Care you for Curls: Update!

Welcome back, everyone!

I’ve been meaning to do an update on my hair progression, especially because of the extreme change in climate over the Christmas and New Years period and how this affected my hair in both good and bad ways.

When I arrived in Kenya over December, my hair had become familiar with the cold climate from England so much so,  that on my first few days in Kenya it was extremely dry and therefore the ends of my hair suffered tremendously and had become quite brittle. I think due to the difference in temperature as well as Kenya being much higher in altitude, this really confused my locks-if that’s even possible?!

During my time away, I had used way less heat (as in a blow dryer which I normally use to speed up the drying process after I wash my hair) and allowed my hair to actually BREATHE!

The result of this, was that I also used less hair products and I wanted to test this and see if on my return to the UK, where we’ve been experiencing temparature at 4*C and below, could my hair withstand the use of less hair products as well, whilst maintaining the same bounce to my curls?


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Before I reveal the only THREE products I used in my hair, I must say that the results of my experiment varied and potentially were altered by a few key things, such as:

On work days, I had less time to ‘prep’ my hair and therefore I would have to compensate by using more of one product than the other to ensure my hair didn’t frizz up during the day. This meant that on some days, my hair was oilier than others and rather than being lengthy my hair had more shrinkage.

I washed my hair less regularly, to allow my hair to use natural oils rather than continuously stripping them out by over-washing and then building up again with over-use of products. Washing my hair less meant I experimented more by having my hair in a tight pony tail which allowed the ends of my hair to breathe, but not so much the front of my hair.

And finally, as I’d become use to not using heat in my hair whilst away in Kenya, I stuck to this, only very rarely using heat from my hair dryer and when I did use my hair dryer, I would only use the cool setting. This was great for my hair overall; it honestly made my hair softer, it feels fuller and overall I can literally see a drastic difference.

Now for the big reveal….

The ONLY products I used in my hair (after washing) were:

•Coconut oil (staple product…cannot go a day without this!)•

•Jamaican Black Castor Oil (fabulous for hair growth)•

•SheaMoisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Gel Soufflé•

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In terms of how I used the above products, I run a fair amount of coconut oil throughout my hair and to ensure it all gets an equal amount, I part my hair after it’s been washed and run my hands with the product(s) through my hair on both sides, ensuring I’ve used an equal amount on either side. You can literally buy coconut oil from anywhere and its not at all an expensive product, which will last you a very long time!

After applying coconut oil, I use my Jamaican Black Castor Oil around the edges of my hair, along my middle parting and at the ends of my hair. Black Castor Oil is great at stimulating hair growth and provides a great sheen to your hair. I purchase this from any Afro-Caribbean hair shop.

When I’m getting ready for work, I usually do this process prior to doing my makeup, allowing my hair to naturally dry. Once I’ve finished getting ready, if there are any areas which need to be dried quickly (usually when I’m about to rush out of my flat) I use my hairdryer on the ‘Cool’ setting and only apply to areas which need to be dried.

(Emphasis on ‘need’ and not just going crazy with the blow dryer all over my curls for the sake of volume-naturally your hair will ‘amp up’ when it’s fully dry.)

Finally, the ONLY product I use when my hair is dry is the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Soufflé. Again, I use an even amount throughout my hair, focusing on the areas which have the most volume or require the curls to be a little more defined. This stops your curls from going frizzy and another great thing about it is that it doesn’t make your hair crispy like other gels or soufflés can do! I usually purchase this from an Afro-Carribean hair shop, or any Superdrugs or Boots store. Dependent on the amount you use or the length of your hair, this should last you for some time.

Overall, I’d say that my hair has become softer, more voluminous and overall my hair care routine no longer takes as long as it has done previously, which is fabulous for the mornings I’m going to work! Although the products that I have used previously are great products, you don’t need all of them together on a day-to-day basis. It will just cause unnecessary build up of oils in your hair and stops your hair from breathing and growing!

Why not give this a try? See for yourselves and watch as your hair flourishes! I’d love to know what results you get, or what tips and tricks you can pass back to me!






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  1. Wow, you have beautiful hair! Love this post 🙂


    1. MoreThanAWomanOnline says:

      Thank you so much!


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