Healthy habits that keep me motivated and will keep you motivated too!

As of recent I feel like I’ve been on a motivational high, whether that be for my own motivation or talking to others about how they can get and keep motivated on a daily basis.

What generally keeps me motivated may not necessarily work for someone else, so I’ve collated a list of 7 healthy habits to get you motivated and keep you motivated too, which should be useful for everyone.

•Finding your WHY

Why do you want what you want in life? Why do you do what you do in life?

This is one which you may have already heard of so to stress the importance of it, I’m going to write about this again.

This is a crucial factor in helping you find motivation and remain motivated. No matter what it is you do in life, or what you want to do, if you focus on your why it doesn’t matter what other factors change in your life-the why will always bring you back to your focus!

To share an example of my own; WHY do I have a blog or WHY am I writing a novel?

I want to help people, so I incorporate important topics into my blog from time to time, and with my novel I want to share aspects of my own story, incorporating it into fiction, to help others too.

• Thoughts become Things, so improve your Thoughts! •

Focusing on your why is made so much easier when you have healthy thoughts to back it up.

Improving your thoughts will change your outlook and dims the noise of your limitations such as ‘What if?’ or ‘I can’t’ but rather, ‘I can!’ and ‘I will!’

Something I do every morning is set time aside to speak into existence some daily affirmations, just a solid and quick reminder that on that day I can achieve everything that I want to achieve. Something I’ve touched on before, is starting your day on a high note like listening to an uplifting motivational video on YouTube (as an example) rather than listening to music, or checking your social media platforms. Removing yourself from outside influence and focusing on enhancing your thoughts for the day, has a way of adjusting your focus and remaining positive throughout the day.

• More ‘me’ time •

When I say more ‘me’ time, I literally mean being as selfish as possible and focusing on what exactly it is that you want to do. A huge factor in being demotivated, is by placing way too much focus on others to constantly support them. Although this is a great thing to do, it’s important to remind yourself that you come first! Without this fundamental focus, you’ll never reach your own goals, nor will you truly be able to help others.

Another way of looking at this, is that the more time you set aside for yourself, the more valuable that time is and therefore your less likely to waste it.

(Wasted time + lack of value = No motivation)

The reason I’m personally able to be so motivated, is because I value the time I set aside for myself in the morning by not being distracted and not allowing myself to break away from my morning routine. I also value the time I put aside daily or weekly to write my novel or create a new blog post and by ensuring that I’m focused on these important things in my life, I keep my phone on silent and tune out from any outside distraction.

• Enhance your surroundings and those within it •

On the topic of surroundings and distractions (or lack of!) having an environment which keeps you highly motivated and moving forward is extremely vital to your head space,  which overall will impact your thoughts and most importantly keeps you focused on your ‘why’.

It’s important to always ensure that the space around you is protected, therefore who you share your space with is vital. A lack of motivation can often be caused by surrounding yourself with people who don’t have the same push as you and therefore that comfortable mindset others have, will have a way of distracting you or putting your force forward on hold.

Try surrounding yourself more with people who support your vision. They don’t necessarily have to see your vision but knowing they support it is the right kind of energy that you need. Always remember what’s meant for you, is only be meant for you. Protect that and don’t always feel like you have to share that vision with others.

• Set yourself some goals! •

This is one of those habits that will never get old, no matter what your focus is and I feel like this is a self-explanatory habit overall.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals are paramount to you finding and keeping motivated.

Set your eyes on the prize and work towards your goals in every aspect of your life. You’ll find that your goals will help push you to reinforce ‘why’ you set those particular goals in the first place.

If you struggle to set or to keep to your goals, set yourself smaller targets and work your way up from there. A goal doesn’t necessarily have to be that you’ve gained something physically, but more so that you have remained focus on the end prize and that is completely enough! Don’t downplay your success in whatever form that may be by comparing yourself with others.

Focus on yourself; maybe that in itself can be your daily, weekly or monthly goal?

As always, I’d like to end with a quote:

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward. ” -Martin Luther King Jr.

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