Highs & Lows: April ’18

Welcome back!

If you’re not up to date with my Highs & Lows series, on the last day of each month I do a post detailing my own personal monthly highs & lows which is something I’ve done for years, literally in the notes app on my phone.

My purpose for sharing this is to be open, but also to demonstrate that it’s okay to experience your ups and your downs; as long as you allow yourself to redirect your lows into something which will overall strengthen and evolve who you are as an individual!

This is a really effective way of staying on top of how your year is going, trends that need to stay and trends you need to cut out of your life!

So let’s get straight into it…


By far, April has been the best month of the year for me!

Firstly, how quick has this month gone?! I feel like I blinked and suddenly we’ve transported from the first day of the month to the last day in a heartbeat!

As mentioned in my previous Highs & Lows blog post, I discussed being more spontaneous…with that said, this month I’ve tried to do as much outside of my comfort zone and just really allow myself to ‘grow and glow’.

My work friends and I also booked a spontaneous city break to Barcelona! More detail on this in the next few blog posts, I’m really excited to share with you some of our experiences whilst travelling!

Finally, we’ve also seen a fair bit of sun in the UK this month, although saying this we’re currently back to the cold breeze and I’m typing this from my flat in my fluffy socks and the heating on full blast!

• LOWS •

I feel like, due to the speed of the month and probably my commitment to other areas in my life, I haven’t been as consistent as I said I would be with my writing; that includes both my novel and my blog. Moving forward, I’m going to ensure that this is an area of my life which I continuously feed into to allow it to flourish in the way that I plan it to!

Other than that, and as I’ve already stated above, I feel like this month has been the best month of the year thus far for me, and by far the happiest I’ve been this year also!

Why not give this a go? See what your monthly Highs & Lows are and document them in whatever way you wish to!

Allow your highs to strengthen you and your lows to redirect you!

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