Updated Hair Routine & an HONEST review on the Palmer’s ‘Zero Break’ range!

As we are slowly transitioning out of one season and landing into another, I thought it would be a good idea to update you all with a slightly revised hair routine and include the Palmer’s ‘Zero Break’ line which is what I’ve been using over the last month!


I’ll be honest with you, over the last few months in general I’ve really tried to narrow down the products which I use, but the truth is my hair needs to soak up a lot of product because of the high porosity levels which my hair holds! Without it, my curls severely dry out! As a result of that, I like to ensure that I have a simple routine for my shampoo and conditioner and I tend to stick with one brand for this part of my routine, followed by a number of products to help moisturise, nourish and overall really “secure” a healthy curl pattern throughout my hair!

Starting off with a quick review, it’s no surprise to me that the Palmer’s Zero Break line has had a massively popular impact on the curly hair community, as this range for me has been an absolute God send!

I was immediately drawn to this range because it contains coconut oil, which is an ingredient I tend to look for in the products that I use. In addition to that, this range is specific for weak, fragile or breakage-prone hair and as of recent, my hair has been suffering severely with breakage! This might be a sign for another trim, but I also think it has a lot to do with the recent climate and my curls are now paying for the over-exposure.

TreasureTress introduced the Strengthening Conditioner from this range to me in their July Box, and after a few uses I knew I had to purchase the Shampoo. I’m naturally cautious of ‘Cleansing’ shampoos as previous experiences have proven that cleansing shampoos tend to be a little drying, however with the added ingredients; Sweet Almond, Macadamia, Jojoba and Almond Oil, you’re guaranteed both an unbearably beautiful scent along with hydration from the oils.

The only downside to the Strengthening Oil Conditioner is that I’ve found I need to pump a lot more out of the bottle to be able to detangle my hair sufficiently. That’s not a massive negative, as a lot of Curlies will know, conditioners tend to run out a lot quicker than any other product in our regimes, but needless to say I’ve found that for me to be able to detangle my hair sufficiently and gather the right amount of ‘slip’, I need to squeeze a lot more of this product out!


tempImageForSave (29).JPG

Overall I’d say that these two products from the Palmer’s Zero Break line are very much worth the hype that they’ve caused. I love everything from the packaging, to the ease of squeezing them out of the bottle (might sound a little odd to note that but if a product is hard to actually use, I don’t tend to reach for it again!) and of course the quality of the product makes a wash day even more enjoyable!

The added nourishing oils, topped with the coconut ingredient means that the product smells beautifully natural, but my most favourite element is the sheen that it leaves after I’ve washed my hair. After a final rinse, I usually finger detangle my hair to see what kind of consistency my hair has at this point, and usually if my hair is left feeling really brittle, I know that I need to follow up with a number of heavier products to ensure that my hair doesn’t dry out throughout the day. Using the Palmer’s Shampoo and Conditioner, I’ve found that when I finger detangle before wrapping my hair in a towel, my hair has a really satisfying oily slip, indicating that my hair has managed to retain a lot of the oil from the products which is a bonus!

For my younger audience looking for affordable products, these are both under £7.00 and can be bought from both Boots and Superdrug. Be sure to look out for any promotions that take place, as I often stock up on hair products from Superdrug when they have a third-off promotion deal in store and online!

Now moving onto my hair routine, after I wash my hair with a shampoo and conditioner, and even on the days I prefer to co-wash, I always follow up with a masque because I’ve found that it provides added hydration.


tempImageForSave (30).JPG

My absolute favourite hair masque of all time is the Shea Moisture JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque. Only recently I realised that it contains Apple Cider Vinegar, but it also contains Shea Butter and Peppermint. All of the ingredients I’ve mentioned are a perfect ensemble for a hair masque, and even if you prefer to make your own at home, any or all of the ingredients mentioned will enhance the performance of the masque in your hair-fact!

In terms of price, there are definitely cheaper options on the market, but for sure if you are looking for a quality product which will really enhance the look of your curls on a wash day, this is the one to use.

To all of my transitioning Curlies, this is a masque you need to have in your collection. I swear by it! This is from my favourite line within the Shea Moisture range and so far I’ve found it impossible to find a masque that beats it!

When I’ve finished up with my shower routine, I always follow with a Leave-In conditioner. I find Leave-In’s to be really useful especially as someone who struggles with moisture retention, so a leave-in is usually slightly more thicker and oilier than a hair cream/lotion and as a result it really helps to coil and define your curls easily. Especially for limp/lifeless hair, I’d recommend a Leave-In conditioner because it’s a complete saviour!


tempImageForSave (31).JPG
What better Leave-In Conditioner to use, than the one I was sent by Shea Moisture!! Recently SheaMoistureUK on Instagram celebrated 20,000 followers and celebrated with a giveaway. I was one of their lucky winners so opted for this Leave-In Conditioner, which I’ve been meaning to purchase but just haven’t got around to it! I’ve purchased this product before but I didn’t really use it ‘properly’ and treated it more as a regular conditioner so after thoroughly washing it out I didn’t get the results that you’d normally see from the use of a Leave-In. 

If I haven’t raved about this brand enough, Shea Moisture is my number one hair brand as it contains absolutely no ‘nasty’ elements but also has such a fantastic ethos behind the brand itself! (Look them up!)

I’ll always recommend using an oil in your hair and implementing this into your routine. Oils really help to keep brittleness at bay and generally help to hydrate your curls. I remember my blonde days and when I started to use coconut oil in my hair. It really helped to manage how brittle it became, especially towards the ends, but one thing I’ll always remember was that initial introduction to coconut oil which started off as the foundation for my natural hair journey.

The Coconut Oil that I use is from Tescos, and it’s the ‘Organic Virgin Coconut Oil’. Coconut oil is also really good for your skin and for cooking as an alternative to sunflower, vegetable or olive oil!


I feel like I have to eat my own words a little bit, as last month when I received the ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion in my July TreasureTress Box I mentioned that I was a little sceptical on the product from a previous childhood experience. This is by far the most reached for lotion or cream product I’ve used over the last month, and I can see a dramatic difference in not just the ‘look’ and ‘bounce’ of my curls, but the genuine hydrated ‘feel’ of my curls too.


tempImageForSave (32).JPG

After I use my coconut oil, I follow up by using this lotion and I can say without a doubt that this is probably one of the best lotions on the curly hair market at present. My grandmother even uses this product for her hair, and she has much kinkier hair than I have but has found that it dramatically enhances the sheen in her hair, especially after she dyes her hair.

You always know when a product is good when it’s been available on the market for so long! The fact that I remember this from childhood, and I’m now in my twenties, proves that this product is successful in serving us Curlies by doing exactly what it states it does on the bottle! The bottle itself states that this product is ‘incredibly rich’ and there’s no hesitation when I say that this is a factual statement!

I always ‘seal’ my curls by using the same Souffle I’ve always used, which is from the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus range. The consistency of the Curling Gel Souffle is slightly grainy but I assume that’s from the Flax Seed Oil ingredient. Altogether it’s perfect for defining and moisturising thick and curly hair so I’d say this particular product is universal for us Curlies.


tempImageForSave (33).JPG
You can purchase the Curling Gel Souffle from Boots or Superdrug for around £10-£12. Keep an eye out for any promotional offers, which is what I tend to do, making this product slightly more affordable!

There’s a particular shine that this product gives, which along with the hold of the product stays vividly in your hair all day. I know I can be a little impartial when it comes to Shea Moisture, but the quality of their products can stand against them all. I thoroughly enjoy their products as I know I won’t be disappointed, and as a result my everyday hair routine tends to stay a little unadventurous as I prefer to use products I know my curls are receptive to than use products that are foreign to my hair.

The last product which I use for my daily hair routine is an Edge control. Recently I’ve been reaching for the ORS Olive Oil Edge Control which is infused with Sweet Almond Oil and you can really smell this ingredient within the product which is a bonus. I find that this product has a really sleek finish and is also a great product to tame any fly-away hairs when I do a half up-half down hair style.


You can find this product in any hair supply store in London, or from Superdrug for under £4.00!

A comparable product is the Twisted Sista Nourishing Sleek Edge Gel. Both of these are great Edge Control products which I dabble between, and I’d recommend both!

So far, I’m really impressed with the ORS Olive Oil range. I’ve been a little sceptical with some of their other ranges, which I’ve find to be slightly over-scented and as a result can come across smelling like a chemical, but the Olive Oil range doesn’t have that whatsoever and therefore has been replacing the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream in my hair routine as of recent.

Overall, my current hair routine has really helped to improve the volume and hydration of my curls but most importantly with the use of the Palmer’s Zero Break line I’ve managed to reduce the appearance of split ends! I still do struggle with split ends, but they haven’t drastically maximised over the last month which is both a combination of trimming my hair when I need to and of course using products which help to eliminate them.


I’d also highly recommend the JBCO range from Shea Moisture. I know it’s not the cheapest range out there, but I’m yet to find a better range of products which my curls are really receptive to! I also recommend implementing an oil into your hair routine. One which you feel your hair thoroughly needs and is receptive to. In my case that’s coconut oil. I try to implement as many products into my hair routine which infuse coconut oil in them or I use coconut oil separately if they don’t. Don’t be afraid to try out new products when you feel your curls need it. The biggest error I’ve made throughout my natural hair journey is becoming complacent with products. The ORS Olive Oil Lotion is an example of that; I wasn’t keen to try it due to previous experiences but on a whim I tried the product and my curls soaked it allll the way up!

If you’ve tried any of the above products, let me know which one is your fave! What about the Palmer’s Zero Break range, what are your thoughts on it thus far?!

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