6 ways: To create your own happiness!

Recently I’ve been feeling inspired to write and talk about happiness.

A lot of times we can find ourselves bound by someone else’s energy; both positive and negative and I wanted to come up with a realistic ‘check-list’ to stay in line with my own happiness and I wanted to share this with you.

Social media, relationships and your every day circumstances have a way to really impact you in ways that aren’t always noticeable to others but they can weigh heavily on you. One of my own flaws is that I’m extremely impatient and often try and look for instant gratification in accomplishments that may need to take some time before I begin to see further development.

This is true to my own personal career and future aspirations and rather than accepting that ‘good things come to those who wait’ I often find myself agitating over the fact I haven’t yet achieved some of my goals, whether short term or long term.

I’ve found from talking with some of my nearest and dearest that this is a thing which is relative to them as well. Yesterday, my friend inspired me when she said she noticed that the things she had been praying on were now coming to fruition. It made me think about all the times that I’ve impatiently wished or prayed on something and expected instant results and it made me quite dissatisfied and unhappy with myself when I couldn’t see what I wanted right in front of me.

The below list hasn’t yet helped with my patience, but it’s definitely helped to keep me in line with what will create and maintain my happiness, as well as ensure my future goals and aspirations are achievable.

#1: Plan and organise!

 Honestly, planning and organising come hand in hand. This works well for me, because it allows me to first start off planning what I want and how I want it and then organising a realistic time scale as to how I’ll achieve it. This is relative to my weekly plans, my short and long term goals and just allows me to create an organised environment, even in my flat, so I feel as though things are a little less cluttered around me physically as well. If I organise myself well and have set myself clear objectives, no matter how large or small, I feel happier within. I’ve found that planning also allows me to see clearly into the future and into the ‘bigger picture‘, which allows me to organise as well as acknowledge my own areas of further growth and areas of success.


Now you’ve planned, it’s time to de-clutter and remove anything and everything which will stop you from reaching ultimate happiness and success.

Sometimes to remove things around you which you are use to can be a hard process. De-cluttering can come in the form of physical mess around you, but also the mess which comes in the form of unhealthy friendships, relationships or any ties to anything which really impacts your happiness and your health mentally and emotionally overall. I found from my own experience, that de-cluttering and removing myself from unhealthy environments and severing unhealthy relationships really impacted me in the most positive way possible and whole-heartedly because of this, I’m truly the happiest I’ve ever been! Removing anything that weighs you down whether physically, mentally, emotionally or the like, will really allow you to feel a physical weight being lifted from you and really gives you room for growth but also helps to channel your own tunnel-vision towards anything which was being blocked by the clutter around you before!

#3: Find a healthy hobby/habit!

When removing the clutter from your space, it’s easy to feel a void or that you’ve lost something which has previously comforted you, even if it’s in the most unhealthy form possible. It’s unrealistic to think that by removing it, it’s gone from your life forever. You have to find a healthy outlet and/or an enjoyable activity which YOU personally love and turn it into a habit to replace that void!

My ultimate hobby is to read and realistically I try and devote some time aside to reading something both fictional but also motivational. Recently I’ve been reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill which I carry with me to work every single day and try and take some time out on my lunch break to read through a couple of pages. If you haven’t already read ‘Think and Grow Rich’, I’d highly recommend it!

My blog is another healthy hobby of mine, which I devote time to. It took me years to actually put aside my fears and just write! This, along with reading, has allowed me to take some time to myself to get into my thoughts and be creative. If reading or blogging isn’t your kind of thing, find what it is that you like to do. Perhaps keeping active and going to the gym, or going for a walk to clear your mind-whatever it is, find something you truly enjoy and realistically think you can commit to. Channel all your positive energy into that and see how it elevates your happiness!


#4: Give yourself some ‘me’ time.

This is one thing I thoroughly enjoy and sometimes a little too much.

Sometimes it’s okay to dabble in some ‘me’ time especially if your the kind of person who, like me, works a Monday-Friday and you get that feeling come Friday where you struggle to get out of bed but realise the next day is Saturday and you get to enjoy a lie in for as long as you possibly could want!

Giving yourself some time alone is great for self-reflection, some space away from any outside noise but most importantly gives you an opportunity to recharge your batteries for the week to come.

I use to be the kind of individual who hated being alone and because of that I find it really hard to be in a situation where I had a day in my flat with nothing else to do. With time, I really learnt to enjoy my own space and my own company and when you start to make that a healthy habit, when every so often you spend time in solidarity, you really begin to appreciate your own personal down time and the ability to just really feel comfortable on your own.

#5: Make time for the important people in your world.

This is one factor I’d like to improve on, but I know that the time I do spend with the people I love, really does have a strong way of making me happier. There is nothing that I love more than spending time with my family, seeing my friends and taking myself out of my normal environment and doing something adventurous.

I did exactly that this past weekend and I was surrounded by people who I truly love and it reminded me how important it is to step out of my comfort zone more often and dabble in some good, girl time.

Being that I live some distance away from my family and some of my closest friends, or struggle with making arrangements with friends due to our working patterns, I thoroughly do enjoy and take advantage of the moments that I get to surround myself with people who make me feel happy.

If, like me, you find yourself sometimes too comfortable and surrounded in the same environment, make a plan to go somewhere with someone you’ve been meaning to see in a while and see how that uplifts your positive energy.


My sixth and final point is Make.It.Happen!

It’s very easy to write and say the things you’ll do, but the final action point is normally the hardest to conquer. For me, I focused on the ‘Five Second Rule’ which literally is the five seconds you give yourself before you fall back into procrastination. Whether it’s a five second count down to you getting out of bed in the morning, walking out the door to go to the gym, calling your friend to make plans for the weekend, or sitting down to write your next blog post, in my case!

Whatever it is, make it happen. Nobody in this world can truly make you happy-but you!


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  1. De cluttering helps me so much- It helps me think so much more clearly. Thanks for the tips and reminders!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aunty Dionne says:

    Love this post💛💫


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