TreasureTress June Box Review!

Hey Curlies!

Welcome back to another TreasureTress Review! This one is a special one, because not only was it curated by a fabulous Curly who on Instagram is known as “HairisSimba” but also because this box is FULL of some really amazing products valuing up to £66! For those who aren’t familiar with the TreasureTress monthly subscription, their monthly boxes total £20 so not only are you getting five full sized products and bonus products, but you’re also getting the value of three monthly boxes in one!

When you first open your TreasureTress box, you’ll be greeted by a card which details not only who curated the box but also on the flip side, a full break down of each product and how they should be used. I love this initial aspect of the TreasureTress subscription because I think its a great introduction to the products, but also simply explains the use of each product.


For those who struggle with purchasing products or even understanding why you need to use particular products, this aspect of the monthly subscription alone, will tackle that struggle.

I’ve been trying out these products daily since my box arrived, to give you a completely honest and authentic review on the products that have been featured. I think it’s safe to say that my hair has really agreed with the richness of the products and I’m excited to continue to use them and incorporate them into my regular hair regime!


In order of use, let’s get straight into the products!

So TreasureTress have introduced a brand I haven’t heard of previously…am I the only one? I feel like I’m one of those people that rarely steps outside of my comfort zone, especially with hair care, so if something works for me I don’t tend to look elsewhere to keep trying new products or brands. With monthly subscription boxes like TreasureTress, it’s like being introduced to a whole new world of products and brands and with the Phyto Specific range that is exactly what it feels like for me!

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The Phyto Specific Deep Repairing Shampoo is one I hadn’t come across before, so upon opening the box I immediately googled it to see what the reviews were like. A lot of the reviews I’d read suggested that this particular product helped to repair natural hair, but also added volume to hair after only a few washes. I’ll be honest, I feel like it’s too soon to give that kind of feedback as from my own experiences it hasn’t really ‘wowed’ me, which is what I naturally expected given the price point.

There’s nothing specific that I can say in terms of why it hasn’t ‘wowed’ me, but in comparison to a lot of other shampoos that I’ve used with a similar deep repairing element, they have developed my curls quite noticeably in a short space of time. I’ll keep trying it though and let you all know how I’ve gotten on with it!

〈 This product retails for around £15.00 〉

Following on from the Phyto Specific Deep Repair Shampoo, I was ecstatic to see that SheaMoisture made an appearance in this months box!

I always say, if you know me then you know SheaMoisture, because it was truly this brand that set it all off for me and got me massively addicted to my current healthy hair regime.

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The SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Hair Masque is indeed extremely weightless, and no-word-of-a-lie…the smell?! I mean you just cannot go wrong with the scent of this product. Try this for yourself so you understand. I will always be singing SheaMoisture’s praises because to me they can never go wrong.

I might be completely bias on this one but I truly don’t mind! This product leaves your hair extremely hydrated and honestly I can say that it does this because prior to using this masque, I was never able to accomplish “three day curls” without having my curls screaming for more moisture and definition. This week though,  I topped an all new level by making it to four day curls. FOUR DAYS!? I mean, to be completely fair it’s probably down to the combination of all the products, however I think a healthy and moisturised base can only compliment the products which follow.

TreasureTress, I think you should perhaps bless us with the full Fruit Fusion range in your next box?! I’m just saying…

〈 This product retails for around £12.00 〉

Another ultimate BABE of a product is the Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream.

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I was really happy to see this product and to be able to get the full sized product of this in general, as it was one which has been on my list-to-purchase for a while now. I received loads of sample sizes of this product when I went to the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show in London last month, so to be able to finally get my hands on the full size bottle was a win for me!

I really love the Cantu brand in general because they are extremely affordable but also respond so well to any hair texture. I have friends with looser curls and more defined curls than mine, and we can all simultaneously agree that this brand is a 10 out of 10 without complaint.

I always wondered what drastic difference there was between the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and the Curl Activator Cream, and besides from the fact they have a similar scent and they have similar properties, I would say that the difference lies in the way in which they perform on your curls. The curl activator has a way of reviving your curls and manages frizz REALLY well, whereas the Coconut Curling Cream adds moisture and nourishment. In my opinion I think that the Coconut Curling Cream is also a little thicker in consistency

For the Curlies who require an enriched protein product, the Cantu Curl Activator Cream is full of protein so this product works great with my hair as I have high porosity curls, but for those who have low porosity curls I’d suggest using this product sparingly or find an alternative which I’ll mention further below!

〈 This product retails for around £7.00 〉

So we’re back with another mousse! It’s safe to say I’ve gotten over my ‘fear’ of using mousses in my hair after the last TreasureTress box which featured the Twisted Sista Mousse from the Clear and Nourish range. To be completely honest with you, I have been pleasantly surprised by how great the Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse is!

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On top of it’s performance, it’s scent is seriously on ANOTHER level of amazing. It honestly smells SO great, but I guess it’s most important factor is that it doesn’t leave your hair tacky and sticky…the one thing I’ve detested about the Mousses I’ve seen and tried is how they can make your hair feel crunchy. I remember trying out a few mousses when I was still at that stage during my natural hair journey where my curls weren’t forming correctly and adding on top of that a mousse which made them look and feel crunchy was a complete disaster for me. I can safely say that this mousse doesn’t do that!

This product is within a travel sized bottle, which makes it easier to take with you if you’re the type of person that likes to take products with you whilst you’re on the go!

If I’m honest, I haven’t used this product as religiously as I’ve used the Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Weightless Masque or the Cantu Curl Activator Cream, but it’s definitely one I will continue to reach for here and there.

 〈 This product retails for around £13.00 〉

Again, another Phyto Specific product and this time it’s the Nourishing Styling Butter and this is again, another product I was REALLY excited about.

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I’ve been trying to make my own Styling Butter because these types of products are perfect for tackling split ends and generally they give your curls that extra boost of life. It contains Shea Butter so naturally has a really lovely scent as well as the right amount of thickness to protect and ‘seal’ your curls.

This type of product is an essential during the summer time, to help protect your curls against the harsh summer rays.

A massive ‘pro’ with regards to this product is that it’s great for curly, coily and kinky hair. It also specifically targets broken, brittle and just generally dry hair so for those who struggle with that, this is definitely the product for you!

My only ‘con’ about this product is it’s size. Although it’s a great product to chuck in your bag if you’re on the go, I think it has the ability to run out quite quickly, dependent on how often you use it.

〈 This product retails for around £19.00 〉

Another Phyto Specific product and one I am genuinely OBSESSED with, is the Baobab Oil. I’ve used it every day since I’ve received this month’s TreasureTress box. It’s referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and its intense richness completely confirms this.

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As mentioned on the TreasureTress information card, it’s best to use this particular product sparingly as it’s not at all cheap. For the Curlies who struggle with maintaining nourishment throughout the day, this Baobab oil will do just that. I’d suggest focusing on your ends with this product to concentrate on maximising it’s health and then work your way upwards towards your scalp.

If you are the type of Curly who prefers an oil based product rather than a cream based product, this would be a really great alternative. As mentioned above, the Curl Activator Cream would work wonders for you if  you need to define your curls, but if you’re looking for a natural oil product which simply nourishes your hair, then use this as an alternative. (But again, remember sparingly-this is not cheap!)

As a bonus, TreasureTress and HairIsSimba have thrown in the KeraCare Natural Textures Leave-in Conditioner in a travel sized bottle. They have also provided a few sachets from the Design Essentials Almond and Avocado range, which I’m going to hold on to for my next holiday!

Products like these are so handy and always so appreciated. As the Curly community will know, these kind of brands aren’t easy to purchase in a travel friendly bottle from high street stores, such as Superdrugs or Boots.

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So with that being said, I’d like to highlight that the above products ALL smell so great. I think it’s nice to incorporate products that give off that “summer vibe” scent, which has definitely been achieved in this month’s box! I think that TreasureTress and HairIsSimba have done an AMAZING job at providing products from brands that aren’t always accessible, as well as providing staple piece products such as the Cantu Curl Activator Cream.

Some of these products are not cheap, so if you are thinking about purchasing them, be realistic about the ones you need for your collection. My recommendation amongst the Phyto Specific range is the Baobab Oil. I know it isn’t at all cheap, so only invest in it if you feel like it’s a necessity and of course use it sparingly to maximise it’s use.

As always, reflecting back on last month’s TreasureTress box, I’d say the product I’ve reached for the most within the last month is the Twisted Sista Hydration Curl Gel. I love that it has the consistency of a gel but also adds shine and is so moisturising, like a cream or oil based product.

If you’d like to find out more about TreasureTress, why not refer back to my previous blog posts where I review their monthly boxes?! You can also check them out on their website, which I’ve linked for you below:

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