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Welcome back people and Happy Sunday!

What better way to start the new week than by putting out some positive affirmations which will gear us towards our own personal goals and overall successes?!

2018 thus far has massively taught me the importance of being resilient, patient, humble…you name it! I’ve also tried to become a lot more mindful about all of the positive things I’ve gained through the lessons learnt and in doing so I’ve been extremely mindful about my goals, plans and future successes.

With that said, I wanted to share with you a few things that have really shifted my mindset and will inevitably make me a more successful person. Likewise, the below points will also help to gear you towards your own personal successes, too!

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Not too long ago, I carried such a strong weight on my shoulders and felt that anything that ever went wrong in my life was due to other people’s doing…yes, to a certain extent when someone is accountable for something it is there doing, but what I failed to acknowledge was my own accountability.

So what exactly is accountability and how does it help you?

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When you take accountability of your actions, you are less likely to do things which hinder your growth or alter the speed of your success. As an extremely stubborn person I find accountability, at the best of times, something which requires me to ‘check myself’ as a reminder that if I take accountability, I’m generally more equipped to ‘handle’ life and all the pressures and lessons which come along with it…

One thing that I’ve learnt now as an adult, is that I have 0 control over other people’s actions and rather than sitting around and hoping for people to do better, the best thing I can do in order to be successful, is be solely accountable of myself and I’ve found that I’m forced to very quickly shift my attitude and my actions will therefore follow…

I’ve had conversations with people in which they’ve told me that they find accountability a scary thing. I don’t think that should be the case, but rather it should be liberating.

Always look at the positives in each of these steps that I’ve mentioned, rather than focusing on how daunting they are. Every step you take in life should be just that, a step. Massive leaps and bounds aren’t required for you to be successful right now, it’s about focusing on the little steps first…

S E L F   P R E S E R V A T I O N 

Self preservation is a term I became well acquainted with when I was a struggling University student and unfortunately during a particular point within this I found myself constantly surrounded by really bad company. So much so that I put myself in really harmful situations and it was only until I got a brisk awakening that I discovered the need and importance of self-preservation.

As a person that’s on a mission to be the most successful, positive and enthusiastic I’ve ever been in life, I now realise that self-preservation plays an extremely important role. When you surround yourself with bad energy, it’s though you breed bad energy yourself and you’ll find that it quickly spreads throughout every functioning area of your life. When you take a step away from that, and focus on your health and welfare, you become quickly acquainted with the best traits of yourself and you’ll start feeding those parts of yourself even more which inevitably make you a more focused, driven, happier and in general a more successful person.

I’d like to point out that success comes in many forms, and one of my personal and best successes over the last couple of years is being my own biggest cheerleader and doing all that I can to improve my life.

Self-preservation is literally an instinct, and too often do people ignore instincts. (I sure have!) Self-preservation is therefore a signal or warning which the more you listen and tune-in to, the more aware you are of yourself and what is good and bad for your growth and survival.

I quite like this particular point because it’s definitely something that as we grow and mature as people, we become less aware of because of how ‘wholesome’ our environment becomes, which leads me onto my next point…


Your surroundings are SO important…honestly I can’t stress this enough. I’ve been a victim of this, in thinking that I need to always be surrounded by people or looking for instant gratification through ‘likes’ on Instagram, when in reality the most important and most positive thing you can do for yourself is extract and replace. By that I simply mean extract yourself from any negative social settings and replace that with a surrounding which is good for the soul; it’s that simple.

A positive surrounding is not just massively important for your mental state of mind but it also has a domino effect on every other part of your life and effectively impacts your performance. Whether your surrounding is a physical place or down to the people you have in your company, if it’s no good-extract and replace.

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Sometimes you have to be really cut throat. I can happily say I surround myself with good energy and when I feel like that’s being compromised I remove myself from that surrounding. When you are on a mission to improving your life and focus on your success, if the people you surround yourself with are like-minded then their behaviours and motives will impact you positively. This links in with self-preservation and instincts, so you’ll know when you are in the right company!

In addition to this, don’t be afraid to be alone. There’s a difference between alone v. lonely. I’ve learnt to enjoy my own company because I know that I have a much healthier and positive mindset in comparison to my mindset a few years back…as a result, when I’m ‘alone’ I’m much more focused and driven and often use my alone time to write blog posts, schedule my week ahead or even just note down my plans so that I’m a more organised and efficient person. On the flip side, my ‘alone’ time may be exactly that…me chilling out and enjoying being alone. It’s important that you wind down and give yourself that deserved break when needed, trust me, it makes such a difference to your outlook and gives you something to keep motivated towards when you have a healthy balance!

M A S T E R   Y O U R   P L A N

Mastering your plan is a day-by-day thing and as you gradually make changes to your life the more driven and focused you’ll be with your plan.

As cheesy as this may sound, it’s so imperative that you make yourself your biggest commitment yet. I’ll say it again so you really understand the value in these words:

It’s so imperative that you make yourself your biggest commitment yet.

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I know the feeling when you expect people to love your ideas and plans as much as you do, and when they don’t meet your expectations you feel as though your ideas/plans aren’t as great as you thought they were…this outlook is completely wrong.

If every successful person in the world shared their plans, dreams, ideas…would they be as successful? If we focused on someone else’s plans, dreams or ideas more than we focused on our own, would we ever reach our own success? Probably not. Recognise that in order for you to be successful, you have to be completely and utterly focused. I know what it’s like to focus on a particular goal and once it’s achieved, I tick it off of my list and then fall back into a completely slacked routine. Focus should be something which we don’t just incorporate into our lives, but we embed into our everyday routines. Realise that in order to reach your full potential you need to unlock your potential first, and in doing so you must be selfish with your needs and completely in-love with your vision.

Nobody will ever commit to your success as much as you do, so make your vision impactful, memorable and worth every ounce of the hard work and sacrifice that you commit to it!

I know a little off-tangent to some of my more regular posts, but I thought that this was an important message to share! If you have any of your own tips and pointers in aiding you to become a more successful individual, then please feel free to share them with me…let’s become successful together!






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