What I learnt in: May ’18

Welcome back to a COMPLETELY new and improved Monthly segment on my Blog!

I decided that it was time to improve my Monthly ‘Highs & Lows’ segment, which if you are familiar with them I post on the last day of each month. I wanted to re-brand it a little bit and rather than make it about the Highs and the Lows, I’ll focus it more on being an open conversation about the lessons I’ve learnt.

There are a number of reason’s I’ve done this; one being that I was inspired by my blog that I posted during Mental Health Awareness Week, in which I identified that during my struggle of depression during University, I realised that I had ‘extreme’ Highs and Lows. At that point in time, me documenting my Highs and Lows was vital for me to track where my mental and physical space was really at, however now it’s time to move away from that chapter and evolve.

The thing I’ve gathered about growth, especially during this Month, is that growth has no form of warning but yet you are completed equipped to handle it. If you think about it, when you are faced with a challenging situation it’s still ‘growth’ but we go into survival mode to ensure that we are ready to handle the change. Similarly, when we experience a positive form of growth, we’ve already had the room to strengthen and prepare ourselves for what’s to come. In simpler terms, we’ve evolved.

I’ll probably throw around the term ‘evolve‘ a lot during this blog post and most likely in many blog posts to come, because I feel like I’m on a journey of self-growth and further understanding in life. Where I’ve been quite destructive in the past especially during the earlier stages of my twenties, I’m now in a much calmer place where growth and stability is literally everything and the only thing I’m seeking.

May has been a really fast paced month; I feel like I blinked and suddenly we’re on the last day of the month! I also think May has been a great month of ‘firsts’ as well. A first for me this month was going to the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show. Honestly, I was a little nervous and completely hesitant the night prior to and also on the day, because unfortunately my friend’s were busy and in the end I travelled there by myself. Being able to go to a show and exhibition of everything I genuinely love and am passionate about really helped to break that original hesitation and thereafter I ended up meeting with a friend but also bumping into another friend I literally haven’t seen in what could be about 18 years?!

If you aren’t familiar with the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show, it’s a fantastic opportunity for Women and Men collectively to showcase their brands and even talents, inclusive of hair, makeup and fashion. At first I’d assumed it was going to be a room filled with hair and make up brands solely, but I was so wrong! There were stalls of flamboyant styled fashion items, jewellery, hair stalls, makeup stalls, fashion shows and panels just to name a few! I was literally walking around just taking in the fact that it was a great moment to mingle amongst other’s with similar interests and I also used the opportunity to speak to brands. The two stalls I was most pleased to visit as well as having the opportunity to talk to, was with one of my ultimate faves, TwistedSista, and a brand that never dissapoints; Cantu. Both were extremely busy stalls and overall really welcoming.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit the TreasureTress V.I.P Lounge, however I’m sure there will be many opportunities to come! I learnt from this experience in general to dive into whatever it is I want and be completely unapologetic about doing so; with or without the company of others.

Something I’ve definitely learnt to improve on from this Month, is my reliability. I’ve found that I’m completely unreliable at times and although it’s probably one of those things people don’t tend to admit, its true. I have a structure to my working week from Monday morning to Friday evening, so for that reason I find that I tend to slack and be a little complacent outside of work. To some extent it allows me to breathe and do whatever it is I want to and whenever  I want to do it, however I’ve noted this month especially that it shouldn’t be at the expense of other’s time or in fact if I feel like I’m going to be complacent with arrangements, I should just find the ability to say ‘No‘ rather than ‘Yes, of course!‘ With that said, I want to start being able to exercise the ability to say ‘No’ without feeling like I’m letting people down or just generally feeling awkward about saying it.

This month I also visited a particular part of Northern England for the first time! I know a little random, but it reminded me how BIG England really is and rather than staying huddled in the South, I should really get out there and explore more! I’m wondering if an impromptu road trip somewhere else in England is on the agenda for June…who knows!

Overall, May has been a busy month and a little chaotic, and a month I’m sure that will be followed by much more chaos! But I guess a little chaos doesn’t hurt, right?

Moving forward, I think I’m going to stick with this particular segment and share my lessons and growth with you all this way, as a means of us evolving together! Why not try this out yourself, document your lessons and experiences, and see what you’ve learnt in your Month of May!


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