using lukewarm water as I was a little worried how sensitive my scalp would be. I’d managed to rinse out the majority of the dye and having used both the conditioner and bond reconstructor through my curls, I then used a Palmer’s Olive Oil Deep Conditioner, which can be bought in Sachet’s from either Boots or Superdrug or from a local beauty and hair supply store, dependent on your demographic.

I really loved the Deep Conditioner for a number of reasons; you receive a generous amount in the sachet, it’s massively moisturising and because of how thick the product is in it’s consistency, it really slipped well throughout my curls, allowing me to detangle without restriction.

In terms of the health properties, Olive Oil is renowned for helping hair grow thicker and fuller as well as being able to repair damaged curls by strengthening the hair follicles. Overall, Olive Oil is a great antioxidant so naturally helps to prevent dryness and ensures moisture within the hair lasts much longer.

Following the Deep Conditioner, I piled on a mixture of the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strenghthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner and Mask. The combined products contributed well to the slip of my curls, and instantaneously made my curls feel extremely moisturised which was such a relief because I was really worried about how coarse my curls were feeling following the dye application. One thing I truly love and appreciate about the Jamaican Black Castor Oil range by SheaMoisture, is it’s true accuracy in restoring curls. If ever I have a bad set of curls and I wash them, I use this range to give me that bounce-back and I’m NEVER dissapointed!

A little tip which works well with curls that struggle with subtle definition, when rinsing out conditioner from your hair, leave a little product in and naturally the product clings to your wet curls. Whilst your curls are drying, you’ll find that the definition is more obvious!

To give you an update, I’ve now washed my curls twice since dying them and there’s been a noticeable difference in the first wash and the second. The biggest observation is how much softer my curls feel now, which I think is a combination of the types of restoring products I’ve been using in my hair, but also the fact that my newly dyed curls are gradually adjusting to the change.

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In terms of dying, I’m not against it and should I feel that it’s necessary to dye my hair again in the future, then I absolutely will. With that being said, if you hair doesn’t require any type of manipulation then try and avoid it. The least damage or manipulation from heat and/or chemicals, the healthier your curls will be. No matter your preference, always ensure that your curls are moisturised, well conditioned and trimmed and you’ll always have healthy curls!

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  1. Your hair looks lovely! I definitely agree that going darker tends to have my hair looking like its in way better condition than my natural colour (which is really light brown) does xx

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    1. Thank you, lovely! Yes absolutely I second that!


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