Summertime fine curls featuring: TwistedSista!

What better way to start the Summer than by introducing you all to a Brand that I’ve already raved about a trillion and one times?! Doesn’t that suggest that this is a brand you need in your collection???

I was originally introduced to TwistedSista about two years ago. I’ve genuinely never looked back since! The two main things I look for in a good brand is 1. Moisture and 2. Scent!

I have High Porosity hair and as a result, I need products that add moisture and sheen as well as lock in all the goodness! The issue I face, no matter how good a product can be, is that my hair embraces all the moisture and rapidly releases it; causing my hair to become quite dry and frizzy.


What I love about TwistedSista, is that they have created products that embrace moisture as well as holding it in for the remainder of the day. I tested out this theory after a wash and go over the weekend, followed by parading around in the Sun! What I found, is that although areas of my hair naturally dried and lost a little moisture, the overall look of my curls remained hydrated.


To achieve a similar wash and go, I used the following products which I’ve listed in order of use:

tempImageForSave (16)

So the TwistedSista Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo is one of the products I was gifted at the TreasureTress Stand at the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show! One thing that’s most impressive about this product, is the pea-sized amount that you need for it to do the job. I don’t shampoo regularly and I try to co-wash as much as possible because as I’ve already stated, I tend to lose moisture quickly and therefore excessive shampoo naturally strips out all of the goodness from my curls. I’ve used this shampoo now twice and although I’ve had it for a short period of time, it’s definitely one I’ll continue to reach for!

tempImageForSave (17)

If you are sticking to your co-wash routine, you can miss out the shampoo and go straight to this conditioner! This is one of the products I received in my May TreasureTress box and it is a part of the new Clear and Nourish range! What’s most exciting about this product and what makes this stand out amongst the others I tend to use, is it’s AMAZING ingredients which follow up with the most amazing scent! Mangosteen and Seaberry?! Am I the only one who’s going to admit that I’ve googled what Mangosteen is??

tempImageForSave (18)

After I’ve finished up in the shower, I follow up with the above products. Firstly the leave-in has a great texture; I love when you can really feel how thick a product is in your hands! Similarly, the Curl Activator Creme is great and really enhances moisture…like really enhances it! I really love the Curl Activator Creme because it awakens your limp curls; I found that my curls were much more coil-like and overall had a greater defined pattern.

tempImageForSave (19)

Now if you don’t know about this product right here….I’m giving you this one sole blog post to get acquainted and never look back! This is a genuine lifesaver and I can hand-on-heart tell you that this product is one I reach for on an everyday basis! Literally five minutes before I’m out the door for work I spritz this all over and let the ingredients do it’s magic! I HIGHLY recommend this and I genuinely sometimes struggle to think what I’d do if they ever discontinued this…**please don’t!!**

I’d recommend using the curl spray if you find that your hair dries out quickly like mine, and as a result you can see which curls need some extra attention. In that case, I’ll separate the strands which have dried out and spray this over them to revive them a little bit. I noticed that the packaging states ‘New!’ which I was a little confused by as I’ve literally used this product for years. After a closer examination I’ve noticed that the consistency is much smoother and thinner, making it much easier to spray from the bottle. Previously I’ve had to unscrew the bottle and pour out the product into my hand due to the thick consistency of the liquid.


Last and definitely not least, the newest to the collection and the second most reached for product within my TwistedSista range as a whole…the Hydration Curl Gel!

After I’ve been hearing about the concerns linked with Eco Styling Gel, I decided to put this Gel to the test and let me tell you now…A-MA-ZING!!!

As I’ve said above, my issue with hydration is not how much of it I get, but how quickly I lose it! This Gel ‘secures the curl’ and that’s a phrase I use for two products only and this being one of them! (The other is my trusted SheaMoisture Curling Gel Souffle!) With this product, I’d suggest using sparingly to avoid that tacky residue that can often build up with Gel products. Also, if like me you prefer creme products, a big bonus about this Gel which makes it similar to creme products, is how thick and nourishing it is. In addition to that (yes, there’s more!) the scent of this bad boy is not to be mistaken. I can tell when a curly head has used TwistedSista products and if you’re familiar with the scent you’ll know exactly what I mean!


So, overall what makes these products a win for me? Well, they are moisturising and nourishing, the scent is unreal, and a major bonus is that they are affordable! I hate when I’m keen to try out products and I just know that purchasing the full range will burn a whole in my pocket; with TwistedSista you already know they’re here to save your locks and save your coins, too!


Now going back to porosity levels in your hair, do you know what your own is? If not, take the test! This is one which has been curated by SheaMoisture, so you already know I had to share this with you all!

If you are looking for a brand that gives you that “summertime vibe”, then why not try out TwistedSista? Although I have type 3 curls, I’ve also seen their products recommended and raved about by type 4 curlies, so you know when a brand is universally appreciated amongst different curly heads, it must be good!




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  1. YES GIRL YES – you know about TwistedSista!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MoreThanAWomanOnline says:

      TwistedSista is literally the ONE! x


  2. Mia Gardner says:

    Love this! I feel like we have a very similar hair type. I really want to try out some TwistedSista stuff now I’ve seen you blogging about it! M x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MoreThanAWomanOnline says:

      We definitely have a similar hair type! Genuinely recommend the 30 second curl spray and the curl activating creme! x

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