TreasureTress May Box Review!

I’m back with another TreasureTress review!

If you’re not familiar with TreasureTress and you’re on a healthy, natural hair journey-it’s time you get acquainted! This month’s TreasureTress box is a takeover box and I was extremely excited to see that it was a Twisted Sista takeover!

The products included in this month’s box are; The Clear and Nourish Pure Treatment Shampoo, the Pure Hydration Conditioner, the Hydration Shape and Style Mousse, the Hydration Curl Gel and finally the Frizz Control Serum.





←  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that these are all full sized products and a part of the new Clear + Nourish range?!






If I haven’t raved about it enough I’m sure you’ll quickly realise that I’m a MAJOR fan of TwistedSista as a brand. They are affordable and extremely amazing quality with ingredients such as Seaberry, Mangosteen and Green Tea. Tell me another brand which incorporates such ingredients into their natural hair products??? Go on….I’ll wait.

With those combined ingredients you already know that the scent of your hair will have people turning heads when you walk past. Better yet, the element of Hydration which is incorporated into the products is absolutely no joke…like literally no joke I kid you not, the hydration level is insane!

If I’m being completely honest with you, I was a little bit hesitant about the Hydration Shape and Style Mousse. Nothing to do with TwistedSista at all, however I’ve always had really bad luck with Mousses and found that they leave my hair feeling a little tacky and crisp in texture. I tried out all of the products in this months box, excluding the Mousse at first and when I found myself to be completely in awe of the Pure Hydration Conditioner and Hydration Curl Gel, I thought I might as well give the Mousse a go prior to putting up this review….




I’m. In. Shock.

Genuine shock…

A Mousse that doesn’t leave your hair feeling tacky or crispy but also defines your curls!?

Girl….I’m shook!




I also just want to focus on the fact that these products promise ‘hydration’ and to be honest I’ve always been a little sceptical about these kind of promises because I’ve tried hydrating products that I feel just weigh on my hair rather than uplift, but for sure there’s no hidden agenda with these products. TwistedSista have got it right again…they are extremely hydrating and produce a beautiful sheen to the hair, especially if you use the Frizz Control Serum, which tames those wild stray strands.





The Hydration Curl Gel was probably my favourite at first glance, and now I’m “umming and arring” over whether the conditioner outweighs the Curl Gel.






Either way, both are fabulous products and I’ve noticed real definition in my curl pattern after using the Hydration Curl Gel. For the best results, it’s recommended to use this product when your hair is wet or damp, so I’d suggest doing your usual hair routine after you wash your hair and follow that with the Hydration Curl Gel to ‘secure’ the products you’ve used.

The hydration of the curl gel, combined with any creams, serums or mousses really help to emphasise the natural curl pattern -every curly girl’s dream right?!

Now a question I’ve been asked before is “How can you tell if a product is good for your hair?” Firstly, what’s right for me may not be right for another curly head. Some of my friends and I share differing opinions on particular products and brands and that has a lot to do with the texture of our hair as well as the porosity level within our hair. You need to really examine your hair. Understand what it looks like at first glance but also on a deeper level. For example, I know I have more coil-like curls at the bottom of my hair, closest to my neck, and as you work your way up my curls are a lot less tight. An obvious answer for this is that naturally you tend to weigh your hair down where it’s more visible, which I’ve done overtime with styling as well as just applying heavier products on the top. I also have ‘dry patches’ which is literally just clumps of hair which need a lot more moisture. This tends to be focused at the back of my head more than anywhere else, but again this can differ. I also started out my natural hair journey, followed by having extensions and weaves, so naturally the front of my hair weakened a little bit and this loosened my curl pattern.

It’s really important, especially for naturalists, to explore your hair and understand it’s tolerances. I know that certain products work for me because I can see the way my curls respond to them. I also know when a product doesn’t work for my curls; I tend to notice that my hair doesn’t ‘react’ to it or that my hair dries out.

Another experimental way of deciding whether a product works for you or not, is to revert back to your hair routine prior to using that particular product…how does your hair react? Do you find that the lack of that new product makes your curls seem more energetic, or is it swaying towards being a little lifeless?

It’s down to you and your preferences!

Reflecting back on last month’s TreasureTress box, I’d have to say my absolute favourite product was the Activilong Leave-In, as it adds the right amount of moisture and leaves my hair feeling a-maaaazing! A very close second would be the Palmer’s Restoring Conditioner, admittedly I’ve almost finished it, which leaves a fantastic scent in my hair as well as really restoring my limp hair giving it the right amount of vitality, especially when I’m on the run like on a working day!

If you haven’t yet tried out the TreasureTress Monthly Subscription box, I’d HIGHLY recommend it. More information can be found on their website below!


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