Highs & Lows: January ’18

Welcome back, everyone!

I wanted to start a new ‘segment’ on my blog and that is the ‘Highs and Lows’ of each month. This is something which I’ve done since 2015 in my notes on my phone but I thought this would be a better insight into the kind of person I am on a monthly basis but also, this is definitely something I’d recommend to every single one of you to introduce to your own lives.

The reason I personally do this, is so that each month I can reflect on the last and look at areas I’ve done well in or perhaps areas I need to develop. You have to be honest with yourself and don’t ‘cheat’. You need to be real and look at repetitive patterns which are perhaps negative and need to be removed from your life, to create a more healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Likewise, look at areas that you are doing well in or positive things you experience each month and perhaps find ways of continuing these things into the next month…

With that said, at the end of each month I’m going to share with you my Highs and my Lows. Some months I may have more than the other and I’m not scared to share this!


I MADE IT TO 2018!

I started the New Year in the Motherland!

I decided to really put myself first in a lot of negative situations that occurred this month. It’s still a learning curve, but I decided to choose ME for once.


I think I had the January blues 😦

Although I really enjoyed my time in the Motherland, I had extreme anxiety when I was in Kenya!! I was quite anxious to return to get back to work, to the blog and to just a regular routine…and I think overall a lack of routine topped with anxiety really impacted me quite negatively.

Following this, I’ve experienced a few losses this January- to some extent financially, but more so with relationships that were already strained and had been impacting my life negatively for some time. Although it’s a positive to let them go, it was a negative that had impacted the start (and even the end) of this month…One day, when I’m more comfortable with discussing this, I will elaborate in a future blog post.

The reason this particular segment is important to me, is because although I like to portray a lot of positivity in hope that it can uplift someone else, I have to be real and tell MY truth and in doing that it’s important for me to be as authentic as possible throughout this blog.

Try this out yourself! Open up a note in your phone, write it in your journal…whatever suits! Title it ‘Highs and Lows of 2018’ and each month write a few short bullet points of what your highs and lows are…keep it going each month and reflect on it, develop and evolve!

As always, I’d like to end with a quote…

“Render yourself free-To choose, to be, to live, to see!”


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