TreasureTress September Box Review!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

Another month, another TreasureTress review and let me tell you now, this month’s box was SPECIAL because it featured some of the most sought after high-end Curly hair products in today’s market!

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This month’s box was a Mielle Organics takeover featuring some fantastic products! Some of which I’ve heard of and I’ve been dying to get my hands on, and some others which were fairly new to me but still very relevant in today’s world of highly sought after Curly Hair products!

As I’ve never tried Mielle Organics before, this review is completely authentic and is based solely on my own personal experience from using these products religiously over the last month…

I’ve never tried Mielle Organics products, solely because of the price point, but now having tried out these featured products I can honestly say they are well worth the investment and I will most likely repurchase the ones I have continuously been using. Mielle Organics promote 70% certified organic ingredients cutting out all the nasties such as parabens, sulfates, parafins, mineral oils or synthetic colours. They also do not engage with animal testing which is a fantastic bonus and really proves the integrity of the brand!

With that being said, let’s get straight into it!

The first out of the five full-sized Mielle Organics hair products, is the Detangling Co-Wash.

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I’ve used this product religiously for my washes over the last month and I recommend parting your hair into sections (two or four) and run this product throughout your curls by method of finger detangling, making sure that you really get a thorough amount throughout each section.

The first thing I noticed about this product, was that I need a lot of it to really get a sufficient amount of ‘slip’ to allow me to finger detangle and run this product effectively throughout each section. I’ve used other co-washes and found this to be a common trait so I wasn’t massively put off by this. The only thing I kept thinking was, “How expensive is this?!” To answer that question, this retails for around £11-£13 dependent on where it’s purchased from. In comparison to other brands, I’d say that this is typically the higher end of the market rate, but when you factor in the ingredients, it’s understandable that this isn’t a ‘cheap’ product. With that being said, I would have expected this product to be much more richer in scent or at least easier in gathering ‘slip’ but as it lacked those two qualities, I’m more likely to repurchase similar, cheaper co-washes as an alternative to this one.

Following the Co-Wash is the Mielle Organics Moisturizing Hair Milk, which contains Avocado, so immediately I was won over by this! I tend to draw towards products containing Coconut, Avocado and Black Castor Oil because of how rich in moisture they tend to be, so to see this as an added ingredient I was pleasantly surprised.


I’ve tried a fair few Hair Milk products and found that they can be a little dull on the hair. With that being said, this wasn’t the case for this Hair Milk. It’s moisturising properties are accurate and I didn’t require an excessive amount of product in application to give me the hydrating results that I like and needed…furthermore, I found it to be very gentle and delicate and it didn’t weigh down on my hair too noticeably which for a heavily moisturising product was a pleasant, yet unexpected twist!

I use this product after I’ve applied a Leave-In conditioner and an Oil, and I’ve found that by following the LOC method (Leave-In / Oil / Cream) I’m able to retain enough moisture in my curls to prevent frizz throughout the day.

Being a higher end product this retails for around £15.00 so be wary of over-application to avoid disappointment if this product runs out quickly!

The third product featured in this month’s TreasureTress box is the Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse.

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Immediately, the name drew me towards the product and I was very eager to try it. The ‘cocktail’ element in the name initially suggested for me that this would be a sweet scented product, but having tried it I’d say that it’s scent isn’t massively overwhelming so dependent on how strong you like your products that’s probably something to be aware of. Additionally, I’m not a massive fan of mousses as they tend to leave my hair feeling crunchy and as a result I hardly incorporate them into my daily hair routine. With that said, I’m taking baby steps to eliminate that stigma…

If I’m honest, this is probably the least used product within the box but subsequently that’s down to my regular hair routine rather than the performance of this product in particular. Regardless, an immediate bonus about this product, is that it contains Babassu, formulated from Babassu Oil, containing very similar properties to Coconut Oil. Having used this mousse a couple of times, I could see that my curls had evidently more of a ‘sheen’ to them which I’d say is a combination of the mousse’s hydrating properties as well as it’s ability to perform well on Curls by locking in the moisture and keeping it in a firm, yet non-crunchy, hold.

This product retails for £13.00, so I’ll most definitely be using this sparingly, but I’m also going to attempt to venture out of my usual hair routine and incorporate mousses more frequently.

The fourth and my personal favourite of the whole collection is the Honey and Ginger Styling Gel!

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This is one I’ve heard of previously, but couldn’t justify the expense as I thought that £20.00 for a product I hadn’t researched effectively would be wasted coins but… girl! I was so wrong!

I’m finally branching out of my comfort zone and although the SheaMoisture Curling Gel Souffle is my favourite ‘Curl Sealer’ of all time, this has very quickly become a close second.

I’m not a massive fan of Gel based products but having given this a chance I thoroughly appreciated how soft it left my curls feeling! It’s such a strange feeling because I’m use to the Curling Gel Souffle being a lot heavier and having a thicker hold on my curls whereas this product is the complete opposite and leaves my curls feeling very light and delicate which was weird as it was still heavy enough to weigh down on my curls…

If you’re someone who likes strong scents, then you’ll love this product! The combination of Honey and Ginger is so rich that it literally lasts in your hair all day!

This product really delivers a manageable and long-lasting hold whilst also providing moisture and hydration, so an all-rounder FANTASTIC product! I’d highly recommend this product, however if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then I’d recommend the TwistedSista Clear and Nourish Hydration Curl Gel which is a great alternative offering a similar hydration and hold!

The final product in this month’s TreasureTress box is the Mint and Almond Oil.

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The Mint and Almond Oil promotes healthy hair and a healthy scalp and having tried this and felt my scalp feeling stimulated by the mint ingredient, I can confirm that it generously helps to invigorate hair growth from the scalp effectively. For the Curlies who are in the transitioning phase or have opted for the ‘Big Chop’ and are looking for a product to stimulate growth, then I recommend purchasing an Oil which is infused with mint because our scalps take really well to these types of ingredients and formulas!

The only thing I’d note is that as an Oil this has a much thinner and runnier consistency, so a lot of this will go a long way, I’d focus this product around my scalp and through the ends of my curls. For the most effective use, and to avoid build up, I’d recommend using this on wash days whilst your curls are still damp and let your curls and scalp absorb the product!

 This product retails for £12.00 and whilst there are definitely cheaper alternatives, the quality of this product is non-comparable!

And now, for the results!

Related image

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Using the full featured range in this month’s TreasureTress box!

I hope that you found the above review useful!

I know that Mielle Organics is not the cheapest of hair brands so I’d recommend if you’re purchasing any of these to look at them as investment products, therefore use the products sparingly and they’ll last for some time!

Out of all of the products, I’ve reached for the Styling Gel most frequently and that’s because it has a lasting scent as well as offering soft and secure curls. I think it’s massively important, especially now as we are within Autumn, that us Curlies ensure that our curls are secured and sealed to prevent damage or frizz from occurring throughout the day. Similarly for those who have slightly damaged Curls, you will find that retaining moisture can prove to be difficult, so a Styling Gel will help to retain moisture whilst providing a more defined Curl pattern.

All-in-all, I’m overjoyed with the products and I think that TreasureTress have gone above and beyond in providing high-quality products retailing for near enough £80.00 in comparison to a £20 subscription; I think it’s fair to say this is more than your money’s worth!

Now reflecting on last month’s TreasureTress box, I did an honest review on the Creme of Nature Honey line and if I’m completely honest with you I haven’t reached for any of the products other than the Moisture Infusion Edge Control. The Edge Control provides an extremely solid hold whilst ensuring that your edges are moisturised and so I’d still highly recommend this product. Although I’m not saying that the other products aren’t worth purchasing, I’d say that in my personal opinion, I’ve tried better products from Creme of Nature so overall I was a little disappointed by the Honey line. As a brand though, I’d recommend Creme of Nature as the other lines which I’ve tried are worth the hype and the coin!

If you are interested in TreasureTress and are wanting to get on board and join the family, have a look at their website by clicking the link below!

TreasureTress also cater to young children as well as Adults so if you’re one of my readers who has young children and are unsure what products are best for them, have a look at the boxes that they provide and why not trial out a subscription? Let them know I sent you!

As always, please share your thoughts and opinions and let me know if you’ve tried the above products or any other products from the Mielle Organics brand!









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