What I learnt in: July ’18!

Welcome back, my lovelies!

July was such a vital month for me in so many ways and as a result, I really did learn a lot! Things that took place in my life, both personally and professionally, have really shaped me and I’m excited to see what the month of August has in store but on a larger scale, I’m really excited to see where I’ll be one year from now reflecting on the month of July and comparing that to 2019!

Before I get straight into it, I’d like to apologise for the delay of this blog post! I know I post these on the last day of each month, however a lot happened in July (which I’ll get into shortly) and therefore my priorities were swayed a little bit…but in me being swayed I’ve come to understand the importance and value of staying planned and organised, even within the most hectic of months!!

First things first, July marked a year since I officially graduated!

I know I’ve done a blog post reflecting on a year since I finished University, but officially I graduated in July! To walk across the stage during my Graduation Ceremony and somewhat a little clueless in comparison to where I am now…let’s just say there’s been a tremendous amount of growth!

The month of July hasn’t just been a month to celebrate my 1st Anniversary since graduating, but also a month to celebrate my promotion at work…finally!!! I feel like a lot of preparation went into my actual promotion presentation but one thing that I learnt to truly overcome was my fear of presenting to an ‘audience’. On a grander scale I realised that it wasn’t down to my fear of presenting but just holding onto a memory I had of being at University and literally freezing and suddenly bursting into laughter during a presentation because I was so nervous…on reflection I probably should have prepared way more than I actually had, so if you’re like me and struggle with presenting, just remember practise makes perfect!

In general though, July went extremely fast for me and not because I was overly busy but just because I was focused. I’ve learnt that to remain focused you really need to distance yourself from outside noise. In whatever form that comes in you need to acknowledge what’s a distraction and what’s not and often those distractions may not necessarily be ‘bad’ but regardless, they have an impact on your focus and therefore you need to draw a line whilst you’re in that head space.

With that said, don’t be afraid to be honest and open; not just with yourself but with those who you need to distance yourself from. I had a conversation with a close friend of mine this month and it really stuck with me. I recognised that I feel a little awkward telling people ‘no’ and often end up compromising. Compromise isn’t a bad thing…but when you’re working to a tight deadline, or just generally doing something to better yourself,  you have to put yourself first and foremost and anything or anyone that side tracks you from that you need to put on the side line whilst you complete whatever task it is that you’re focused on…

Moral of the story, I did exactly that whilst I was focused, and I didn’t lose any friends over it, in fact people were supportive when I ‘needed space’ and were there to celebrate with me once I’d succeeded in gaining my promotion!

Anyways, July was an overall really successful month for me! It reminded me that hard work really does pay off but more importantly never to lose sight of long term goals. Although it’s nice to set short term goals and achieve them within a short space of time, nothing compares to long-term grinding and achieving a long-term sought after goal!

With July being over, I’m excited to see what August has in store! I’m even more excited to be coming into Autumn (it’s still 30 degree weather in the UK but am I the only one excited for Autumn, which is literally around the corner?!)

As always, let me know what you learnt this month… Was July a good month for you, or a development month? Share your thoughts and lessons with me!


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