5 ways: Travelling can make you a more successful person!

Welcome back, people!

Apologies for the radio silence on my end….I’ve had a few hectic weeks which is bound to be followed by even more hectic weeks as we approach the festive season, however I’m committed and dedicated to ensuring I have a post up every Sunday of this month!

I wanted to start this month with how I intend to finish it and that is with a blog post surrounding travel, specifically travelling to my home country; Kenya! I’ll be in Kenya from the end of this month for a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping to have boundless inspiration and motivation for all the blog posts and content I’ll be able to create whilst out there.

On that note, I wanted to discuss the beauty of travel and how it can make you a more successful person. I don’t travel enough myself however, from my experiences of living outside of the UK and the many previous travel experiences I’ve had, I’ve learnt a great deal from it.

In the following points, I’ll explain how travel can make you a more successful person; I hope you enjoy!


Processed with VSCO with m3 presetSometimes in really unfamiliar territories or areas, you’ll find that you need to find a way to manage uncertainties and be able to relax and create your own comfort outside of your natural ‘comfort zone’. Sometimes it can be the smallest things, such as time differences, that tend to force people outside of their comfort zone and make them feel a little uneasy.

It could be that being exposed to a completely new culture is something which throws you off a little, but you’ll find that with time and with exploration this shift in environment starts to become more natural.

If you find that you want to go travelling for a gap year with other travellers or even be a sole traveller, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, it could be the lack of someone you’re use to being around which makes you feel a little thrown outside of your comfort zone. But how does this make you a more successful person? Although during the moments of uneasiness you might not even think about how travelling and ‘comfort zones’ can help maximise your success, think about it from a professional point of view where your thrown into uncomfortable situations and you have to prepare for a meeting, or perhaps a presentation at University-these are all common practises which you’ll have to find a little comfort outside of your comfort zone.

Being able to manage this and practise ways to find that comfort by easing yourself into unknown situations, will maximise your chances of thriving within that environment.



Following on from my previous point, being open to diversity is a great example of how travel can help to maximise your understanding of diversity. Being more culturally aware and open are things that thrive in everyday topics these days. I personally enjoy the kinds of thought-provoking conversations where I can learn from someone else’s culture as much as they can learn from mine.

I’ve also found, that people who are less inclined to travel to countries or areas that are less diverse to their normal environment, tend to be a lot more closed off to diversification. This can cause people to become generally more ignorant and less inclined to want to know about other cultures.

My own racial background is quite diverse, however I’ve learnt as well from others in boarding school, whilst in Kenya, that Diversity is more grand than ‘black and white’. At work, at University and even amongst your friendships, see how you can impact a conversation and learn something from someone else.

When I travelled back to Kenya last year (after 8 years!!) I was able to meet a lot of my childhood friends who had taken a variety of different paths; some who had gone to different areas of Europe, Africa or America, and then had so much to share! These kind of attributes will allow you to become more involved in the important discussions and topics of the World that we live in today.



Anyone who truly knows me, knows I’ve got my organisation down to a T!

Time management is crucial for travel, whether it be the time management which is required to ensure you don’t have that last minute rush to your terminal because you got caught up looking at make-up or the like in Duty Free, or if it’s that you are travelling for a set amount of time and want to organise your time so as to ensure you have every day  planned effectively for a new excursion!

Whilst I was in Kenya last year, I was lucky that I was travelling with family and family friends, who made sure that everyone was singing off of the same hymn sheet when it came to timing. I spent some of my time in Nairobi, Mombasa and also a short break to Taita.

If you are familiar with Kenya and have not yet been to Taita, I’ll attach some images for you to see how BEAUTIFUL the wild life is there! We were able to go on safaris to witness wild life in their natural habitat, but also were able to ensure through our keen time management that we were able to do these kinds of activities regularly to make sure we didn’t miss out!

Again, time management can definitely make you a more successful person. Whether time management is necessary for work, College/University or just your everyday life; time management is definitely something I learnt from my time travelling and something which has stuck with me quite profusely to this day!


One of the things I learnt whilst living in Kenya, and I think it’s fair to say anyone who’s lived in Kenya of any generation can say they have also learnt, is being able to negotiate to get what you want!

In Kenya we call it ‘bartering’ but I guess the most common word for that, especially in the UK, is hustling.

Being able to ‘hustle’ to get what you want will give you great satisfaction especially when you’ve secured yourself a good deal! ‘Bartering’ can take place pretty much anywhere, more commonly in markets, however this is such an important and transferable tool to remain street wise. Although not necessary for everyday life, always having a little hustle in you can help boost your success in other areas of your life outside of the everyday norm.



My final and most of all favourite point, is that travel definitely makes you a lot happier. Being happy is necessary for everyday success no matter how you define your own personal success.

Being able to travel somewhere that keeps your mind and soul happy and healthy is bound to keep your momentum up! Personally for myself, to be able to end the year and start the New Year in the motherland for me is such an exciting and great thing. Kenya has always found a way to keep me humble and appreciative for the life that I have. Kenya allows me to connect with people I wouldn’t be able to see on an everyday basis and helps to inspire great, meaningful conversations outside of my normal environment.

Whenever I talk about Kenya, it just gives me a warm and happy feeling-one that I cannot describe to it’s full intent!! I think that everybody deserves to find that sort of feeling and enjoyment, no matter if it’s in a singular place or multiple different places. Being able to explore a new environment can help create not only happiness, but relaxation as well and this can really help you to unwind and re-charge to be the best and most successful version of yourself!

As always, I’d like to end with a quote:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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  1. wow amazing MoreThanAWomanOnline these are some gorgeous pictures of your trip to Kenya! consider Providenciales, Turks and Caicos on your bucket list sometime in the future if you’re a beach person, I think you’d love it here.. Happy Travel

    Kind Regards
    Selassie Smith


    1. MoreThanAWomanOnline says:

      Thank you! I would LOVE to visit Turks and Caicos…Definitely on my bucket list for the future!


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