2018 Mantra: Protect your Energy.

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope that 2018 brings you further happiness, success and prosperity and eliminates any negativity from your life that may have been present in 2017.

With the above said….apologies for the lack of blog posts over the last few weeks. I’ve travelled back to the motherland and although I will and always want to remain dedicated and consistent, I have also been busy and distracted by life on a day to day basis, including enjoying the 30 degree weather at the Coast and also a very limited amount of WiFi!

Now I’m back in Nairobi, I intend to share a number of interesting posts about my time in the motherland from a cultural and travel perspective, but also to discuss some things which I feel are important to ‘speak into existence’ for the New Year.

This post will be quite a ‘talky’ one, so if you are a reader who prefers my more brief posts then I hope you look forward to the coming posts…

If however, you are ‘here for it!’ then I hope you enjoy and I hope that my following words influence you with a positive impact.

When I originally started this blog, I said I wanted to help any ‘Younger Ally’s’ out there in the World. I wanted to speak to a younger generation who needed to see my posts and feel that they weren’t and still aren’t alone. In 2018 I will dedicate more of my time throughout this blog and externally to help more of the younger generation.

I must though, take responsibility and say that I have not done that successfully or consistently throughout my blog and as I touch on topics such as ‘Curly Hair Routines’ and the like; they may impact those who enjoy that kind of thing but not the original audience I wanted to capture and maintain so therefore I am planning to take a more balanced approach to what I’m posting.

Every New Year, I give myself a new ‘Mantra’ to live by-a mantra is specifically a repetitive saying or slogan and the reason I set myself a new Mantra each year is to remind myself of my one yearly goal that I would like to look back on, on the final day of each year and evaluate if I’ve successfully stuck to this mantra through tangible successes.

An example of this is my 2017 Mantra which was ‘Keep striving forward’, influenced by my lack of motivation the year before however in 2017 I successfully achieved this through my graduation and a few other ventures and although this will be a continued mantra of 2018 it’s important to introduce yourself to new areas of improvement to be able to achieve further growth in your life.

In 2018, my Mantra will be to ‘Protect my Energy’ and the reason I’ve chosen this one is because of a few occurrences in 2017 and in the first few days of 2018 which made me realise that a Mantra doesn’t need to be assessed by physical successes but also mental and emotional successes.

As a young teenager or young adult, it’s extremely important to protect your energy for the sake of mental health or mental ‘wealth’ as I like to refer to it. As mental health becomes an increasingly recognised world wide issue, it is important to ensure that all energy around you is positive as well as your own internal energy being positively preserved.

The reason I address this to a younger audience, is because I’m aware of the social challenges which naturally make it harder to avoid certain circumstances where you may be required to be in an unhealthy environment; such as in school or college social groups. Perhaps you are still living at home and/or are dealing with unhealthy family relationships as well which is something I’ve personally dealt with and therefore completely understand the implications of this on your mental and emotional stability.

Moving forward, find a healthy outlet and something which you can divulge into and remove yourself from outside influences. I must stress though, the importance of finding healthy influences whether that be in friendships, music, poetry or just a personal diary for yourself as an outlet. Find a means to remove anything around you to restore peace in your life and to maintain a healthy balance for your mental and emotional stability.

Protecting your energy is vital. No matter your age group, or your circumstances. I always try to remind myself that I’ll never allow anyone to bring me out of my skin. In other words, I try to ensure that I cannot be tainted by any other influences but my own and those that positively impact me. Find yourself an annual mantra, adapt your behaviour and your environment to suit this and always remember that you will forever be in control of your own emotions unless you allow someone to change that.

Myself more than anyone can account that it’s much easier said than done, however I ensure that I take time out of my day to break up any ‘outside noise’ through reading, blogging and listening to motivational videos on YouTube which is so easy to adapt into your daily routine if you make the time for it.

Always remember that the biggest investment in your life is yourself.

As always, I’ll end with a quote…

•The energy of the mind is the essence of life-Aristotle•

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