What I learnt at 23!

So today, the 14th December 2017, I turn 24!!

This is a MASSIVE year for me because of the lessons I learnt at 23…but more importantly because this is a chapter that really shaped what the next chapter will look like.

This year, I started this blog. I did exactly what I told myself in previous years I was too scared to do and that alone is a huge accomplishment for myself! I’ve found that I’ve always been my biggest enemy, especially when it comes to chasing my dreams because I always feared the outside opinion or perspective.

I hope what I learnt at 23 can help someone to channel your inner beast and motivates you to be the best version of yourself! Believe me, it’s not easy…but rewarding? ABSOLUTELY!


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At 23 I learnt that it’s okay to let go. Sometimes, letting go doesn’t always mean that something terrible has had to happen. It can simply be that you’ve discovered the journey you are about to embark on doesn’t require any dead weight. I know that has a slight negative connotation attached to it, but sometimes you have to leave people and circumstances behind and that’s OK!

To allow yourself to move on and be the BEST version of yourself means you have to remove anything and anyone that will no longer direct you or push you toward the path you are meant to travel on…likewise, perhaps you cannot help that person travel in the direction they need to go toward, or help a particular circumstance flourish. It’s okay to be selfish…I’ll say that again, IT IS OKAY TO BE SELFISH!!!! The best thing I could have learnt this year!

I like to call this phase, being ‘unapologetically‘ who you were destined to be!


•Do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you were scared to do last year•


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Anybody that knows me from 23 and under will know that one of my biggest dreams was to start a blog and talk about things I genuinely had an interest in and see if it had the potential of impacting someone else’s life..

This year I decided to embark on that journey and create my blog and commit to being authentic and not to worry about what every other blogger was doing. I’ll be honest, sometimes that’s a hard task. You feel like to be ‘relevant’ you have to be in the same lane as other people who are successful. I really learnt and had to viciously teach myself, that no matter what I wanted, I was going to achieve it by being the most honest and authentic version of myself!

Something I was too scared of achieving last year was my degree! I prepared myself for failure, I started looking into full-time jobs in replacement of my degree…now I have a Bachelors Degree in English Literature and I dedicate ALL of that success to the grind, the faith and the resilience I ended up creating over time! It’s important, that no matter where you are in life and no matter what you are facing-continuously fight for what you deserve and do not stop until you achieve it!


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This is literally my life mantra.

Every single move I’ve made at the age of 23 I made with the mentality and question in mind of ‘What would future Ally be proud of?’

This can be in relation to anything. Buying one pair of shoes rather than two…just because that extra cash could go towards savings. Setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier just to ensure you make it to work on time. Going out with friends and setting yourself a budget for the evening just because you know that you have plans the following weekend as well…all of the above are just examples-but you get my drift!

Similarly, I use this ‘mantra’ to help prepare me for some of my biggest goals and targets in life. It helps to steer me away from things I was scared of or perhaps fearful that I’d fail at. My two prime examples for that were my two biggest achievements this year which was my graduation and the creation of this blog.

No matter how menial or how grand your situation might be, by applying the question ‘What would your future self be proud of?’ you might find that you are consciously making an effort to redirect your life to a much more fulfilling future.

Furthermore, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has so far stuck with me on this journey…for the comments, the likes, the follows and even just the weekly reminders to post on my blog. I appreciate and I value every single person who has helped push me and even inspired any of the blog posts that I’ve created. I hope that a year from now I can look back at the success and consistency of my blog thus far and be even more proud of what I’ve accomplished and I hope that I can continue to inspire you all as well!

As always, I’ll finish with a quote that inspired me throughout the last year….

“Do the  best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”



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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments


  2. Rich says:

    Iove your posts and that photographer is actually unreal I need it 👌🏾😎💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🙌🏾


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