What I learnt in: June ’18!

Welcome back, Lovelies!

I know that we’re now on the 2nd July, but regardless I’m doing this blog post as I just cannot break tradition! (Although, I’m doing this a tad late so perhaps the tradition has already been broken?!)

This month has been an extremely vital month in so many different ways. I feel like June has taught me the importance of patienceforgiveness and independence. Without being too gloomy, I think this month has truly taught me the importance of forgiving others but also myself.

There is so much beauty in forgiving yourself for something and literally letting go of that situation. I’ve found that by doing this, you feel so much freedom within yourself and surrounding you. I’ve also learnt that forgiving others is a powerful tool, like you decide to free someone else from that same kind of burden…

Anyways, with forgiveness off of my heart now, I’d like to talk about patience too. I’ve noticed that when we reach a particular point, where we can either turn to patience or intolerance, if you choose intolerance you’re basically accepting failure. This month in particular I’ve had to exert patience as a measure to accept and say to myself, “This is only a chapter of the story” rather than “It’s just too hard, I give up!”

I think that this is such an important thing to share, because I’ve come to realise the world of social media and comparison as a whole, has a way of narrowing your vision and making you impatient to the pace of reality and the pace of your reality in particular.

In these kinds of moments, I recommend stepping back and reviewing your circumstances. Think about how far you’ve come in life, look at your achievements and be positive about your abilities. That alone can truly ground you and bring you patience.

Looking back at Independence, this is a thing which I’ve had for an extremely long time. After my life in Kenya, I moved back to Surrey to live with my not-so-strict-Kenyan-grandmother. Although she was very traditional in her ways, she taught me independence from my teenage years to ensure that by the time I went to University and now in the life of “adulting“, I was prepared for the real world and all of it’s hardships and successes.

I’m quite grateful for the independence my Grandmother gave to me. Now that I’m 24 years old I’m a “fully fledged adult” who can proudly raise their hand and say “I’ve made it through all of this and I’ll keep on going.” But in addition to this, my independence has also allowed me to experience some beautiful moments in life, which have now really shaped how I am spiritually, physically, mentally…all of that!

Also, can you believe we’re half way through the year already!? I mean I know by the time you read this blog post it won’t be June anymore…but really?! Six months into the year already?! If you’ve read my blog post in January about what this year’s mantra is, I wrote about “Protecting your energy” so I feel as though the lessons I’ve learnt this month are at least supporting my 2018 mantra, right?!

Anyways, I think it’s obvious to say that the month of June was a month of general reflection…

With that being said, how was the month of June for you? What did you learn? What did you experience?




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