Highs & Lows: March ’18

Welcome back to my monthly Highs & Lows blog series!

Firstly I wanted to point out that this so far, although only a couple of months in, has been quite successful in the responses I’m receiving about this! I would still be keen to see and hear feedback from anyone who is documenting their monthly Highs & Lows with me and if there have been any changes or developments, or even any particular monthly patterns which have stayed the same?

This month for me has definitely been a month of foundation and discipline with a little ounce of spontaneity as well?!

• LOWS •

I feel as though this month all my ‘lows’ came in the form of redirection and very quickly became some good highs for me this month…

With that said, I’ve found this month that I’ve struggled a little bit with insecurity. Insecurity in the sense that I’ve felt very uncertain about particular aspects of my life in general. Although I point this out as a ‘low’ I also share this, because I want people to know that insecurities are within the best of us and we can redirect insecurities and change them into our strengths. As already mentioned, I’ve found that this month as a whole has been about foundation and discipline which was developed from the insecurity that I was faced with this month.

Following on from this, I say from experience, that if you face personal challenges and anything that pushes you uncomfortably, the intention is for them to strengthen you. Don’t be afraid of development!


This month, I’ve been developing on my novel and focusing a lot more on myself and who I am as a person. It’s good to ‘check-in’ with yourself every once and a while and learn to love who you are-It humbles you!

Touching on spontaneity-I booked a quick city break holiday with some of my work friends! I’m excited about this, as I think I’ll have a lot more content to put out at the end of April following on from my holiday abroad, but also I love to travel in general so I’m excited for the opportunity to get away and travel somewhere I’ve never been before!

Why not give this a try? You can literally write these down in the notes section of your phone, in a diary-whatever works for you! I enjoy receiving your feedback on this, so please feel free to drop me a comment!


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