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Updated Hair Routine & an HONEST review on the Palmer’s ‘Zero Break’ range!

As we are slowly transitioning out of one season and landing into another, I thought it would be a good idea to update you all with a slightly revised hair routine and include the Palmer’s ‘Zero Break’ line which is what I’ve been using over the last month! I’ll be honest with you, over the […]

[Summer Edition] 6 ways to GROW your hair and maintain HEALTH at the same time!

Welcome back, Curlies! With Summer in full swing, it’s time we talk about the ways in which we can grow our hair as well as maintain health. There are a few simple things that us Curlies can do to achieve this, however I’d also mention that what might work for me may not necessarily work for […]

Let’s keep it real: The importance of representation in the Curly Hair Community.

Welcome back, Curlies!   Recently I’ve been in deep reflection mode, and I feel like it’s important to share this with you to give you a more ‘in-depth’ understanding about my Curly Hair Journey but more importantly than that, talking about representation within the Curly Community as a whole and what that means for me […]