Twisted Sista: Products for DEFINITION!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the battle between Definition v Volume and I’ve seen through a variety of discussions and a poll that I did on my Instagram, that a number of Curlies prefer Definition over Volume. I too, fall within this category because throughout my natural hair journey I’ve always wanted to have more defined curls.

With that said, there has been ONE consistent brand which provides both quality and affordable products to achieve Definition and as a result I thought that it would be selfish not to share this with you all!

I’ve raved on about TwistedSista for a VERY long time. They were one of the first few brands which helped me throughout my transitioning days, so if you are a Curly still within that time-frame, I’d highly suggest trying the below products.

Now, I know I have spoken A LOT about the TwistedSista 30 Second Curl Spray, so I’ve missed that product out and gone into further detail on a few which I haven’t highlighted in as much detail, previously…

In order of use, I’m going to start off with the Intensive Leave-In Conditioner

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I truly love this product because it really is an intensive product and I find that it applies with a really nice slip throughout my curls. One thing I wish I knew earlier, especially during the transitioning period, was how important Leave-In Conditioners are. They really help to activate your natural curl pattern and obviously add hydration to your curls. I recommend Leave-In Conditioners as an all-year-round product. During the colder months you’ll find that your curls are quite course and therefore a Leave-In really helps to elevate your curls’ appearance. Similarly during the Summer months, your curls may need help adjusting to the heat, so a Leave-In gives them that extra boost when the sun is trying to strip the moisture out.

The ingredients within this particular product will really help to elevate your curls appearance and supply them with hydration, nourishment and the one thing we all love so much – DEFINITION!

Of course, following the Leave-In Conditioner is the Curl Activator Creme.

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I thoroughly love this product because it is a creme based product, which is my ultimate favourite type of product in terms of consistency, and in addition to this it has a really lovely scent to it as well…what a perfect combination!

In comparison to the Intensive Leave-In Conditioner, there is a noticeable difference in the consistency and durability so a little amount of this will go a long way.

It also depends on how defined and how ‘weighty’ you like your curls to be. The more you use of this product, the heavier your curls are and so I’d recommend if you are going for the dramatically defined look, use more of this. If however, you prefer the balance of both definition and volume, use this sparsely throughout your curls.

This product works well with high porosity curls, so again to the Curlies who are transitioning and have experienced heat damage, this product will help to retain the moisture your curls need and define your curls without going frizzy throughout the day!

The last, but absolutely not least, product within the range I’d like to talk about is the Hydration Curl Gel which in fact belongs to the Clear and Nourish range, which is quite new to the market in comparison to some of the other TwistedSista products.

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I’m loving this product at the moment and have been swapping it for my SheaMoisture Curling Gel Souffle which is a lot more grainy in it’s texture in comparison to the Hydration Curl Gel, which has a much more ‘tackier’ texture.

With that being said, it doesn’t leave a tacky feel to your curls nor does it leave any type of build up or residue in your hair, which at first use I was a little worried about. This particular product also promises ‘hydration’ and I kid you not, it honestly offers that. I’ve found that my curls’ appearance is noticeably more hydrated and moisturised in it’s finish, so it’s a product I’ve been reaching for consistently over the last few weeks.

I truly love this product because it helps to form and secure my curl pattern, creating lasting definition, even on days when I want more volume!

If you have thick, curly hair then this will work perfectly for you. I have friends with way more thickness to their curls and it works beautifully on them!

I know that the most important factor for these types of products is how long-lasting they are. To give you an idea, I use it often for the days I’m at work, so yes – it’s absolutely a long-lasting gel!

As a comparison, I’ve provided the below photos so you can see that these products work well when air drying and also when I’ve opted for a little more volume once completely dried with a diffuser. In both instances I’ve still got a lot of definition, which is all a girl can ask for!


If you are interested in purchasing any of the products which I’ve mentioned, then head over to Superdrug or to your local hair and beauty supply store. Dependent on where you purchase them, the prices may vary but usually they fall between the £5.00 – £8.00 bracket.

Honestly, I’m massively impressed with these products and overall this brand! The Curly Hair market has become so competitive recently with a lot of products ‘promising’ a particular outcome and some falling short of that, but the one thing I truly love and appreciate about TwistedSista is that I’ve never been disappointed with the outcome of my Curls after using any of their products!

To anyone who is currently transitioning and looking for products to help restore definition, try these combined products and let me know what you think!

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