On the 1st October 2017 a very timid and conscious 23-year-old set about the creation of what once was ‘MoreThanAWoman’.

At the time, this particular blog’s purpose was to discuss topics surrounding real life drama, such as the misconception of a mixed-race person having “the best of both worlds”, what life after University was really like, documenting and detailing my personal natural hair journey, and of course the depths of being ‘more than’ a typical Woman.

Along the way, this particular blog changed and evolved and later became…

♥      “NOT THAT KINDA CURL”    ♥

tempImageForSave (37)This blog has taught me so many things, and to think it’s been a year is completely jaw-dropping to me because it feels like only yesterday that I sat, as an awkward teenager pondering over the idea of creating a blog, but didn’t do so based on the fact I lacked popularity and feared what people would think of my blog, but more importantly to me at the time, what they would think of me.

Several years and reality-checks later, I sit humbly yet confidently behind the screen of my almost five-year-old laptop tapping away with the same joy and enthusiasm as I did this time last year.

Blogging has taught me things which I didn’t even think were possible, stemming from confidence, to resilience and it’s even taught me the one thing I didn’t think was possible for me to attain; patience!

In addition to that, I’ve learnt that blogging can be quite challenging. Writing has a way of becoming very robotic and sometimes lacks the creative element which is required to allow your content to resonate with others; that’s only if you allow it to. With that said, as a blogger I can’t help but feel so empowered as writing consistently over the last year has really shown me how much I’ve actually learnt in the several years of past education; from my English Literature A-Level to my English Literature Degree, I knew they’d come in handy at some point in time!

Blogging, especially as a Natural Hair Blogger, has taught me that it’s OK to make mistakes, learn from them and evolve with them. I think that people assume that making mistakes means you’ve lacked something, but rather gained a better insight into what you should do next time. That in itself is a life lesson which I’m massively grateful for…

I’ve learnt that along with gratitude and evolution, authenticity is much more respected than “jumping on the band wagon” or however the saying goes… I’ve seen far too many trends blossom into sterile blog posts and I’m happily content in knowing that what I write evolves from weeks of thinking on it, writing about it and finally publishing the final piece to share with my audience.

Speaking on audience, I’m massively grateful and at times can be a little overwhelmed by the Support which I receive. I honestly thought when I first set out with the creation of my blog, that it would only be my friends who I pestered to read my blog initially, but when I had people of different ages with all kinds of interests message me about the content on my blog, I felt like I’d achieved my “why”…

My “why” is the most powerful element of this journey thus far…I find it so powerful that often in times of reflection or misdirection, thinking back to my “WHY” gives me the most unwavering focus, determination and precision I’ve ever had. My “why” focuses on providing content to those with the purpose of informing and giving back, but also being light-hearted and expressive with my content. When I was a young girl, I longed for content that I could read privately in my spare time. At such a young age, I thought reading was ‘uncool’ and as such, I tried to belittle my intelligence and ignore my interests in creativity and literature. Now, as a 24-year-old literature and fiction ADDICT I hope that my content inspires or resonates with others, whether that be my posts on life, hair or if it even inspires someone else to blog, then I’ve achieved my “why”!

A while ago, I would spend hours creating blog posts only to publish and never read it again. The grammar-freak that I am was too scared that after 20-odd re-writes I’d still find a grammar mistake and as such I’d leave it for the reader to uncover. Now, many months and blog posts later, I’m as enthused about reading my own content as I am about creating it. For anyone who has the interest or passion in creating a blog, my honest advice is GO FOR IT! It’s the best decision I’ve made in the last year!

With all the above said and done, I thank you for reading, critiquing, commenting or even just listening to me ramble…One year down, a trillion more to go!



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