What I learnt in: September ’18!

Welcome back, lovelies!

I know I know…September?! Ally we’re in October…shock horror, another delayed blog post. I’ll be honest though, when life is throwing things at you from different directions it can be really difficult to centre yourself and compartmentalise your priorities. Blogging, is of course, a massive priority for me…however with that being said, September had different plans for me in terms of where my focus was at.

Leading on from this, I definitely learnt A LOT in September as a result. So much so I think I have to share it all with you quite candidly…

You’ll know by now if you’re a regular reader, that the beginning of October marked 1 year since I started my blogging journey! As brilliant as it was for me to announce that, a lot of planning, organisation and ‘delivery’ went into the celebration of this, which was the launch and production of my new blog logo!! This brought me to realise a number of things, and the most prominent of them all is that no matter how much you plan, organise and focus…your DELIVERY is ultimately the final decider in how you reveal your vision to the world. The reason I highlight this specifically is because I’ve been that person, who sits around making plans and reiterating how ‘focused’ I am as an individual, but lacking the final and probably most accurate ingredient which is; delivery!

Regardless of what stage or chapter you’re at within your own life, always focus on your personal delivery and remember that you are ultimately the Author, Orchestrator, Director and Producer of your life plans and story! Therefore, how you deliver your plan is massively important to your success story.

September was also a massively chaotic and stressful month for me. A lot of this was down to my own fault, error, and naivety; but I’m the type of individual who isn’t scared to make mistakes and acknowledge my flaws. It’s taken some time, especially as someone who I’d say is coming out of that rigid, stubborn phase in life, in which I’m now proactively seeking ways to look at the decisions I’ve made and find better solutions and thus, make better choices. A lot of this has to do with my own personal growth, but I have to say, being a ‘working woman’ has a massive part in this. Working in a corporate, sales environment has the ability to really shift your mind and your actions. Suddenly I’m looking at things pragmatically versus erratically. In doing this, I’m becoming a genuinely more responsive and happier person because taking responsibility for my actions and owning my choices has really liberated me, so although September was stressful, it concluded to be really rewarding.

Finally, September also marked the final quarter! September marks the opening to the three month count down until the end of the year…with that said, I’ve been much more aware and conscious of the goals I’d set myself at the start of the year, and I’m now finding myself consciously referring back to them with each decision I make, questioning ‘Will this help me achieve my goals?’ and if I find that the honest answer to that is ‘No!’ then there’s no chance of me wasting any further time on that ‘thing’ or decision. I’d also urge you to do the same thing. Question yourself and your decisions, are you finding them to be useful, proactive and in-line with the goals that you set for yourself? If the answer is no, then stop…right now. It’s time to reclaim your time and re-align your goals, and if this is something you’re struggling with, you’ll find my upcoming blog post extremely helpful, so look out for that!

Please feel free to share with me any of your lessons learnt! I love to hear from people that read my blog…it helps push me a little further each time I write!


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