Highs & Lows: February ’18

Welcome back!

I’m back with another blog from my series, ‘Highs & Lows’, which if you haven’t caught the last one, I do every single month.

The purpose of these particular monthly blog posts is to share my own Highs and Lows, reflect on the month previous and see if I have any areas of development and improvement and as a personal goal, ensure that I make them happen!

As stated in my last ‘Highs & Lows’ post, I shared that this is something I’ve done for a very long time just in the notes section of my phone. This is simple, easy and a creative method of keeping on top of things in your life; both positive and negative.

So, I’ll start with the negatives and then end with a high note…


I found that this month in particular, I struggled with change. I’m really not one who likes change and I struggle to adapt quickly to change. I found that I allowed myself to sink into a negative mindset rather than ‘pick myself up’, adapt and keep it moving…my previous blog post ‘Three things that will make you a happier person‘, was inspired by this particular ‘low’ and through that I’m learning change isn’t a bad thing at all! Change is effectively growth…

A ‘low’ that I have no control over whatsoever is the weather!!! English weather this month in particular has been extremely bad and currently, facing -2ºc weather, I’m missing the Kenyan coastal breeze. In addition to this, my hair has suffered tremendously through this weather due to a complete lack of moisture and as vain as this may come across it’s genuinely bugging me!!



This month I set myself a deadline for a particular word count for my novel. I honestly feel like this month was different in terms of my perseverance to achieve my word count deadline and I’m actually loving the quality of the content that I’m putting into my novel overall. This is something that I’m usually quite sceptical about sharing, because I’ve felt as though actually ‘speaking it into existence’ means I now have more pressure to get it done within a strict deadline, so I keep reminding myself ‘Quality over Quantity!‘ Overall I’m genuinely happy and proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in between a full-time job and blog!

Another thing which is most definitely a high for me, is that I’ve found myself a functional, healthy routine. Prior to this I had a routine as well, but I’ve always dipped in and out of trying new routines and I’m the kind of person that needs a consistent everyday routine as I’m quite an organised person, but now I’ve managed to incorporate a daily and weekly routine which has helped boost my happiness and has actually stuck with me!! I touch on this in my previous blog post so please refer to this if you’re looking to incorporate a simplistic routine into your life to help develop your overall happiness!

Why not try this yourself? See if it’s effective for you and if so, keep going with it every single month! I enjoy receiving comments from people, sharing their highs & lows so please feel free to comment and let me know how your February was!

As always, I’ll end with a quote…

“Today is a new day. Don’t let the lows of yesterday prevent you from living the highs of today!”

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  1. I like the idea of keeping track like this! Awesome post!

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