Three things that WILL make you a happier person.

If you are someone who struggles with your ‘everyday happiness’ or are simply looking for new techniques to enhance your happiness…then keep reading.

As a very short and simple ‘disclaimer’, I’ll never recommend anything I haven’t tried myself, nor am I a qualified psychologist, but I’ve found that these easy, everyday things have a way of simply enhancing your mood and making you a happier person overall.


After your alarm goes off, do you press the snooze button?

I know that this might sound like a trick question…especially on a Monday morning when you’ve just enjoyed the late starts to your mornings over the weekend, but it’s been proven that however you start your morning not only effects the pace of your day but also your mood. I tend to set my alarm a little earlier on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. This prevents me from oversleeping or pressing the snooze button but also it allows me to use the extra ten minutes I’ve acquired to listen to something motivating through Youtube or on Podcasts whilst I’m rolling out of bed.

Although it’s more tempting to check social media platforms or check who texted you from the night before, this could potentially have a negative knock-on effect if you view something which dampens your mood.

As a tip, I’d suggest making your bed every morning too. This is something that was drilled into me from going to boarding school when I was a teenager and although it was something I was reluctant to do, now I see the benefits of it:

  1. Your room instantly looks tidier and therefore you feel a little more organised.
  2. Your bed looks less ‘inviting’ preventing you from thinking twice about going back to sleep and having a late start to your day.


Most recently I’ve been taking the train to work (car troubles!!) so I’ve found that the morning stroll to work, although extremely cold, has given me the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, enjoy the view but also gives me a moment to think about things in a calm setting before being office-bound where my thoughts are only focused on one thing; work.

If you aren’t able to walk daily, set time aside to go for a walk and get some fresh air when you have a day off of work, college or university etc…Give yourself some time to take yourself out of your everyday environment and see the benefits it has with making you a happier person.


One thing I’ll never stop raving about is organisation and being able to set yourself clear, achievable goals. Think about all the times you’ve achieved something and how good you feel afterwards. You don’t need to set yourself over-zealous goals. Be realistic. Give yourself an easy tick-list and literally tick them off as you go. Every evening look back at the things you’ve achieved and if there is anything left on the list, simply add it onto tomorrow’s to-do list. You can write these down, or put them in your phone as a check list in your notes section or in your reminders, which is what I do.  Every morning I set myself new goals/targets and every evening I evaluate them. It makes a huge difference with your organisation and ‘declutters’ your priorities…

Try the above and see for yourself! Also, I love to hear suggestions so please feel free to share any which you’ve tried for yourself that I haven’t mentioned!

As always, I’ll end with a quote…

“The happiest people do not have the best of everything. They make the best of everything they have.”

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  1. Lithemba Njobe says:

    OK I’m trying this this coming week ☺


    1. MoreThanAWomanOnline says:

      Try it and let me know how it goes!

      Liked by 1 person

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