[HONEST!] TreasureTress August Box Review!

Welcome back to another TreasureTress monthly box review!

Firstly let’s address the elephant in the room…yes, I’m aware that this is an AUGUST box review and yes, I’m fully aware that we are now in SEPTEMBER…better late than never though, right?!

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The August TreasureTress box was one to definitely be excited about. This month’s box was filled with the full Creme of Nature Pure Honey range and I’ve quickly become a fan of the Creme of Nature brand in general, following some of the Creme of Nature products that were in a previous TreasureTress box. Specifically, I’m talking about the Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Moisture Curl Hair Milk and the Curl Repair Leave-In, which are still amongst my favourites to date!


The first thing that grabbed my attention as soon as I’d opened the August box, was the packaging of the products. I’m a sucker for anything which is aesthetically pleasing, and the honey gold packaging tied in beautifully with the honey infusion within the products.

Starting off with the first product, the Moisturising Dry Defence Shampoo, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this! It was honestly very smooth in it’s application and had the right amount of lather. I’ve noticed a disappointing trend in some shampoos, in which they are a little bit ‘flat’ if that makes sense at all…I like the fact that shampoos are meant to build up to a lather and have a cleansing property within them, and being that I found this shampoo extremely cleansing along with staying true to the statement of it being moisturising as well, it has very quickly become one of my top shampoos!

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I don’t tend to use a lot of shampoo and I focus any application of shampoo as close to the scalp as possible. Another positive about this product is that you don’t require a lot of it to get the result which you need. After rinsing, it definitely left my hair feeling slippery and moisturised which was a perfect transition into the conditioner…

Following the Shampoo, the Moisturising Dry Defence Conditioner was ‘okay’ but I wouldn’t say it was one of my favourite conditioners. You always know when you’ve used a good hair product when it’s memorable, and the conditioner really wasn’t.

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I think a positive, if any, is that the conditioner has a very sweet scent to it. Some may prefer more floral-like scents so if you are that person, you might find it’s sweetness a little over-powering. In my personal opinion, I don’t mind the sweetness…I think it’s quite soothing to smell throughout the day as it’s not too intense at all.

Of course, us Curlies will know that conditioners will decrease drastically faster than any other product in our collection, however I felt that for me to get an ‘okay’ result from this, I had to use quite a lot of the product and being that the bottle is only 335 ml, I’m basically half way gone.

The Moisture Replenish and Strength Hair Mask was a product I’d had mixed thoughts and reviews on…originally when I tried it, I wasn’t massively a fan. I thought that having tried the conditioner, the Hair Mask would be a complete saviour to boost my confidence in this particular line again, but having tried it the first few times I honestly didn’t like the consistency, nor how much I had to use for it to feel like a mask. I know it’s unfair to do so, but I couldn’t help but compare it to some of my SheaMoisture hair masks, which are my go-to products. Potentially because I had a disappointing experience with the conditioner, I was being a little harsh…so I tried it again…


It was like I’d used a completely different product!!


I even referred back to the leaflet which you get within the TreasureTress box, and followed the exact instructions;

“Enjoy some time relaxing while you let this sit in your hair for at least an hour before rinsing”

So following a one hour hair mask, I rinsed it out and I was completely amazed by the results. I think from this experience I realised that some products have to be used in a particular type of way. I’m someone who thoroughly enjoys a hair mask so I often incorporate them into my wash and go. This particular hair mask isn’t necessarily tailored for that type of use, and therefore is a lot more intensive rather than ‘regular’.

I’d recommend using this for a thorough hair mask when you’re having a pamper day; the results will speak for itself!

The fourth product within the August TreasureTress box, is the Knot Away Leave-In Detangler. Instantly I was drawn to this product because of its multipurpose use. The fact that it is a detangler but also a moisturising leave-in conditioner really flawed me because I’d assumed at first glance it was simply a good product to use for finger-detangling in the shower, but also the fact that it’s a leave-in product means that you’ll get really great definition as well.

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If you are someone with a preference to volume over definition, try to sparsely run this product through your curls and separate them as you go by finger-detangling. I find that way to be a lot more caring to my curls and as a bonus it means you have far greater control over the way in which your curls are defined once dry.

The last, but absolutely not least, product within the August TreasureTress box is the Moisture Infusion Edge Control. 

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Can we just take a moment…this has 24 hour hold Curlies!!! I kid you not, this is definitely my favourite product of this whole range. (I think it could potentially be my favourite Creme of Nature product as well!?!) But no, seriously…try this on your edges, watch as your edges gleam with moisture and are so slicked it even puts Got2b to shame! (If you’ve tried that product, you’ll know the hold is completely solid so that’s an indicator of how good this Edge Control is!)

A massive bonus about this Edge Control is that you really don’t need a lot of it to get maximum results…it’s got a really thick consistency and is so moisturising in it’s finish, so overall a really fantastic product!

Overall I think that the range is really affordable and in terms of presentation it’s well packaged and designed. It’s a shame that the conditioner wasn’t as I’d expected, however I was pleasantly surprised by the Shampoo and the Leave-In Detangler. The Edge Control was by far my FAVOURITE product within the range, and a little bit goes a long way for sure! I’d say that the Hair Mask is a great example of how trying a product multiple times can give you drastically different results to what you’ve experienced before, so if you’ve tried any of these products and weren’t blown away, try it again and see how it goes…

As always, I like to reflect on the last month’s TreasureTress box and see which products I’ve reached for the most in the last month. As expected, if you’ve read my previous blog post you’ll know, the ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion has been a product I’ve used time and time again…as a result, I’ve almost finished the product so I’ll be in need of repurchasing it very shortly! Similarly, the Palmers Zero Break Strengthening Conditioner has been another favourite of mine, and again another product I’ll have to add to my list of products in need of repurchasing!

If you aren’t familiar with TreasureTress, then Curlies there are literally NO excuses…have a read through some of my previous blog posts to get acquainted, or why not subscribe to their monthly subscription by clicking the link below?


(Not sponsored…just a massive fan, promise!)

If you’ve tried the Creme of Nature Pure Honey range, what did you think? Share your thoughts and experiences with me!





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